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SpeedyFlyers flight speed mods Suite
10 items
Mod ID: 1083349027

SPEED STATUS VALUES NOW MODIFIABLE THROUGH .INI SETTINGS (check here for all the .INI settings/options)!
All aspects of the speed stat modification per level tamed are now adjustable through .INI settings (initial tamed speed, modifier per level tamed, global speed stat modifier and a speed level cap) on all of the Speedy Flyers! Other stats are also modifiable through .INI multipliers.

Essentially makes all rideable flyers' speed stat fully customisable, WITHOUT OVERSPAWNING ISSUES! Companion mods that add the exotic Flyers to TheIsland, Abberation, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok and TheCenter maps without tampering with .INI settings are now also available!

Also reenables backwards walking on the rideable flyers. There are multipliers available to alter the other stats (Health, Stamina, Weight and Melee Damage), without replication issues! As an added bonus, you can .INI adjust the speed and damage values on the Glider Suit as well...

Mating and breeding functionality was added to the RockDrake, Griffin and Wyverns (Fire, Lightning, Poison AND Ice) as well. Happy breeding! The Phoenix does also have breeding functionality added, by means of laying Phoenix eggs and hatching them... Griffins give live birth (i.e. do not lay eggs). The Imprint food on the Griffins is Raw Mutton, for the Phoenix it has been set to Moth Kibble and for the RockDrake it is the Nameless Venom. The most optimal taming food for the RockDrakes is the Nameless Venom, for the Wyverns it is the Wyvern Milk or the Argentavis kibble.

A SpeedyFlyers Resource Companion mod is available here, which allows for crafting the necessary resources on the maps where they would normally not be available.

Currently available blueprints/items:
  • Glider Suit (.ini adjustable speed settings)
  • TEK RockDrake Saddle
  • Griffin Armor Charm
  • Phoenix Armor Charm
  • Wyvern Armor Charm

Currently available rideable flyers that are covered by this mod:
  • MANAGARMR!!! with adjustable number of jumps and stamina costs
  • SNOW OWL!!!
  • CORRUPTED PTERO, ROCKDRAKE & WYVERN!!! taming enabled through .ini
  • TLC 2 Argentavis AND X-Argentavis!
  • Rockdrake
  • Phoenix; now supports melting of Scrap Metal into ingots!
  • Griffin
  • Quetzalcoatlus
  • Lymantria (Moth); now supports passive Silk production (as a .ini option)!
  • Pelagornis
  • Pteranodon
  • Tapejara AND X-Tapejara!
  • Fire Wyvern
  • Lightning Wyvern
  • Poison Wyvern
  • Alpha (Mega Fire) Wyvern

The way the Flyer classes are now implemented do prevent most overspawning issues, so there is no (need for a) counting and culling mechanism!

For all of the mainstream maps there is also a companion mod which allows for the addition of the exotic Speedy Flyers for that specific map to the map spawners without tampering with .ini settings! You can find the workshop pages for the companion maps here:

TheIsland Companion mod

TheCenter Companion mod

ScorchedEarth Companion mod

Aberration Companion mod

Ragnarok Companion mod

This mod is clean and - for the most part - stackable.

This means that this mod does not modify core game files and the speed leveling ONLY occurs on the Flyers spawned in after the mod was installed OR imported from the Classic Flyers mod (without losing the ability to level up speed! The stats will be different after import though and, because they are not the same class of birds, mating with the wildly spawned (sf) flyers is not possible).

When you uninstall this mod you will lose any flyers that were spawned in 'the wild' by this mod through the map spawners or by using the (sf) spawn codes but you will KEEP the flyers you spawned in using the 'non-sf' (imported) spawn codes in the 'Spawn Codes' section or any of the flyers you imported from the Classic Flyers mod, but they will then obviously no longer be able to level up speed and will get reverted to their vanilla states when you remove the mod. You can, however, then import them back into Classic Flyers or reinstall the mod and regain the option to level up speed, should you want to!

Flyers you spawn in using the other (non-sf) spawn commands or import from the Classic Flyers mod have their mating capabilities enabled as of version 6.0 of this mod, but because they are not compatible with the classes this mod spawns in through the map spawners they are not able to breed with the wildly spawned Speedy Flyers; it may get very confusing so you can enable/disable the mating/breeding of imported flyers through .ini settings if you wish. You can use [Alt-G] (while riding your flyer) to toggle appropriate name suffixes for the wild and imported flyers. Finally, the Ice Wyverns may not be spawnable by using spawn commands without the Ragnarok DLC installed so make sure you add this free DLC to your ARK installation!

The visibility of Phoenixes can be controlled through a .INI setting (see appropriate section) so you can enable or disable the need for superheat condition at will, so the Phoenixes are visible even on maps that don't normally support the superheat conditions after you spawn them in using the provided spawn codes or let them spawn in naturally through the map spawners using one of the Companion Mods (specific to the map you play on).


This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]

You can support this mod’s and it’s companions further development by becoming a Patron here[]

You can contact the mod's author on discord as well:

HowTo: Installation Instructions

HowTo: (sf) Spawn Codes

HowTo: (non-sf) Spawn Codes

HowTo: GMsummon Codes

HowTo: .INI settings

HowTo: Hide the SF Glider Suit ingame

HowTo: Smart Breeding Tool .json!

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Proteus Apr 10 @ 3:04pm 
Make a speed player mod for hot / Solo one player

I have to use Speed Hack trainer to run 5x more

All Speed Flyers don't just work for one player

When you tame Flyers:steamthumbsup:
Lezarah Mar 17 @ 7:40am 
Having lost our flyers when the mod was removed, would a reroll back help to bring them back or would that be a lost cause?
Derog Mar 7 @ 11:15pm 
Great mod, but when active managarmrs can not ice beam
mika-rog Mar 1 @ 12:03pm 
bonjour je voudrais savoir si vous pouvez ajouter Tropeognathus
mika-rog Mar 1 @ 12:03pm 
hello I would like to know if you can add Tropeognathus
katiehegarty Feb 22 @ 6:34pm 
I love the idea of the mod, but whenever I use it my owls can no longer ice wild animals to heal them, which I use frequently during taming. Is this intended or can it be updated?
GOCHAAGAIN Feb 17 @ 1:03pm 
any way to add Alpha Blood Crystal Wyvern to be tameable and breedable?
Ansgar Odinson Feb 1 @ 1:15pm 
Cant seem to get Rock Drakes or Tapejara to breed. Everything else is working fine.
treyy Jan 15 @ 8:59pm 
@Kada you can use bAllowFlyerSpeedLeveling=True (restart twice with and without the mod just to be safe) but there will be some stats weirdness. For example every single one of my flyers got their stamina reset to their wild level stats.
Valdar Jan 15 @ 2:38pm 
Wildcard now gives admins of servers the option of allowing leveling in speed on flyers. Is there a way to revert from this mod so if i remove it our flyers wont go poof?

StrongWolf85 14 hours ago