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Animals Logic
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Aug 2, 2017 @ 9:45am
Mar 1 @ 4:33pm
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Animals Logic

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Ignis' Rimworld Mods
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Adds animal-related quality-of-life enhanсements.

  • Egg-layers will try to find a bed (or any other type of animal sleeping spot) in their allowed area to lay an egg. Unforbids eggs laid by colony animals outside the home area.
  • Animals who should follow master when doing fieldwork or drafted are notified to come immediately instead of after the end of the current task.
  • Animals can own beds.
  • Animal beds can be medical.
  • (Optional) Medical emergency alerts for animals.
  • (Optional) Configurable animal hauling efficiency (can eliminate wandering between hauling).
  • (Optional) Configurable tameness decay threshold.
  • (Optional) Configurable training decay speed.
  • (Optional) Converts any ruined eggs into unfertilized chicken eggs.
  • (Optional, default off) Converts any generic meat into chicken meat upon butchering.
  • (Optional) Predators hunting your pawns (human-like or animals) will be considered hostile by all your pawns and turrets.
  • (Optional) Prevents animals from eating random non-food stuff.

Powered by Harmony
It is safe to add to existing saves, and even safe to remove.
All changes are via dynamic patching — no new entities, no memory or CPU overhead.
Compatible with all known animal mods. And probably all unknown too.

All original code in this mod is licensed under the MIT license[opensource.org].
Frijjid from preview belongs to the Vulpine Race Pack.
Spirit Wolf from preview belongs to the Animal Collab Project.
Housekeeper Cat from preview belongs to the HousekeeperAssistanceCat.

Known issues
  • Some mod-added furniture items are recognized as animal beds, which can possibly break things for them. That's because internally they ARE animal beds.
  • Mods altering animals hauling efficiency (like Hardworking Animals) can conflict - AL already has this functionality and you should not use them together.

53N4 - Spanish translation.
Vulnoxx - German translation.
XeoNovaDan - medical emergency alerts.

Think you found a bug?
Please read Fluffy's instructions before reporting.

Alternative links
GitHub[github.com] (source code, non-steam and old versions there)
Ludeon forum[ludeon.com]
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Optional Features
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Zedd May 21 @ 3:25pm 
Is there any way to disable the prefixes next to animal names? It makes it particularly difficult to create caravans because I can't see the full names.
hsg3 May 21 @ 2:46am 
Could u make a feature where the animals protect their children?
UpTheArts May 17 @ 7:42pm 
Hi, I have the same issue that Drgn! Netrve mentioned below. A button's text seemed messed up.

I didn't have this issue back when playing with 1.0.
ignis[ru]  [author] May 7 @ 12:19pm 
If it is only some of animsls in is not update. Either they have custom behavior or drugs are food type.
DuivelDraakje May 7 @ 4:15am 
I've noticed some of my modded animals (Dragons from dragons descent and Alpha Animals) and some regulars have been consuming drugs again. Something broke with the new updates i presume?
silver_nightingale18 May 2 @ 11:33pm 
Thanks for the knowledge! I like this mod a lot. I appreciate you making it!
ignis[ru]  [author] May 2 @ 11:17pm 
@silver_nightingale18 Yes, P means Pregnant and T means Trained

@Peepee_Longstocking Likely yes. It should be compatible with any mod that adds animals as long as they use vanilla base.
silver_nightingale18 May 2 @ 8:57pm 
Does this add a strange prefix to animal names? Something like PT something when I go to sell animals it always shows that prefix.
Peepee_Longstocking May 2 @ 1:17pm 
Is this compatible with the Vanilla Expanded mods collection? There a couple that add new animals and make some changes.
Drgn! Netrve May 1 @ 12:23pm 
Heya, I just wanted to mention that is seems like the CommandBedSetOwnerLabel key is missing its translation, which causes behavior like this (using dev mode): https://i.imgur.com/so7UEWM.png