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Headquarters (Co-op Strike)
Game Mode: Custom, Co-op Strike
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Jul 28, 2017 @ 11:33am
Nov 9 @ 9:41pm
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Headquarters (Co-op Strike)

A cooperative objective based wave defense map for 1-5 players.
Play with 3 or more people and do it loud for the best experience!
Great to play solo if you only own CSGO Free Edition! Now featuring the MP5SD!

If enemies don't spawn, restart your game.

We're after the Charles and Steinberg Group's data. Sneak into their server room, copy the data, erase the evidence, then wait for helicopter extraction. Watch out for cameras. If you trip the alarm, expect a fast police Counter-Strike.

How to play:
1. Subscribe to the map.
2. Start CS:GO and create a lobby by clicking Play->Play with friends.
3. Click Game Settings near the bottom of the lobby, then click the Workshop tab and select the map.
4. Start the game.

Type "map coop_headquarters" in console to play offline.

Players: 1-5
Recommended: 3-5
Time to complete: 20-30 minutes loud, 10 minutes stealth

- Players are incapacitated instead of being killed and can be revived by teammates
- 4 distinct classes that players can chooses from
- Stealth mode where players can sneak around the map while hiding from cameras

- Timed button interactions
- 3 unique ways to force the server room open in loud
- Some randomized objective locations
- Difficulty scales with the number of players there are, and gradually increases with each wave
- Unique difficulty modes that affect what type of cops spawn and what weapons they can get
- Bots that use flashes and push together

cs_agency[] - models and textures
de_investment - models and textures
de_season - models and textures
de_resort[] - models and textures
TopHattWaffle's Real World Textures[]
TopHattWaffle's Real World Textures 2[]
Kuristaja - cop models

LimboNick - inspiration for the timed interaction script

Left 4 Dead - 3d skybox
Payday 2 - cop megaphone voicelines, hack sound effect, saw beep sound effect
TF2 - saw sound
Dirty Bomb - Commander voicelines

CSGO John Madden - CEO voicelines
The_Dretz - helicopter pilot voicelines

Special thanks to Shellnut, N00BN8R, and senpaisaur for extensive help with the designing of the level and their feedback during the many playtests.

Breach of Security - Simon Viklund
Code Silver - Simon Viklund

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