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Ambient Birds (Complete Pack)
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Jul 28, 2017 @ 12:30pm
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Ambient Birds (Complete Pack)

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Ambient Birds
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The only birds that spawn with the Ambient Animal System are seagulls and kestrels, however there are also some really cool eagle and crow models that are currently not used.
This mod unlocks the eagles and crows and adds them to the Ambient Animal System.

Animals created by the Ambient System are only local and every player in multiplayer mission has his own ambient animals.

This version is the complete pack that supports:
All vanilla Arma 3 terrains (including Tanoa),
All CUP Terrains,
All Iron Front Terrains

By default, the vanilla A3 terrains are in the addons folder.
There are also "optional" folders that include the pbo's for Apex, CUP and Iron Front terrains.
Simply add the whatever pbo's you want from the "optional" folders into the main addons folder.

If you subscribed through Steam Workshop you will find the Ambient Birds mod folder in your main Arma 3 directory under a folder named !Workshop.