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Oshkosh M-ATV by Burnes Armouries ( matv )
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Jul 26 @ 3:13pm
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Oshkosh M-ATV by Burnes Armouries ( matv )


So here is an intitial version of the Oshkosh M-ATV for download. Still VERY MUCH WIP as explained in the video but given the delays of late well i thought it might be nice to get it out there.

The Oshkosh M-ATV is a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle developed by the Oshkosh Corporation of Oshkosh, Wisconsin for the MRAP All Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV) program. Intended to replace M1114 HMMWVs, it is designed to provide the same levels of protection as the larger and heavier previous MRAPs but with improved mobility.

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M1ke_SK 19 hours ago 
Are you going to add TFAR support? Adding long range radio to it? You need only add 1 config value if I am aware of.
NorX Aengell Oct 8 @ 3:57am 
Seems like this vehicle need "huskydashboard_co.paa" from your husky vehicle...Could you repair and update ? ^^. Thx
Launchpad Mcquack Oct 4 @ 11:14am 
please sign your mod so we can add key to server so pubs and join.
Stubbz Oct 2 @ 3:35pm 
Artyomka Oct 2 @ 3:17pm 
Punisher Sep 29 @ 11:53am 
Anytime frame on the Varients and the bug fixes for this mod?
the hammer Sep 10 @ 3:12am 
when i turn the turret the top portion to the feeder tray, bullets and actually bullet box to do not move with the 50. cal
Camargo Sep 9 @ 5:01pm 
Hi, I'm Brazilian, I loved your work with the M ATV. I wanted to ask if it is possible to be updating the damage in the vehicle, because it is out of the ordinary, and also be putting the option to open and close the hatch
Booty Dharma Sep 8 @ 7:47pm 
Great mod and awesome work! The only thing that caught my attention was the shape and size of the windows on the windshied. Hopefully it's still fixable, and I hope you can bring the JLTV to Arma 3 :)
Patton [2nd Ranger Bn] Sep 5 @ 3:02am 
Would it be possible to tone down or remove the shaking when firing the .50 cal? Just feels a bit odd