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Foxhole - Beginners Guide [Outdated]
By adyian
Foxhole is a massively multiplayer game where you will work with hundreds of players to shape the outcome of a persistent online war. This is the ultimate game of collaborative strategy and tactics. Every action you take can have a powerful effect across a world in a state of war.
Getting Started
Server Browser
When you first start the game and are looking for a server, you'll be given a list of current ongoing Wars (servers). Information you'll see includes the Server Name, current Map Region, Player Count, and Current In-Game Day (one in-game day equals approximately one real-life hour).
Select a Faction
When you first join a server, you will choose which Faction you will fight for! There are two options, Colonials and Wardens. The factions are equal as far as game mechanics go. Picking a faction will lock you to that faction for the remainder of that war (only on that server), so it is important to communicate which faction you will be joining with friends if you will be playing with one.

There are four main resources you will gather during a war. Scrap, Components,sulfur and Fuel.
Scrapping can be done by visiting a scrap node indicated on the map as a icon. With the hammer you spawned with equipped, you target a pile of scrap and swing your hammer at it while holding left mouse button. Each hit will produce scrap which goes straight into your inventory. Each pile of scrap can only take a few hits until it is depleted and soon respawns.
Tech Parts
A byproduct of the scrapping process is Tech Parts, which can be used to upgrade various production buildings around the region, such as workshops, factories, and vehicle factories. Upgrading these buildings will allow your faction to make new tools for your arsenal. It is important to prioritize your upgraded buildings based on your faction’s goals. Teamwork and communication can be key, as always.
Components, another vital resource, can only be gathered by using a sledgehammer at the components field, indicated by a icon on the map. The components resource come from the husks of old tanks scattered at the components field.
Sulfur is a more uncommon depletable resource, it will run out and not regenerate for a long period of time after being mined. Sulfur is available in contested areas away from towns. Players will initially gather Sulfur in relatively secure areas, but once those nearby nodes are depleted they will have to venture out to the front line or beyond for more. Sulfur is refined into Explosive Material at the Manufacturing Plant. The respawn time on a sulfur node is two hours.
Harvest basic materials faster. Cannot build. Can mine advanced materials
Harvesting basic materials. Used for building small structures and walls.
Receive reports of enemy movement from Radio Towers.
Uses for pick locking enemy locked vehicles.
Increases vision range when equipped and used. Good for spotting and measuring artillery ranges.
Tips & Tricks
-Foxholes, Turrets, Pillboxes, Bunkers and any other passive defense structures are all manned by A.I. and will shoot automatically as enemy players come within range.
-When Aiming, where the cursor actually sits is important, not just pointing your gun in a direction. You will be more accurate when you place your cursor on or slightly behind the target.
-Assessing the map as soon as you enter a war can help you greatly. You can see where the front lines likely are, what's in the greatest need, and how you can help!
-It takes time for the production of weapons, ammo, S. Supplies, and everything else. Take that into account when producing what your faction needs or when making requests.
-When looking at Ammunition for guns, the number displayed is NOT the number of rounds, but rather the number of Clips or Magazines! It's never wise to carry too much onto a battlefield as you risk dying before actually getting to use it, and the supplies can be scavenged by the enemy!
-Accuracy is increased when crouched or prone!
Vehicle Factory

Allows production of vehicles,tanks and Artillery. Requires Tech Parts to increase Tech Level in order to build better vehicles.

Cost 400 Basic Materials
Manufacturing Plant

Refines Scrap,Sulfur and Components. Makes Basic and Refined materials.

Cost 400 Scrap
Weapon Factory

Produces weapons and ammunition. Requires Tech Parts to increase the Tech Level in order to produce better equipment.

Cost 300 Basic Materials

Build utility items. Requires Tech Parts to increase the Tech Level in order to produce better equipment.

Cost 300 Basic Materials
Supply Station

Produces S. Supplies for re-spawns.

Cost 300 Basic Materials
Medical Lab

Produces medical items.

Cost 300 Basic Materials

Can be destroyed/rebuilt to allow for passage of troops and vehicles.

Cost 300 Basic Materials

Wooden Bridge

Can be destroyed/rebuilt. Does not support vehicles.

Cost 150 Basic Materials
Transport Truck

-Transport Truck is a large vehicle that can store up to 12 slots of items and 6 players including the driver.
-However, it requires fuel to run, and can be rather difficult to maneuver. Players that are encumbered cannot enter a truck
-Can be built at the Vehicle Factory
-To enter the Transport Truck, press the Q key.
-You can lock and unlock a Transport Truck by pressing the L key.
Cost 100 Basic Materials

-The Half-Track is combat vehicle that is equipped with a machine gun on top and can transport up to 3 people, 1 passanger and 2 crew memebers.
-Can be built at the Vehicle Factory when it receives Tech. level 2.
The Half-track requires a few things to function correctly:
  • Fuel stored in its inventory
  • 12.7mm Ammo in its inventory
Cost 130 Refined Materials
Field Artillery

-Heavy firearms, boast incredible firepower, which serves to engage the enemy at a distance and destroy fortifications. For ammo it requires Artillery Shells which can be built in the Workshop .
-Artillery can shoot in the range 75 meters (which is the minimum) - 150 meters (which is the maximum).
-Cannot be claimed by a squad, or locked.
- It is recommended that the driver also have Binoculars as they help estimate the desired range more effectively.
Cost 70 Refined Materials and request tech.level 3
Patrol Motorcycle

-The Patrol Motorcycle is a light reconnaissance vehicle. It can carry up to 2 players: the driver and one passenger in the side car. The passenger in the side car can equip and use secondary weapons/equipment
-The motorcycle has the ability to travel at an even faster speed, but at the cost of higher fuel consumption. This ability can be turned while driving using the run key (default: Shift)
Cost 85 Basic Materials
Field Machine Gun

Cost 100 Basic Materials and request Tech. level 2
Construction Vehicle

-The Construction Vehicle is a large vehicle that is used to build certain world structures. It is crewed by 2 players: a driver and a crane operator. It has an inventory with 12 slots and, like all vehicles, requires Fuel in its inventory to run.
-The Construction Vehicle is used to build Town Halls, Outposts and Garrisoned Houses. -These structures can not be built with regular Hammers. The Construction Vehicle builds faster than a hammer.
Cost 100 Basic Materials


Hatchet H5

H5 Hatchet is the Colonial variant of the Light Tank, whose counterpart is the Devitt Mark III.
The H5, or "Hatchet" (as it's been lovingly dubbed by the Legion) is a versatile light tank capable of navigating through tight mountainous regions or urban streets.
  • Weight 5585 kg
  • Length 5.36 m
  • Height 3.2 m
  • Width 2.88m
  • Crew 3(Commander,Gunner,Driver)
  • Armor 30mm
  • Main Armament 40 mm Hesper A/35
  • Second Arnament N/A
  • Turret Rotation 360 Degrees
  • Speed 40 Km/H
The tank requires a tank kit. Made at a workshop costing 300 Basic materials ,6 tech parts and request workshop tech level 4. Then you can make him in Vehicle Factory  . Vehicle factory
 need to by tech level 4
Cost 150 Refined Materials

Devit Mark III

The Devitt Mark III is Warden variant of the light tank, and the counterpart of the Hatchet H5.
  • Weight 6214 kg
  • Length 5.56 m
  • Height 2.96 m
  • Width 2.88m
  • Crew 3(Commander,Gunner,Driver)
  • Armor 32mm
  • Main Armament 37 mm Deckard 21-C
  • Second Arnament N/A
  • Turret Rotation 360 Degrees
  • Speed 40 Km/H
The tank requires a tank kit. Made at a workshop costing 300 Basic materials , 6 tech parts and request workshop tech level 4. Then you can make him in Vehicle Factory . Vehicle factory  need to by tech level 4
Cost 150 Refined Materials

Primary roles
In Foxhole there are no official roles just yet. However, there are some soft roles that work well when coordinated together in a decent sized squad.
  • Scrapper Role
  • Builder Role
  • Logistic Role
  • Squad Leader
  • Second-In-Command
  • Medic Role
  • AT Infantry Role
  • HMG Infantry Role
  • Rifleman Role
  • Mortar Role
  • Demolition role
Scrapper Role
The scrapper is in my opinion, the most important role in Foxhole. It seems that it is universally hated by most players who won't give it a second thought. Everyone needs scrappers to do their job all the time, but nobody want to actually scrap themselves.
  • 1 Sledge Hammer
  • 1 Hammer
Gathering scrap:
You can find scrap on the map with this icon.
1.Gather scrap with sledgehammer or hammer (Sledgehammer is better)
2.Gather as much as you can.
3.Go to the Manufactory factory
4.Salvage scrap to Basic Materials (bmats)
And give it to logistic or builder squad

Gathering Components:
1.You can gather components only with sledgehammer
2.Gather as much as you can.
3.Go to the Manufactory factory
4.Salvage components to Rafined Materials (Rmats)
And give it to logistic or builders squad

Builder Role
This role is solely focused on creating and fortifying defensible positions such has towns and choke points
-You need Basic Materials or Refined Materials to build structures.
1.Equip hammer. Then press B on your keyboard. If you have enough material you can build some defense structure or walls.
2. You can rotate structure while holding right mouse button. WARNING: Structure need to be connected with tunnel network !!!
3. Then you can place it with left mouse button and build it with hammer. Your materials need to be in your inventory !

Stays in a defensible location, coordinating with a Scrapper, to build walls and defenses
Makes walls
-Walls should be layered intelligently, a single layer reinforced wall (the most common wall) is easily destroyed by artillery and satchel charges -The more walls the better!
-As a general rule, you don't want the entirety of the wall as a defense compromise by a single artillery hit or satchel charge
-The first diagram is fantastic against small arms fire but weaker against Satchel Charges
-The second diagram is quite good as it provides a high cost/defense ratio

Makes Pillboxes
-Pillboxes have an arc of vision in from of them and should be pointed towards the threat
-They are completely vulnerable from the back -Protect the back side of Pillboxes with foxholes to prevent east enemy destruction via Satchel Charges
-Even better, surround this diagram with walls on the top and bottom and that is a heck of a defense line

Town Hall
Primary spawn location in towns.Unlimited number of players can set their spawn here.
Cost 300 Basic Materials

Heavily fortified structure for spawning. Unlimited number of players can set their spawn here.
Cost 450 Basic Materials

Small spawn structure. 5 players can set their spawn here at maximum.
Cost 100 Basic Materials

Storage box
An 18 slot storage container
Cost 25 Basic Materials

Can automatically fire in all directions with a rifle. Can be manned.
Cost 50 Basic Materials

Gun Turret
Cannon that automatically attacks enemies in all directions.
Cost 70 Refined Materials

Automatically attacks enemies that are within 90 degrees of its front with a machine-gun. Can be manned.
Cost 115 Basic Materials

Powerful static artillery which have a big splash. Effective against infantry. For building require Howitzer kit
Cost 125 Basic Materials

Watch tower
Provides vision of an area for people carrying Radios.
Cost 35 Basic Materials

Gun Nest
Built as an upgrade to the Foxhole. Can fire in all directions with a rifle and throw Frag Grenades. Can be manned
Cost 50 Refined Materials

Sunken Pillbox
Unique defence structure that activates when an enemy enters it's line of sight. Is virtually indestructible when inactivated
Cost 80 Refined Materials

Tunnel Network
Defences must be connected to a Tunnel Network in order to function automatically.
Cost 100 Basic Materials


Heavy Gate
Needs to be opened manually. Do not leave these open in bases!
Cost 100 Basic Materials

Barbed Wire
An obstacle used to slow down enemy infantry movement, vehicles can travel trough it. Can be take down with a wrench.
Cost 15 Basic Materials

Quick defensive building. Crouch or prone behind for best results.
Cost 10 Basic Materials

Chain Link Fence
T1 defensive wall. Can be destroyed quickly by most weapons.
Cost 10 Basic Materials

Reinforced Wall
T2 defensive wall. Can take sustained small arms fire, but vulnerable to heavy explosives.
Cost 30 Basic Materials

Fortress Wall
T3 defensive wall. Very sturdy. Takes several explosives to destroy.
Cost 30 Refined Materials
Logistics Role
These players primary transport gear from towns to the front.
-You need low encumbrance and a Radio. Your job is to load up a Truck and take supplies to the front.
-Always check your radio before you drive off
-Don't head into enemy territory as a single soldier can disable your vehicle
-Look at the map and take supplies where they are needed, people crying out for supplies is not the same thing
-Coordinate with friendly Coalitions as they are probably the best people who can use what you have
This is a designated single player that the entire squad listens to. They head up the formation when moving, often becoming the first soldier to see contacts. All squad orders come from the squad leader.
The squad leader playstyle can vary wildly between individual squad leaders. Generally speaking, a squad leader is the one who gives the orders to the squad.
Active Squad Leader:
This type of leader is meant for the frontline. He is physically at the spearhead of his squad and gives orders in a combat environment.
Passive Squad Leader:
This leadership style suits larger squad a little better. Typically the leader will be a Scrapper or Builder at a friendly base and give orders to several Second-In-Command soldiers who are basically acting as Squad Leaders of small groups themselves.
The squad leader should have the same kit as the Rifleman
  • Radio
  • Binoculars
  • Gas Mask
  • Passive Squad leader: Sledge Hammer
The second in command has all the knowledge of a Squad Leader. Upon the current squad leaders death they will fulfill the same duties until the Squad Leader has re-spawned and returned.
The second in command takes up the rear of every formation. Their primary duties are:
-Ensure the squad is following orders correctly
-Enforce the squads positioning
  • Make sure the squad is together and visible
  • Make sure no one is over-extending
The second in command uses the same loadout as the Squad Leader.

Medic Role
Medics provide vital revives and healing to squad members.
A medic should never be on the front line of the squad. They usually hang out in the middle-back and provide their service to squad-mates.
Some quick tips are as follows:
  • Make people come to you for heals, don't rush out into danger to heal obviously over-extended players
  • In the same way, don't rush out to revive players who have over-extended and cost your team a valuable medic
  • Heal players FULLY, just because blood disappeared from them does not mean they are back at full health
  • A quick heal will stop bleeding if you are pressed for time or a ton of people are bleeding, then you can focus on healing them all to full without them bleeding out
A dedicated medic load-out is a little different from most in that you really should not have a primary (Slot 1) weapon like a rifle or SMG. Instead reserve that space for the Trauma Kit to revive players
  • 1 - Trauma Kit equipped in first slot
  • 1 - First Aid Kit equipped in third slot
  • 1 - Revolver or Pistol equipped second slot (Revolver preferably)
  • 1 or 2 - Bandages (for yourself!)
  • 3 or 4 - .44 Ammo for Revolver or 9mm for Pistol
Optionally you can take a Radio or Gas Mask but other roles need these more than you.
AT Infantry
Anti-Tank Infantry that specialize in the destruction of vehicles and turrets.
  • At an AT soldier you are going to be responsible for destroying enemy vehicles; primarily Half-Tracks, Tanks and the occasional Gun Turret. It is not recommended to use the RPG to clear Foxholes as HE Grenades will do that just fine.
  • Play in the center of the squad and only move to the front on Squad Leader orders to deal with advancing enemy armor
  • Use your sidearm to defend yourself against infantry if they get by your Riflemen
  • The RPG can take our turrets if you have good line of sight
  • Preemptively position your player with your sidearm drawn and THEN draw your RPG, the turn rate with the RPG is terribly slow
  • Hit enemy armor from the side or back to be most effective
  • DO NOT SHOOT INFANTRY it is a waste of RPG shells and has terrible cost/effect ratio
  • 1 RPG in slot 1
  • 1 Revolver in slot 2
  • 1 Binoculars
  • 1 Bandage
  • 2-4 RPG Shells or more if not expecting re-supply
  • 1-2 .44 Ammo for the Revolver
It is also an option to carry Green Ash grenades instead of Binoculars because they can potentially kill the enemy Half-track crew if they forget to equip Gas Masks .

HMG Infantry
This role revolves around the proper deployment and use if the HMG weapon. It is meant for enemy suppression and occasionally vehicle/foxhole destruction. It heavily focuses on positioning and preparedness.
-The Heavy Machine Gunner's main purpose is enemy squad suppression. Enemy infantry will think twice about approaching your squad to throw grenades or engage if you have a HMG protecting your frontline. They make great additions to friendly Foxholes as well.
-The most important part of using the HMG is your positioning
  • You need to be set up where you are safe, have cover, and are out of mortar range
  • You are slow to move with the HMG equipped and easy to hit
-You are responsible for providing a base of fire to stop advancing enemies (when you are on defense)
  • Protecting the frontline of the squad and the builders is your main job
-When attacking you are responsible for suppressing enemies so they can't attack your squad safely
-Make sure your squad knows not to step in front of where you are!
  • 1 - HMG
  • 1 - Pistol
  • 1 - Gas Mask
  • 3 or 4 - 12.7mm Ammo
  • 1 - Bandage
All in all you should focus primarily on using the HMG effectively as it is very powerful. The Gas Mask is very important as you are pretty much a stationary target and cannot escape if gas is thrown easily.

Infantryman (Rifleman)
These are the bread-and-butter soldiers of Foxhole.
-Infantrymen typically move on the front and flanks of squad. They are equipped to fight other enemy infantry and blow up the occasional enemy foxhole.
-Use a Rifle in open areas or when covering long roads/corridors, or when engagements would typically be 20+ meters (half a screen or over away)
-In towns and cities you may find more use with SMGs and Shotguns or in situations where enemies are under 20 meters away (half a screen)
-When firing all of these weapons you are more accurate based on your posture and should crouch or go prone if not immediately being rushed
-Your primary purpose is to engage and kill enemy infantry.
Infantrymen are equipped as frontline soldiers and thus should take the following:
  • 1 primary weapon, either a; Rifle , SMG , or Shotgun depending on engagement conditions
  • 1 Pistol as secondary weapon (you don't really need to keep the ammo for this)
  • 1-4 Grenades
  • 1 Bandage (this will buy you enough time to go find your medic if you are hit)
  • 1-2 Ammo for your primary (maybe 1-2 more if you aren't expecting re-supply
Important Tips
Do NOT carry a ton of Ammo on you. They are Magazines as in they refill your weapons ammo completely. The more you carry the more you can potentially die and give to the enemy.

A soldier equipped with a mortar tube and mortars whose primary goal is hitting entrenched positions like Pillboxes.
-This is one of the most important roles in Foxhole due to how easy-to-use and reliable mortars are. You can provide consistent damage to structures and vehicles with a low skill barrier.
-Mortars should be used on the following
  • Pillboxes
  • Gun Turrets
  • Foxholes
-Positioning is important, you are not meant to be up front:
  • You have tons of range, use the maximum to stay the safest
  • Move with your sidearm equipped as the Mortar will slow you down considerably
-Be aware that with the Mortar equipped you will turn VERY slowly, which means you can't moving targets very well
-You are one of the only units that can fire over walls, use that to your advantage!
  • 1 - Mortar
  • Completely fill yourself with Mortar Shellssuch that you encumbrance is ALMOST max, you still want to be able to move (white encumbrance backpack)
Have a squad-mate he can help you locate enemy structures and he can carry more mortar shells for you
Demolition role
-Demolition squad destroying enemy structures e.g foxholes,pillboxes etc.
-It´s very risky role because if enemy player or enemy defensive structure kill you , you can loose lot of HE(High explosives) grenades and they are very expensive
  • 1-Pistol or Revolver
  • 1-2 - 9mm for pistol or 45. for revolver ammo
  • 5-10 HE Grenades
  • 1- binoculars (for locating enemy structures)
Warning ! HE Grenade is very heavy and you can not throw it so far.
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