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"Thanatos" Assault Vessel
Blueprint: Hover Vessel
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"Thanatos" Assault Vessel


Designed to take out POI's, Armour is reinforced at the front of the vessel - at least two blocks thick to help protect the pilot from incoming fire. The windscreen glass is reinforced with two layers too.

Thanatos has a fully pressurised, accessible interior and has spotlights facing each lateral direction to ensure decent visibility in the dark.

Onboard Thanatos boasts:

1 x Artillery turret
4 x Plasma turrets
4 x Rocket turrets
1 x Minigun turret
6 x Front mounted gatling guns
1 x Fridge
1 x Armour locker
1 x Constructor
4 x Ammo boxes
4 x Large cargo containers
4 x Fuel tanks
2 x Generators
2 x O2 Tanks
1 x O2 Station
3 x Directional spotlights
1 x Front spotlight
2 x Hover boosters
4 x Large hover engines

The fantastic "Diablo Gato" hover tank posted by Pystonworks (which is no longer available unfortunately), heavily influnced this design!

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MisterCrow  [author] Oct 19 @ 2:12am 
Dev's didn't ask me if they could use it, but I'm flattered that they chose to!
FleshTorpedo Oct 18 @ 11:18pm 
OminSpecter - Triangle counts are very different. I wouldnt be suprised if the devs asked the author to use his design (check the changelogs and youll see this happens often) and made it smaller for general blueprint use. Size class 2 vs 1. Salt belongs in the ocean, broh.
OmniSpecter Oct 18 @ 7:03pm 
just throwing this out there but does no one realize this exact HV is built into the game by default, and has been for quite awhile now. making a copy blueprint and upping it as your own work doesn't mean it's actually yours and just steals credit from the real author(s).

jdakin Oct 18 @ 3:46pm 
This is one "bad a**" hover vessel. I'm glad I subscribed to this. I got all my ingots together to spawn it. I love it.! It really does the job to blow out alien bases weapons. It's helped me to take over the rest of the bases on Omicron,(except an abandoned factory, cause I can't locate the core.! I need this on Ningues now, where I started a more recent game there. Only thing so far that I didn't like about this, and maybe not the fault of the hover itself is it would shoot at everything else other than alien bases, even when the other things were turned off.
Silent Reaper Oct 16 @ 7:36am 
Gets wrecked in HWS direct POI takeover not an option
Dex Oct 14 @ 4:21am 
Trying this out in 7.3.
hos1982 Oct 11 @ 1:17pm 
Nice hover tank,
Airomis Oct 11 @ 1:39am 
I was going for a nice look
crimsonedge11 Oct 10 @ 6:15am 
- Airomis. Technically ANY CV can carry this. All you gotta do is have a docking pad placed in any location touching any location on a CV to dock it. Depending on the CV, it might look sorta goofy having a behemoth like this docked in an odd position, but it'll be docked nonetheless. If the intention is simply to tow it to another planet and drop it off, that works.
crimsonedge11 Oct 10 @ 6:09am 
Just to point something out, HV thruster Ls are only 10% more powerful than thruster ms, but are 50% longer. This means that x3 thruster S, or x1 thruster M + 1 thruster S provide more thrust for the same amount of space compared to Thruster Ls. Thruster S and Ms are also more economical price wise, because Thruster Ls required Z & E. And Z & E costs go way up in 7.0, which make those thruster Ls seem like even worse of an idea.