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Aug 1, 2017 @ 7:42pm
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Spacepost is a space themed mvm map made by Flipy, BigfootBeto, and Star Bright
Made for the TF2Maps: Mappers Vs. Machines contest! []

Map information, Lore, and places where you can play the map are listed below!

If youre planning on playing this map solo or hosting it on a server, this section is important!
The TF2 workshop does not fully support all the files an mvm map needs to function, subscribing will only provide you with a .bsp map file!
To get the full experience and needed files, you can download the nav (how the bots know to move) and the pop (holds all of the waves) files from the link below!

Click here! []

Its an unfortunate side effect of the workshop not fully supporting mvm maps, sorry!

Mvm Maps are a little bit trickier to get working and require some extra files (Check the section above)
Once you have downloaded the zip from the tf2maps site above:

Place the nav and bsp file in tf > maps

Place the population files (.pop) in tf > scripts > population
(If you dont have a population folder, make one)

Place the spacepost_custom_icons folder in tf > custom
(It should have the file structure already set up inside of it)

Gray Mann has been a great threat to us these past couple of months, but you mercs have been doing a phenomenal job of holding down Mann Co's various crucial hat producing bases, but we've got a curveball coming our way. Mann Co has a base in space, ready to be used for any lunar hat research and as a destination for Mann Co's monkeynauts, and Gray Mann is looking to attack there next. Normally we could do with losing one base if its too out of our reach, but this spacepost has too many experimental hat schematics and a bounty of bananas that we need to protect, not to mention a fortune was spent to build and maintain the post, money that Saxton will not let go to waste.

Its time you get your asses in gear and in a rocket ship so that you can defend our space post. Expect new and unique robot threats that we wouldn't have dealt with down here on the surface

There has also been intelligence pointing to a new type of robot being developed by Gray Mann, one able to utilize wormholes and propel themselves around unpredictably. Our intelligence interceptions haven't provided us with anything more concrete, so stay on your toes.

Good luck out there mercs, be ready for any- oh?

I take it back, soldier was able to sneak his way into Gray Mann's forces and pick up on what enemy forces are expected to arrive. Maybe we do have a fighting chance after all, well lets start with the first expected attack.

The first assault Gray Mann is planning on sending was code named
Operation: Stellar Smash

This looks to be Gray Mann's way of testing the waters and just how good our defenses are, but don't let your guard down because of that fact, give those robots hell!

Gray is planning up a follow up assault as well,
be ready for Operation: Stardust Crusade

Good grief, this assault is meant to push us down a little harder and Gray Mann is packing enough forces to keep up a fight for 50 days. Knowing Gray Mann, he's more likely to just throw all of his forces at once, so stand proud and hold your ground.

However the worst nightmare seems to be held for Gray Mann's last assault
Operation: Wormhole Wreck

If we keep up the defenses long enough, Gray Mann has plans to send out immense firepower to try and knock us down, thankfully this seems to be the last of his forces we'll be dealing with. However soldier heard that those rumors from earlier may be more than just rumors, but got spotted and had to flee before he could confirm the details. Be ready for whatever may come mercenaries, the fate of this spacepost and Mann Co.s monkeynaut program lies with you now


I don't have the finances to host servers running the map 24/7 myself, however thanks to the lovely people over at the potato mvm servers, this map and many others being submitted for the mappers vs machines competition are in rotation!

You can find their steam group here!

For an up to date listing on what servers they have running check this thread!

The map wont be on 24/7, but you'll be able to nominate the map as next or get lucky enough to catch it from time to time!

If you are hosting the map on your own servers feel free to post so in the discussions!

Special thanks to all of the contributors, playtesters, and friends who have supported me along the way for bringing this dream of mine to life.
Thanks to tf2maps for being a great community and inspiration, not to mention for holding the contest that got me motivated to make this map in the first place
Thank you to Potato's Mvm Servers for hosting the map and providing us with some much needed relief with your incredibly fun and informal play testing sessions. Long live SPAZZTANK
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ObyRed Jan 13 @ 2:25am 
Would you like to be a part of communuty update moon base?
BigfootBeto  [author] Jan 4 @ 11:02pm 
New update! Current version b4. Check out the TF2Maps thread listed in the description for more info.
Cody Nov 29, 2017 @ 7:25am 
So, this is MvM but in the Invasion update (space update) Nice :peace:
「SCARLET VENGANCE」 Nov 20, 2017 @ 5:07pm 
obviously my favorite mission is gonna be stardust crusade
SilverHomicide Nov 13, 2017 @ 8:26am 
Hey, man.

I'm having triuble creating a community server to play this awesome map with my friends. I can start the server and it runs perfectly, but no-one else can see it on the server list. When they search for the name, map or IP adress, nothing comes up.

Can you please help me?
SilverHomicide Nov 13, 2017 @ 5:03am 
This is super cool! Good job, mate!
commander bionix Nov 8, 2017 @ 1:58am 
in space no one can pootis spencer here. but seriously this map is bloody amazing
CapitanSlowXD Oct 31, 2017 @ 12:03pm 
Cpt Doggo Oct 17, 2017 @ 8:21pm 
Space ghost post to post
UplaySucks Oct 15, 2017 @ 1:41am