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ARK: Survival Evolved

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Jul 28, 2017 @ 5:16am
Jun 8, 2021 @ 5:57am
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Mod ID: 1092784125

Fjordur spawn support
All variants have been confirmed to spawn naturally on this map.

Main features
- Three gryphon varieties
- Spawns on all maps (Genesis Part Two to be added once I have time)
- Armored saddle
- Nest for hatching gryphon eggs
- Speed leveling
- Breeding

The armored saddle, along with the helmet and the legguards, are fully paintable. It is crafted straight from your inventory. Please note that equipping the armor removes the passenger seat; This is intentional due to balancing reasons.

Mountain Gryphons are much like the original Griffins which they replace, living near and on mountains. These gryphons have identical stats compared to the vanilla version and were the first to be added to this mod.

Arctic Gryphons live in snowy regions and possess higher levels of stamina to help them weather the cold, the improved stat countered by a slight health and weight capacity penalty. Naturally, these are found anywhere where there's snow.

Pygmy Gryphons are ferocious cat-sized critters that roam both jungles and swamps in search of prey. Tame them to earn their eternal loyalty, then carry them around! Much smaller than most, though definitely not to be underestimated.

They should normally be found on all maps that feature these biomes, providing they use Island-based spawners.

Note: This is a fully stackable mod. Installing this mod does not affect already tamed Griffins. Removing it will only affect the Gryphons that were added by this mod.

Frequently asked questions

Does this mod work with Classic Flyers?
Yes, it does. You just need to make sure to load this mod before you load Classic Flyers.

Can you make the armor for the vanilla griffin?
The armor attaches to points the vanilla griffin doesn't have, making this impossible.

Is it possible to disable speed leveling through an INI setting?
Not at the moment. This may be added in a future update.

Do these mutate?
They certainly do! Just look at the Pygmy Gryphon petting zoo in the screenshot, which involved many hours of hard work by my better half.

What are the dino name tags for these creatures?
"Gryphon" and "SmallGryphon", respectively. Arctic Gryphons and Mountain Gryphons share tags for future cross-breeding experiments.

Admin spawn codes

Spawn Mountain Gryphon
cheat gmsummon "Gryphon_Character_BP_C" 150

Spawn Arctic Gryphon
cheat gmsummon "Gryphon_Snow_Character_BP_C" 150

Spawn Pygmy Gryphon
cheat gmsummon "Gryphon_Pygmy_Character_BP_C" 150

Armored Gryphon Saddle
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/Gryphons/Items/PrimalItemArmor_GryphonSaddle.PrimalItemArmor_GryphonSaddle'" 1 0 0

Gryphon Nest
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/Gryphons/Items/PrimalItemStructure_Gryphon_Nest.PrimalItemStructure_Gryphon_Nest'" 1 0 0
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[KAMI]Azura Jun 25 @ 7:42am 
Does it work in Fjordur?
The Balance Apr 29 @ 5:04am 
Do these fly backwards or sideways?

Can you find fertilized eggs in the wild?
Stouve Feb 20 @ 6:35am 
Where does he spawn on the island please ?
[ORY]Khyra Rockwell Feb 4 @ 5:04pm 
Hi, can you add a color zone for griffin that change the eyes color :D
sejlende Jan 2 @ 8:28am 
idk if i just cant find them or the mod doesnt work. but i cant find any griffins on the map at all. only lots of argentavis's, and yes i have the mod on
ToniReaper247 Dec 4, 2021 @ 7:44am 
The mountain gryphon has the same bp as a creature in the mod "Shad's Critter Reworks"
GlitchTooMuch Nov 16, 2021 @ 10:56am 
could you add, that arctic gryphons can keep warm??? This would be a nice ability for them. Like otters but you need to ride them.
Serb Sep 16, 2021 @ 5:42pm 
all of those say Gen2 so its onlyfor genesis spawners
JTR | Jag Sep 11, 2021 @ 5:48am 
Wait so if I put the mod on my unofficial server, do I need to input the codes into the game Ini? Or is that only for genesis 2?
Mica Aug 21, 2021 @ 1:45pm 
so when i lay a egg in the nest with a griffin it starts off fine then says egg is to cold, any idea what goin on?