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HotTips! PA Season 2 Mods
These are the mods I'm using for Season 2 of Prison Architect at HotTips! The female prison features the task of building an original prison with all available options in the game switched on, including failure conditions, gangs, weather, events, and staff needs. We're also never going to pause the game during the prison build! Fun times!

This modlist may evolve over time, so if you notice a mod in-game that wasn't in this collection when you looked at it last, check it again, and see if the mod is in here now.
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Advanced Roads
Created by murgh
Build separate roads for cargo, intake and emergency vehicles. Works with single, double or even triple lanes, and both large and small road gates to control your traffic. Gates can be grouped so you can open several gates at once.

This mod doesn't need r...
Clearer Needs Icons
Created by Fishbus
A Simple graphics mod: The 'needs' icons have been made simpler and more distinct - so you can tell what those pesky prisoners are complaining about further away and quicker than before! Made with respect to default game aesthetics....
Metal Detector Fix
Created by nullstop
The latest description for this Mod is available on the Steam Workshop.

2016-08-27 released as a new Mod to mark v2.0 compatibility.

This Mod graphically fixes the appearance of the Metal Detector object, it does not modify any values beyond those ab...
Modern UI
Created by Drummer Si
Updated interface icons based on the recently released Prison Architect Mobile.

Note: Due to the high detail icons used in this mod, it is intended to be played at a high resolution with increased UI size

To increase your UI size press the + key on y...
Office Chair
Created by alike03
Ever wanted a Chair that centers the Office desk. Here it is. Adds a perfect office chair for the Office Desk....
Window Fix [UPDATED]
Created by Hiram Abiff
- Window Fix -

Since both sides of a vertical wall can be seen when placed, this mod adds two sides to the vertical window and large window to complete the look. Updated for game version 2.01

This mod was originally created by RGeezy911 and was updat...
The Snitch Sorter (Ignore Death Row & Super Max Version)
Created by John Walker
This mod was made by Sambot and all rights go to him. I only changed a few codes.
The changes made are the following:
- Super Max prisoners won't be changed into Protective Custody even if a snitch.
- The object detects snitches 20 meter...
Road Sensors
Created by Themias
Lay sensors across your roads to detect when vehicles are present!

They're like pressure pads, but for roads!

Make sure to place two tiles above road gates for vehicles to stop on them.

Half-road sensors only detect one lane, and need to be placed...
No Stump
Created by ZakTheFallen
This mod sets all tree stumps to be treated as garbage, so workers will remove them right away. It doesn't alter any other object in the game, and should be compatible with any mod that doesn't fully replace the materials.txt file.

If it does, then put...
Materials Remaster
Created by Topits20
Retextures Most of the main tileset and adds new walls and floors to be used. Glass doors have been added to go with the glass walls. Not compatible with other mods that changes or adds to the main tileset file.

Fence Gates have been added

Simple Garden Mod
Created by Elfylia
Adds a garden to your prison to export food and flowers for more profit and work oppotunities....
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