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Naj's Speedy Flyers UPDATED 11/08
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Jul 20, 2017 @ 8:45am
Nov 8, 2021 @ 5:05am
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Naj's Speedy Flyers UPDATED 11/08

In 1 collection by NajKrid
SpeedyFlyers flight speed mods Suite
10 items
Mod ID: 1083349027

Essentially makes all rideable flyers' speed stat fully customisable, WITHOUT OVERSPAWNING ISSUES!

All aspects of the speed stat modification per level tamed are now adjustable through .INI settings (initial tamed speed, modifier per level tamed, global speed stat modifier and a speed level cap) on all of the Speedy Flyers! Other stats are also modifiable through .INI multipliers. An imprint bonus of max 20% is also taken into account, depending on the imprint quality.

Also reenables backwards walking on the rideable flyers. There are multipliers available to alter the other stats (Health, Stamina, Weight and Melee Damage), without replication issues! As an added bonus, you can .INI adjust the speed and damage values on the Glider Suit as well... Furthermore, this mod provides server admins with the Admin Skiff which is only available by using spawn commands and does not spawn in the wild; It is a modified version of the Tek Hover Skiff which is really fast, can fly underwater and has no inventory or weight restrictions applied.

Currently available blueprints/items:
  • Glider Suit (.ini adjustable speed settings)
  • TEK RockDrake Saddle
  • Griffin Armor Charm
  • Phoenix Armor Charm
  • Wyvern Armor Charm

Currently available rideable flyers that are covered by this mod:

  • SNOW OWL!!!
  • CORRUPTED PTERANODON, ROCKDRAKE & WYVERN!!! (Taming only allowed after .ini option set to True)
  • TLC 2 Argentavis
  • Griffin
  • Quetzalcoatlus
  • Lymantria (Moth)
  • Pelagornis
  • Pteranodon
  • Tapejara
  • Tek Hover Skiff
  • Admin Skiff
  • Rockdrake
  • Phoenix
  • Astrocetus (Space Whale)
  • Fire Wyvern
  • Lightning Wyvern
  • Poison Wyvern
  • Alpha (Mega Fire) Wyvern

For all the features as well as the many options this mod offers I really urge you to take a look at the Mod's guide:
Complete Guide to all you need to know about the Naj's Speedy Flyers mod

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]

You can support this mod’s and it’s companions further development by becoming a Patron here[]

You can contact the mod's author on discord as well:

You are requested to leave bug reports in the mod author's Discord by preference, because there it has the most chance to be picked up as quickly as possible.
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NajKrid  [author] May 27 @ 7:08am 
It should not cause overspawn issues. Be sure to read the accompanying guide thoroughly through, there are some caveats
n01z3 May 27 @ 4:32am 
if this really fixes the over spawn issue then it makes a spot on my servers. the built in allow flyer levelling is selective. so far its not made 70 wyverns spawn in trenches 🤣
NajKrid  [author] May 6 @ 10:14pm 
You may have caught a bad download from Steam. Please remove all the mod files and reinstall the mod.
♥ TimbaDk ♥ May 6 @ 7:29pm 
It makes my game crash on load. It's the only mod I have active, trying to open my own closed/single player world. It just crashes before entering.
NajKrid  [author] May 2 @ 7:55pm 
Make sure both the client and server are running the latest version. To make sure this is the case you may have to remove old versions from the 'staging' and 'workshop' directories before you try again... steam does not always play nice with workshop content
Frey May 2 @ 12:52pm 
Adding this mod to my server gives me a "Please ensure the server you are attempting to join is running the latest version of all Mod content". The server works fine when this mod is removed. Any fix?
SinxK Apr 8 @ 1:01am 
and also the rock drake can't eat anymore
SinxK Apr 8 @ 12:56am 
after I set OffspringSForImported=Imported
ForceConvertSFToImported=True, my new rock drake can mate(with little heart above their heads) , but there is no egg after mating.
seascape195 Mar 13 @ 6:50pm 
@NajKrid I was able to get it working. Forgot to post an update. Thanks for the reply though. Great mod btw. Good job!
NajKrid  [author] Mar 13 @ 3:07pm 
@seascape195 All the spawn codes and relevant infos are in the guide....