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Realistic Roads v3.2
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Aug 1, 2017 @ 4:31am
Nov 20, 2020 @ 2:39am
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Realistic Roads v3.2

This mod replaces textures for the roads around the map of ATS. If you like taking cool pictures and want to take a fresh look at the world of ATS, then this mod is for you! Most of the road textures are new and are made based on the real world pictures.

WARNING: if you play the game with OpenGL instead of DirectX, then you will experience the almost complete world blackout (black textures). It is recommended to play the game with DirectX if you want to play with my texture mods.

FYI: the screenshots for this mod have been taken without graphics mods, brightness set on 40% and Color Correction turned on. Alongside with my other mods: Enhanced Vegetation, New Mountain Textures and New Mexico Mountain Textures. I really recommend you use all of the mentioned mods together for the best experience ;)

If you are using graphic mods that contain textures, please make sure to set this mod to higher priority.

New in v3.2:

- New fresh asphalt texture
- New dusty asphalt with cracks texture
- New textures for pavement in truck stops and sidewalks
- New gravel road texture
- Several textures have been tweaked to match the tire tracks with traffic flow
- Tweaked road line textures

In previous versions:

- New fresh asphalt textures
- Cracked gray asphalt textures are corrected
- New dark granulated asphalt with lengthwise cracks
- Light gray asphalt texture is reworked
- Some other corrections for road textures
- Concrete asphalt texture for some roads in New Mexico (new texture)
- Dark semi-worn asphalt (new texture, revived from a previous version)
- Bright worn asphalt with some cracks (new texture). I reworked this one as it used to be a bit contraversial and didn't quite match to some people's (and my) liking.
- Some corrections for other road textures
- Dark gray asphalt (new texture)
- Dark gray asphalt with minor lengthwise cracks (reworked)
- Gray - dark gray asphalt (2 versions, new texture)
- Dusty brown old asphalt (new texture)
- Dusty brown old asphalt with cracks (new texture)
- Light gray asphalt with patched cracks (reworked)
- Two new textures for sidewalks
- Reworked textures for road shoulders
- Some other texture corrections
- New, reworked textures for all roads in the game, with different kinds of asphalt
- Dark gray asphalt (reworked default texture, sharpened and darkened)
- Dark gray asphalt with minor lengthwise cracks (reworked default texture, sharpened and darkened)
- Dark gray asphalt with semi-worn pavement (new texture)
- Gray, worn, good quality pavement (new texture)
- Semi-worn gray asphalt (new texture)
- Light gray, high quality pavement (new texture)
- Light gray pavement with minor lengthwise cracks (new texture)
- Light gray pavement with a lot of patched cracks (new textrure)

Compatible with New Mexico DLC (or any other DLC)
Works with any map mods and on the latest version of the game (and earlier).

I hope you enjoy ;)

If you'd like to support my work, feel free to donate a buck or two to my paypal account:

Happy trucking!
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fuz303 Jun 2 @ 10:46am 
@blah1945 it was a JBX buddy. I will be adding this mod back thank you for the response!
Blah1945 May 26 @ 10:02pm 
@montec this mod still works perfectly fine. just tested it on 1.44 loads up with no issues.
@fuz i would suggest looking into your mod list to find out what mod is causing that issue as dust from dirt roads works perfectly fine with this mod.
fuz303 May 10 @ 2:21pm 
Is there a reason the dust from dirt roads is missing?
SteveRodgers Mar 16 @ 5:54pm 
Really great and nice textures compared to vanilla.
Swampyboy Feb 4 @ 11:32am 
Very weird textures on this mod, nothing like US highways look like. Completely overcontrasted unrealistic and hard to look at.
Rops Feb 4 @ 11:11am 
Work 1.43?
B4STII Jan 18 @ 8:49pm 
Can i use this for atmx 5.0 and other maps in a combo ?
NekoPower(=^‥^=) Jan 13 @ 11:41pm 
my eyes hurt from these roads and nausea appeared, they are too contrasting.
Mute Jan 12 @ 7:45pm 
textures missing :((
ConductorEli Jan 11 @ 6:08pm 
also theirs some missing in the coast to coast map