Don't Starve Together

Don't Starve Together

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Chinese Font
Created by Skull
DST's fallback fonts is too small, So I make some chinese letters in large size....
Chinese Language Pack(中文语言包)
Created by L.Yun
Simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese language pack.

请将游戏的“Small Textures(小型纹理)”设置为“禁用”!
Please set the "Small Textures" options to "Disabled".!!!


By L.M....
Chinese Plus
Created by Skull

Do Not Use This.
Only for chinese!

If you want to know what this mod do. Just make the game support Chinese better. Nothing else.
If you want to see more content, please change your display language.

Combined Status
Created by rezecib
Supports all versions of Don't Starve (Vanilla, Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked, Hamlet, Don't Starve Together). Also available on the [{LINK REMOVED}
Display Food Values
Created by drbormental
Currently mod is not getting updates. If you want to continue develop the mod, feel free to use all files in my mod.

NOTE: This mod can slow you game or make it laggy, for more information see:
DST Abigail Call
Created by IcyFoxe
Here's something special for Wendy lovers:
Smarter Abigail! - Whenever Abigail is far away from Wendy, she abandons any of her current actions and starts following Wendy again.

This mod was created to prevent Abigail from suiciding ever...
Created by Captain_M
SignPlus v1.4
SignPlus v1.3
SignPlus v1.2
allows to edit and show custom text on arro...
Finder Mod (Server version and working)
Created by Serp
Idea and 50% of the code from "modding"
original client version:

The mod does highlight the containers that contains the item that you hold or if you hover over crafting recipe ingredients...
Geometric Placement
Created by rezecib
Compatible with all versions of the game (Vanilla, Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked, Don't Starve Together-- separately listed on the Single-player workshop). You can also find it o
Global Pause
Created by hmaarrfk
# Global Pause
Note from the creators:
This mod changes the core mechanics of the game. As such, be warned that it may cause your game to crash.
If this happens, please use the github links to discuss the details of your issues.

The source is availa...
Global Positions
Created by rezecib
Map sharing works again! You don't even need to be in the A New Reign beta anymore!

  • Show other players on the map (and hover over them to see who they are).
  • Show player indicators (the bubble things o
Health Info
Created by NubsPixel
Shows exact health of creatures on mouse-over and controller-auto-target. This mod is inspired by Tell Me About Health (DS) which was ported to Tell Me (DST).
Now also in GitHub[].

No Thermal Stone Durability
Created by tekture
Like seriously Klei, it was the last item you would've ever wanted to nerf.

Server-side only....
Smarter Crock Pot
Created by Nadav
WARNING: Mod has not been updated a long time. Read the comment section.

Do you find yourself confused over the many recipes the crock pot offers?
Do you need to check online before cooking?

This mod alters to Crock Pot to show you what you're going...
DST Storm Cellar
Created by Afro1967
Note: If some of the slots are off screen or hidden by the crafting menu,go ingame main screen to options\settings\hud and lower the hud size.

The Storm Cellar is fireproof.

The Storm Cellar is a massive storage hole with 80 slots

The Storm Cell...
Minimap HUD
Created by squeek.
Adds a minimap to the HUD
  • The minimap is fully functional; it can be zoomed using the zoom map binds (defaulted to the mousewheel) and can be panned by clicking and dragging.
  • The minimap can be collapsed by hovering over it and clicking the
No More Respawn Penalty
Simple mod that removes the penalty of respawning.

Quick clarification: This mod keeps your MAX health from decreasing with each respawn, meaning you can always raise your overall health back to its maximum value after each death. And yes, your overa...
Action Queue(DST)
Created by xiaoXzzz
Original author: simplex.
I do update it for the DST.Client only mod.Allows queueing a sequence of actions (such as chopping, mining, etc.) by selecting targets within a bounding box, holding SHIFT.
If after doing the select, the character loop in one ac...
Tenshi Hinanawi | Touhou Project
Created by Senshimi
Tenshi Hinanawi

- Lore -

Tenshi is a character from Touhou, a series of popular japanese games involving filling your screen with colorful and deadly projectiles.

Tenshi is a powerful Celestial that resides within the hea...
Sisters reunited
Created by Filigrani

We have discord chennal fro Sister Reunited fans
Join us! []

Special thanks to Sp
Food Values - Item Tooltips (Server and Client)
Created by gregdwilson
Now includes - Fire Remaining Burn Time

Controller support! To use, you have to open the inventory using right trigger. See description below for button assignment.
Now includes perish time, ...