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Air-To-Air Starstreak
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Jul 24, 2017 @ 1:03pm
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Air-To-Air Starstreak

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The airborne variant of Starstreak, ATASK provides air-to-air capabilities for attack helicopters. ATASK has been tested for the US Army on the Apache attack helicopter.
The first phase of the programme involved the launch of six Starstreak missiles from an Apache helicopter at the Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona. In November 1998, ATASK successfully hit targets during the airborne firing tests. During the second phase, Starstreak's laser beam guidance system was integrated with the target acquisition sight (TADS) and fire control system of the Apache. It has yet to enter service.

Please Note this Addon requires my Starstreak HVM Addon to work.

This my attempt to try and make the Air-To-Air Starstreak or ATASK for Arma 3 it can be applied to all armed helicopters and aircraft with the dynamic loadouts menu in the editor. I have tried to make this as close to the actual Air-To-Air Starstreak as possible.

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Addon features:

- Air-To-Air Starstreak pod with 2x starstreak HVMs.

- Air-To-Air Starstreak pod with 4x starstreak HVMs.

- Air-To-Air Starstreak pod with 2x starstreak II HVMs.

- Air-To-Air Starstreak pod with 4x starstreak II HVMs.

- Can be used with any Addon with aricraft that use base pylon names.

- Can be used with Sabs aircraft addons.

- Can be used with firewills aircraft addons.

- Can be used with CUP Aircraft.

- Can be used with RHS Aircraft.

Missile and launcher features:


- The Missile is what is know as a beam riding missile using a laser to paint a target for the missile to get a lock on the target it must be within the aiming crosshairs to lock on to it once fired the missile will automatically fly to the to the target and destroy it.

- The Missile has a max range of 7km and the Mark II Missile has a max range of 8km.

- The launcher can target both land and air targets like the real Starstreak. it is effective against jets gunships MRAPs and IFVs (though I would not use it against tanks).

- It Cannot be jammed by countermeasures (though it can still miss if the target moves around to much).

- Its high speed makes it more likely to be able to intercept a fast moving aircraft.


- The major disadvantage is that the submunitions, having no proximity fuze, must collide with the target in order to harm it.

- The guidance laser may be detected after the missile is fired, if the target aircraft is equipped with a suitable passive laser warning system. In contrast, to detect a passively guided Infrared homing missile requires MAWS detectors with significant disadvantages: radar-based closure-detecting style MAWS radiate an easily detectable signal that reveals the aircraft and may be used as an auxiliary homing signal by AA missiles, and Infrared launch signature detector-based MAWS tend to be subject to a high false alarm rate, which reduces attention paid them by the pilot.

- Battlefield obscurants, such as smoke or fog, can degrade the ability of the missile operator to see the target, and could potentially interfere with the guidance laser. This is also the case (to a slightly lesser extent) in misty or rainy conditions.

- The training level of the operator is critical since, unlike infrared guided missiles, the operator has to track the target exactly with the sighting unit aimpoint (SACLOS). If the aircraft detects the targeting laser, it has the whole period of the missile flight time to engage in avoidance manoeuvres, which adds additional challenge to the missile operator's target-tracking task.

Future features:

- None at the moment. let me know if there is anything you want me to add.

Known issues:

- The missile pod might clip on some types of aircraft pylons.

- At the moment the missile cannot be used with any of the Jets DLC Aircraft as I do not know the pylon class names to attatch them too.


- The weapon system is designed to be used on helicopters but can be used on planes aswell.

- The missile pod is made up of various models from ARMA 2 and its DLCs.

Special thanks to:

- Bohemia interactive for the base textures and models.

- da12thMonkey for his or her info on making custom dynamic loadout weapons and pylons.
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Bronk Lupino 13 hours ago 
ah ok thank you :D
Phantom Hawk  [author] Jan 20 @ 2:11pm 
Only the Hellfire K M and N can use laser lock. You must press T to lock onto the laser.
Bronk Lupino Jan 20 @ 1:57pm 
Hi question im just new to these mods but some reason im using the AH-1z viper,apache etc but none of the hell fires wont guide D: any help ? nothing to do with your mod but the game in general please help basically if i switch to the gunner seat and use the laser then shoot the hellfire it just acts like a dumbie rocket :(
Phantom Hawk  [author] Jan 5 @ 5:48am 
I don't understand.
Catweazle Jan 5 @ 4:44am 
Theres is no Radio Menu in Arma III Exile. How I can start the Menu there?
Phantom Hawk  [author] Jul 25, 2017 @ 2:02am 
Thank you I will try it later.
Rad Jul 25, 2017 @ 1:56am 
To get the Jets DLC Pylon names use GOM Aircraft Loadout script. It will allow you to see every pylon. If you want i can get you the names