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Pyria: Mythos Evolved
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Pyria: Mythos Evolved

In 2 collections by Shadlos
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Pyria: The Great Dying
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This mod is sponsored by ArkServers.IO! If you want a high-powered ark server for a reasonable price, look no further! Their servers are powerful, user friendly, and offer tons of customization!

Latest Major Version:
-Orthros TLC
-Reduced orthros running stamina cost from 40 to 30
-NEW CREATURE: Lava Elemental! (Class: Elementals)
-NEW CREATURE: Iron Golem! (Class: Elementals)
-NEW CREATURE: Mithril Golem! (Class: Elementals)
-NEW CREATURE: Werewolf! (Class: Wildlife)
-NEW RESOURCE: Ignistone
-NEW ITEM: Orthros Saddle
-Reduced Divine Allosaurus size by 15 percent.
-Driger now deals stamina damage with its bite instead of bleeding.
-Changed resource requirement for Alpha Infernal Rex
-Reduced the amount of pierce damage on: Gargoyle, Saberian, Tibur, Driger
-Dark Seeker crafting recipe changed, you now need normal Aura Seekers to obtain them.
-You dont NEED to beat certain bosses anymore to get Dark Mana Seekers, they can be unlocked at lvl 100. Defeating certain bosses can still grant you them early, however
-Removed engram cost from several engrams (i will do the rest as i find them)
-Undeads, Dark Mana Reapers, Dragonkings, and sentients now can no longer be bred, even with mods like Super Structures or Structures Plus. If the creature detects that it has been bred (via its ancestry), it will instantly delete itself.
-Reworked decay buff. Shortened the buffs length of time from 30 seconds to 10, and the buff no longer reduces movement speed. Instead, the buff drains 1.5HP per second, while increasing the amount of damage the target takes by 10 percent.
-If Withered or Krasue eat a corpse, they get an HP regen similar to Argentavis, regenerating HP while also gaining a ten percent damage increase
-Cadavarex stamina drain values are now equal to vanilla creatures like Kapro
-Cadavarex claw slashes now use the scaling bleed used by critters like Werewolf and Drallion
-Dark Mana Reapers now have High Stat Scaling.
-Dark Mana Reapers cannot breed, due to their lore, now
-Changed the projectiles of Dark Mana Reaper to be clutters, like Thorny Dragon. This vastly increases accuracy.
-Removed most other features from Dark Mana Reaper for now. They can jump, do their tail attack, projectile attack, and bite.
-Removed many particles from Dark Mana Reaper
-Dark Mana Reaper is now roughly 50 percent larger, at the least. This is done to help it get closer to Divine Allosaurus in terms of niche. More will expand upon this later.
-Dark Mana Reaper is now faster
-Summoned Dark Mana Reapers (Those summoned by Dark Paladins) last five minutes now- so long as they are rendered- before despawning.
-Fixed timers for summoned Dark Mana Reapers and summoned Sentinels.
-New texture for summoned sentinels
-Sentinels summoned normally are now called Summoned Sentinels
-Sentinels no longer level Oxygen or Food
-Sentinels can now deal rider direct damage with their bite
-Lowered Sentinel fireball projectile damage from 30 to 25
-Sentinel Fireball properly matches the mana system now, inflicting fire mana damage.
-Sentinel can now be carried, letting it be a ranged shoulder pet now

///What is Pyria: Mythos Evolved?////

-1. IT IS NOT AN OVERHAUL. Pyria is balanced for Vanilla ark and vanilla settings, though some things do hit harder than vanilla creatures normally. However, all creatures can still be killed via vanilla means. This mod does not perform well with ANY overhaul mod(Primal Fear, Extinction Core, etc), as all overhauls are far too OP for Pyria's balanced creatures. If you want to use Pyria with an overhaul, I'd suggest against it.

Pyria forms behind the request of many wanting an ark full of fantasy-styled creatures, a desire ignited by Scorched Earth and fueled by the science-fiction of Aberration! Pyria builds on this desire, as Pyria follows the main plot of “What if the Ark somehow had access to a dead world of Fantasy, and began to recreate it as well?”. Discover an ark full of fantastic creatures, elements, and magic! With the resurrection of these creatures comes the resurrection of an age-old battle between Dark and Light. Pick a side and find your way through a harsh new world, discovering new creatures and allies, as well as facing brand new, extremely dangerous threats. Discover the hidden secrets behind the old world of Pyria; and discover how both the creatures of Ark, as well as the natives of Pyria, have adapted to each other! Pyria will test a survivor's knowledge of the game. What works against what, what gives an advantage in a situation. How to deal with certain enemies to make them easier, what weaknesses (every creature in Pyria has one!) can turn the tide of war!

Want the truest, full experience of the mod's canon backstory? The canon backstory's being written as we speak, and the mod offers both an official PvE, as well as PvP server based on mod canon! Use the discord links provided below to get access to both official servers and get the truest Pyrian Experience possible!

Can you unravel the secrets of Pyria: Mythos Evolved?

Only time will tell!

There are five main types of creatures you'll encounter!

The various, strange species of wild animals that inhabit Pyria. These fantastic beasts can trace their lineage from mythology the world over.

Sentient Races with fairly beastial appearances. Due to their only similarities to humans often being their posture, they are grouped differently than other sentient creatures. The majority of them tend to be brutal and tribe-going.

Races that often resemble humans, or humanoids, but not close enough. These kinds of races include Ogres, Cyclops, and that genera of humanoid creatures.

All-female races that depend on males of other races to reproduce. This is usually human men. As such, many mamono are often extremely friendly to humans; thus allowing them easier access to a potential husband. However, there are some with profound physical strength or abilities which would rather take their husband by force...

With the amount of magical energy that surges throughout Pyria, it was no surprise this type of beast would emerge. Undead are as they sound: The living dead, still kept bound to this plane of existence by some form or another. Oftentimes, this race is that which yeilds the most dangerous of creatures...yet if one can conquer them, one could reap extreme benefits.... Oftentimes, it does seem that as a whole, this type is weak to fire damage, explosive damage, wyvern-breath-elemental damage, and shredding scales...

Raw constructs made of life energy mixed with primal forces, such as stone, fire, or air. They lack the ability to breed- for obvious reasons- but don't waste points in Oxygen usually, and have a wide variety of buff and damage type immunities.

I've tried to make sentient races behave more like actual sentient races, so no tranq-and-tame for 'em!

Remember to check the Beastiary discussion for controls!

Mod ID: 1090809604

Beastiary (controls & creature info)

Spawn Codes

/////////////MOD PATREON////////////


////Support me on Ko-fi!/////

Mod mentor, true great friend.

Collaboration work for Water Wyvern, Gelragarian Direwolf, Brute Wyvern & Diorex

-SpaceTyrant93, NitrinTheDead, Hauki
Mod Official Artists

Mod Official Composer

-Fresonis, everynightxRIOT, Syntac, RePuG, ThatGermanGuy
Epic youtube supporters

-Dahlia, DragonGrimoire
Mod Canon developer/lore developer/Co-creator

-Scorching Kami
Animator, Modeler, texture-er
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Jun 25 @ 5:25pm
Jun 24 @ 7:17pm
Works on fjordur?
Jun 27 @ 2:50pm
how do you tame Centuars and the like?
< >
Mus777 14 hours ago 
centaur are on the "light" side. and theres those dark side dudes. to tame them you need to first find a neutral, and i think one of them is a galgarian or something like that (its some type of big lizard man) once you got him, you need a recruitment badge and just put it in his inventory and then put him near those centaurs and they will come close to him and their taming bar will go up.:Oda:
MC Schnitzel Jun 27 @ 12:53pm 
Need help. I want to tame a Centaur but it says he does not want to be tamed. I have seen many videos about people taming a centaur, but for me it does not work:steamsad:
Ganja Jun 25 @ 9:43am 
it does work on fjordur but some monster dont spawn on the map and some quiet rare since the map is overspawning with Vanilla dinos from all DLC's
Apolion12 Jun 20 @ 10:00am 
does this mod work on fjordur map
FMAlchemist7893 Jun 20 @ 7:40am 
one of the creatures looks like a wingless hideous zippleback
DepressedAhri Jun 17 @ 11:25pm 
I'm reporting this because I am unsure if it is a bug with Pyria or a bug with base Ark.

I have completely custom spawns on my server. I am using the override function to allow custom spawns. Creatures that are not specified in my spawn codes anywhere (which are only some of Pyria's creatures) still spawn in their original biome.

This can be fixed by adding NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="<classname>", ToClassName="") lines for every problematic spawn, which is only a minor inconvenience. Just thought I'd point this out in case it was from your mod, though, and not a vanilla bug.
Cryptic Jun 16 @ 4:51pm 
sorry if this question is already answerd! but what is the spawn command for the werewolf :D
Shadlos  [author] Jun 16 @ 3:02pm 
I have no intention of adding Lost Island compatibility at the current moment due to how much of a nightmare that map has been to modders, and it would only have negative repercussions if i added as such at the moment.
ToxicT4 Jun 16 @ 3:01pm 
Hi, was curious on the status of this mod completely working with Lost Island. I know there are spawns on some of the map but not all of it. was curious if there was a time frame. would love to play your mod on this map.
pokrs12 Jun 15 @ 1:39pm 
Can someone help me? Every time i try to install this mod it crashes Ark. I even reinstalled everything and uninstalled my other mods. what am i doing wrong?