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SCFL Pro wrestlers! SCFL Pro is a weekly wrestling program broadcast live on Twitch!
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Bike Bianchi
Created by LocustStar
The leader of Team Belly Ribbon and co-founder of SCFL, Bike Bianchi is a man of many dimensions all wrapped up in an anxiety-ridden, soft-spoken man.

Don't let his soft-spoken nature confuse you, he's a solid competitor and a legend in the ring....
Charles Dubois
Created by LocustStar

A French Canadian man with heavy hands and a dainty leg kick to set it all up. He's as tough as nails but as dumb as bricks....
Discussion Davis
Created by LocustStar
SCFL's self-proclaimed greatest of all-time and one of the leaders of Team Belly Ribbon. He's held multiple world championships, including the SCFL's most legendary run in kickboxing, while also briefly holding the pro wrestling title.

He's younger than h...
Ichabod Adams
Created by LocustStar
SCFL's first World Champion and MAGA troll, Ichabod was a substitute history teacher who had difficulty finding work thanks to his more extreme views about German and WWII history.

Now residing in his sister's basement he's been able to focus his energies...
Karate Hendrix
Created by LocustStar
One of the earliest competitors in SCFL. Karate Hendrix is a careful fighter who utilizes exciting techniques in perhaps the most mundane ways possible. While a multi-time kickboxing champion, he's yet to really endear himself to fans....
Created by LocustStar
SCFL referee and former boxer....
Piotr Petrov
Created by LocustStar
Piotr Petrov, from Moscow, a self-proclaimed former KGB agent and was present at the infamous recording of the Donald Trump "pee tape."

He claims that his sister was one of the girls involved and that it was his bedding where it occured, even if that info...
Garden Greene
Created by LocustStar
Sure, Garden Greene may be 45-years-old, but does he look it? Does he feel it? You know why? Because he's vegan.

Now listen to him prattle on about it relentlessly....
Wim Nijman
Created by LocustStar

Wim is a Dutch kickboxer searching for glory in America while proving that the Dutch Style is the strongest....
Zoning Zhang
Created by LocustStar
The proudest of all the Belly Ribbon competitors, he's perhaps the toughest man in all of Belly Ribbon, taking some unprecedented beatings and getting right back up.

This is why he became the first SCFL Hardcore Champion and intends to recapture that crow...
Computer Collins
Created by LocustStar
A young, fight-worn competitor that is fearless in the ring, although gets distracted when his deceased and formerly estranged father, Florida King, is brought up.

A multi-time world champion who is his own worst enemy....
Freddy Fischer
Created by LocustStar
A substitute social studies teacher who joined up in SCFL's Substitute Series after being suspended from his school district for a miscommunication with a female student. Something about his homemade sausage being inappropriate.

It was a misunderstanding....
Immediately Ito
Created by LocustStar
Immediately Ito is a flashy in-ring competitor that joined Belly Ribbon only to find next-to-no real success in the ring. A few adjustments could lead to success, but he refuses, instead opting for flash over substance....
Foundation Russo
Created by LocustStar
Foundation grew up with the brothers Supreme, serving as a foil to their generally amiable, dimwitted demeanors. Was he a bully? To some. Was he a hero? To others.

He hits like a mack truck and has the cardio of an overweight man....
Until Robert
Created by LocustStar
Until Robert knows a guy that knows Naveen Andrews, the actor that played Sayeed on Lost. He also has "Miami" scrawled across his stomach because he one day intends to visit Miami.

While a bit slow on the uptake, he's incredibly fast in the ring and has h...
Captain White
Created by LocustStar
A professional Johnny Depp as Captain Jack cosplayer and surf bum, Captain White went from giving boat tours in the Carribean to a punching bag in the ring, suffering severe concussions at the hands of Weather Walker, which sparked a spiritual awakening to...
Blaster Robinson
Created by LocustStar
A former bouncer and bare-knuckle brawler, Blaster Robinson is one of the earliest fighters to sing up for SCFL. He's a mix of power and aggression that has led to a good deal of success across many platforms....
Let Liu
Created by LocustStar
The Community College Terminator, Let Liu is a jovial young man who joined the league during the "Summer Series" due to his mother's persistence. He's aggressive but foolish in the ring, leading to him being one of the league's biggest punching bags.

Offers Thompson
Created by LocustStar
One of the greatest champions in SCFL kickboxing history that has done some serious soul-searching of late, including publicly revealing that he is transgender....
Justice Turner
Created by LocustStar
Former roadie for the band Bon Jovi during their 90's run, also served as the guitar tech to Richie Sambora. Tries to take a fatherly tone with his opponents and help set them on the right path in life, almost like a motivational speaker, but one that love...
Cheesesteak Supreme
Created by LocustStar
A goddamned moron....
Philly Supreme
Created by LocustStar
Philly Supreme is the "Rocky" of the SCFL, with heavy hands and a boxing backround along with multiple kickboxing world title runs. It was enough to make his dream a reality of owning his own gym and his own Buick dealership, all rolled into one!

Is the b...
Gyro Supreme
Created by LocustStar
Uncle of Philly Supreme and Cheesesteak, after an unfortunate accident claimed the life of his brother and sister-in-law he was tasked with raising the brothers Supreme, although Philly is only five years his junior. He now helps manage Philly's Gym and Bu...
Sledding Bianchi
Created by LocustStar
Boxing Bianchi is the father of Bike and Boxing, the uncle of Xylophonist. Was an Olympic alternate bobsledder before he moved to the US to be with his sons and compete in the ring with them.

Has suffered from multiple in-ring strokes, but continues to ai...
Boxing Bianchi
Created by LocustStar
Boxing Bianchi is the somewhat-confused brother of Bike Bianchi. His body is adorned with failures of communication where he misheard his brother over the phone and placed the iconic "belly ribbon" tattoo in multiple places where it didn't belong and had t...
Blowhole Bernard
Created by LocustStar
Blowhole Bernard is a Pacific Islander who feels a connection with the whales, trying to live his life to honor them. A former SCFL Boxing champion who has one of the heaviest right hands in the industry....
Aladdin Bell
Created by LocustStar
Aladdin Bell, the son of Federal Bell and avowed socialist. He's a member of the DSA and a Bernie Sanders supporter, although he did vote for Hillary because he's not crazy.

Has never had much of a relationship with his father, but his mother pushed for ...
Algorithm Schneider
Created by LocustStar
Born to an incredibly bright couple, they had high hopes for their son, named Algorithm for the hope that he'd show their own affinity for mathematics and other STEM fields.

Instead he discovered meth and his personality shifted to being a dimwitted, expe...
Bradford Culpepper
Created by LocustStar
Bradford Culpepper is a man that is proud of his work, his work being school lunch preparation. In search of a hobby he began taking Tae Kwon Do lessons at a local dojo after school, learning alongside many of his students.

He dominates those kids in spar...
Byron "Baby" Hayes
Created by LocustStar
The co-founder of SCFL and an adult baby. He proudly wears his diapers to the ring with him, but don't let that fool you, he's a capable competitor. There are questions about his father, with there being claims that Lorenzo Fertita may indeed be his father...
Both Ferrari
Created by LocustStar
One half of the LOST BOYZ, Both Ferrari has seen a good deal of success inside of the ring now, always dedicating his performances to the television series LOST.

Is a big fan of Sayid and Naveen Andrews....
Eosinophil Rossi
Created by LocustStar
One of the most entertaining SCFL competitors to never hold a single win. He prioritizes taking brutal beatings and doing fancy moves over anything else....
Especially Esposito
Created by LocustStar
A hairless competitor that is also relatively silent. He's small, but nimble and has surprisingly heavy hands....
Federal Bell
Created by LocustStar
A former drill sgt. in the US military who was deployed during Operation Desert Storm. While he saw a good deal of action in the middle-east, he talks more about the action he saw under the sheets, if you know what I mean.

One of those women became pregna...
Fat Jonesy
Created by LocustStar
It's Lil Jonesy, but Fat!...
Fragrant Tanaka
Created by LocustStar
A former yakuza who saw his way out in professional fighting who joined SCFL and has seen some success. Is known for his catchphrase of "fake Japanese" that he has muttered at competitors that appropriate his culture to seem more worldly....
Choochai TrainMuayThaiGym
Created by LocustStar
Choochai TrainMuayThaiGym is one of the earlier competitors in SCFL, bringing a distinctly Thai style to the ring with him. His focus is on elbows and knees, which have led him to brutal victories and title runs in kickboxing....
Credit Lewis
Created by LocustStar
Eh? This Canadian star is the most polite competitor in all of SCFL, with a laser-sharp focus on attacking his opponent's legs. That carried over into professional wrestling.

His father is Ron Lewis, who was estranged but returned when Credit was world ch...
Front Reed
Created by LocustStar
Front Reed is the most boring man to ever have such a remarkable and tragic life story. He was involved in an explosion at a factory that blew off his nipples and damaged the front portion of his body to the point where hair will no longer grow on his graf...
Fun Adams
Created by LocustStar
SCFL's resident training dummy....
Lil Jonesy
Created by LocustStar
It's Lil Jonesy!...
Maniac Missouri
Created by LocustStar
The craziest member of the Missouri fight camp, looking to maim Belly Ribbon fighters....
Maximum Missouri
Created by LocustStar
The biggest member of the Missouri fight camp, holds a grudge against team Belly Ribbon....
Mr. Bianchi
Created by LocustStar
Sledding Bianchi, but a referee....
Nightsbane Kvlt
Created by LocustStar
Nightsbane Kvlt is the singer of a black metal band from Norway, only for the band to be involved in a church burning accident that proved fatal for all-but-Kvlt, who did jail time in the wake of the arson and manslaughter.

Luckily Nordic prison terms are...
October Schmidt
Created by LocustStar
A substitute gym teacher who's heart is in the realm of track and field, October Schmidt has a sound grasp on the fundamentals of boxing and not much else when it comes to competing in the ring.

Was at one point incredibly popular in Japan due to continue...
Ron Lewis
Created by LocustStar
Credit Lewis's estranged father that returned when he saw his son competing on UFC Fight Pass early on a Sunday morning while off on an ice fishing expedition off the Alaskan shores.

Ron has lived a strange life, including a purported love affair with Gr...
Picaporte Rodriguez
Created by LocustStar
A former cabbie from Mexico City who came to America seeking a new life. His name, Picaporte, means doorknob, to emulate what it feels like to be hit by his little fists.

Was forced to retire from active kickboxing competition after a severe injury, mostl...
SuperChat Fight League
Created by LocustStar
SCFL ring mat....
SuperChat Fight League Apron
Created by LocustStar
SCFL ring apron....
Vector Wang
Created by LocustStar
Found himself fixated on Nightsbane Kvlt, introducing a stipulation into a fight with Kvlt where if he won, they'd be forced to form a band together.

He won and the band was formed, with him taking up the position of a bass player and dictating that they ...
Weather Walker
Created by LocustStar
A spiritual man of Irish, Native and African descent that isn't afraid to hurt people if the feeling is there....
Zoroastriani Brown
Created by LocustStar
Zoroastriani is a male model that hides a dark secret: he has a very tiny mouth, which is why he's never seen without his signature facial hair.

He is flashy in the ring, although his fight IQ is hindered by showing off his body and refusing to slow down...
Xylophonist Bianchi
Created by LocustStar
Xylophonist Bianchi is the cousin of Bike and Boxing, a renowned xylophone player that moonlights as a substitute music teacher. His laser-sharp focus on the xylophone places him in very little demand.

He's a meak and meager man that prefers to be left al...
Gene Greene
Created by LocustStar
Gene Greene is what you would say is your normal, everyday soccer dad. By that I mean that he's obsessive, mean, drunk and often gets into brawls with other parents. After his latest brawl left him in legal trouble, he decided to attempt to put food on his...
Spencer Morgan
Created by LocustStar
Spencer Morgan is a beautiful man. He's the sort of man who improves with age, and that's why he's been the lead sales person at the Roseville, Minnesota Men's Warehouse for seven months running. It's also why he still has a job. Morgan was nearly prosecut...
Technology Cooper
Created by LocustStar
Technology Cooper is SCFL's resident football goon, serving as a bouncer at a bar at night in his home of Brighton. Is a big fan of Brighton & Hove Albion FC and has serious liver damage from all of his heavy drinking.

Enjoys brawls and was the inspiratio...
Jensen Woods
Created by LocustStar
The most renowned Ghost Hunter in all of the land, Jensen Woods. He's searching for the mystery behind the odd disappearances that have been happening....
America Wright
Created by LocustStar
America Wright grew up in Ghana, with dreams of one day heading to America, where dreams came true. Legally changing his name to 'America' was only a part of the equation, eventually leading him to the welcoming shores of America, only to find that the ide...
Ron Harris
Created by LocustStar
The rather meager brother-in-law of SCFL's Ichabod Adams. Ron is deeply in love with Ichabod's sister, Betsy, to the point where he lets her deadbeat brother live in their basement where he decorates the walls with questionable, if not downright offensive ...
Sanders Suzuki
Created by LocustStar
He's got a pretty sick haircut, huh, bruh?

Sanders Suzuki is one of the dimmest wits of all of SCFL, yet he has a heart of gold and is bros with Cheesesteak Supreme, which has placed him in the somewhat good graces of Gyro Supreme. Somewhat.

After the de...
Gordon Garabaldi
Created by LocustStar
Gordon Garabaldi has never met a man that he couldn't entice with his money or his power. Those that opposed him, well, their life got difficult, so-to-speak.

He believes that there is no worthy competition out there for him, although he offers to buy off...
Ciclista Mascara
Created by LocustStar
Nobody really knows who the Masked Cyclist is. But he is aligned with Belly Ribbon and he's mysterious. Who could he be? Where did he come from?
Brick Roberts
Created by LocustStar
He's Brick. He's a man. He's big. He's goofy. He's gonna wrassle you....
"Freddy Fischer"
Created by LocustStar
This is... "Freddy Fischer." I... Don't know....
Samantha Sugar
Created by LocustStar
2018 Substitute Series Participant and stern-but-fair substitute history teacher that knows Bike Bianchi from work. She made a big splash on the scene and has become an immediate fan favorite....
Patty Acosta
Created by LocustStar
SCFL Substitute Series wrestler Patty Acosta. Patty is a substitute lunch monitor who has worked with Bradford Culpepper in the past. She's as tough as nails and puts up with zero shit from kids or SCFL fighters....
Betsy Harris
Created by LocustStar
The sister of Ichabod Adams, wife of Ron Harris.

She's a self-described feminist and clashes constantly with Ichabod....
Created by LocustStar
Was once Offers Thompson, but upon returning from the Shadow Realm is known only as OFFERS. Serves the Hand....
Florida King
Created by LocustStar
The father of Computer Collins. Deceased in an accident in a Supreme Certified Pre-Owned....
SCFL Alex Thompson
Created by LocustStar
A former slaughterhouse employee turned spree-murderer. Snapped the night of his first SCFL event, selected from the crowd to participate in a fight against an Obi-Wan Kenobi cosplayer, then promptly beating him within an inch of his life.

That night the ...
Giovanni Dinner
Created by LocustStar
Giovanni, formerly known for his Mama's marinara, has joined the Fixers after his monumental loss....
Meete Mein
Created by LocustStar
Meete Mein is one of the toughest men to fight in the SCFL, with a no-nonsense fight style that takes no prisoners....
Chuckie Murphy
Created by LocustStar
SCFL Pro's first-ever world champion and karateka, he's got a hard head and likes throwing down....
Magomed Ashmonov
Created by LocustStar
Hailing from Dagestan, this sambo artist looks to grind his opposition to dust....
Kurt King
Created by LocustStar
The funkiest performance artist and Dot TV Champion ever....
Jacques Jean-Jacques
Created by LocustStar
The partner and trainer of Miles Manhoef, Jacques may be old but he's still got a few tricks up his sleeve. Fans love his "Salmon Spin" and positive outlook on life....
Mike Miller
Created by LocustStar
Mike Miller is sort of a drunk. The truth hurts. His yellowish skin gives away his condition and he's clearly not doing well, but still competing in SCFL....
"Bike Bianchi"
Created by LocustStar
It's... Clearly Let Liu....
Created by LocustStar
Charles Dubois back from the Shadow Realm....
Created by LocustStar
Fragrant Tanaka back from the Shadow Realm....
Created by LocustStar
Weather Walker from the Shadow Realm....
Officer Romano
Created by LocustStar
He's a cop....
Officer Richards
Created by LocustStar
A very passionate cop....
Officer Boon
Created by LocustStar
He's a dirty cop. The first-ever SCFL Pro dual-champion, holding the SCFL Pro Hardcore and Shoot Championships simultaneously....
Officer Bertrand
Created by LocustStar
He's a rookie cop....
Created by LocustStar
Was at one point Freddy Fischer. Now? He's DISGRACED and he serves the Hand....
Gorvis Rogers
Created by LocustStar
He's very, very lonely....
Tapas Tiempo
Created by LocustStar
Formerly a member of the Sons of Anger, Tapas Tiempo raged against the team until most were sucked into the Shadow Realm. He took his vengeance out on Gorvis Rogers, thus ending the feud.

After a failed attempt at organizing a group he has decided to stay...
Miles Manhoef
Created by LocustStar
The Seer, the master of the KNEES~! He's one of the most exciting competitors in all of SCFL Pro....
Created by LocustStar
Rey Estrella
Created by LocustStar
Created by LocustStar
Cousin Rudy
Created by LocustStar
Gyro Supreme's cousin, Rudy. Rudy is, as Gyro describes him, sort of a dumbass, but he means well. He is always up for a good hug and always seems to smash his elbow onto things....
The Great Lopkin
Created by LocustStar
Who is this mysterious idiot?...
Created by LocustStar
SCLL wrestler who perhaps believes that he is, indeed, from outer space. He never removes his costume, as his co-workers will attest to....
Cohete Rojo
Created by LocustStar
Armadillo Gigante
Created by LocustStar
The original Armadillo Gigante, he lost his mask to Alejandro over ten years ago....
El Pastoso
Created by LocustStar
Created by LocustStar
Created by LocustStar
This is a custom wrestler....
Libby Bell
Created by LocustStar
Daughter of Federal Bell, girlfriend of Ichabod Adams....
Created by LocustStar
Lady Denim.
Created by LocustStar
BIG DENIM, the dad of the Denim Family....
Created by LocustStar
KID DENIM, the son of BIG and LADY....
January Hill
Created by LocustStar
He's so cold....
Please Rossi
Created by LocustStar
Cousin of Eosinophil, has a strong arm. Can smash....
belly ribbon
Created by LocustStar
This is a custom edit part for Fire Pro Wrestling World....
NBR High Huskies
Created by LocustStar
North Beliribuon High Huskies, AWOOOOO...
Team Belly Ribbon
Created by LocustStar
SCFL Pro's Belly Ribbon.

They have ribbons... on their bellies. And they rub them....
Created by LocustStar

Superchat Fight League.


Front Reed Blown Off Nipples
Created by LocustStar
Look, the description sums it up, doesn't it?...
Clark Clark
Created by LocustStar
The Clarkinator.

Clark was a remarkably popular student a North Belliribuon High whose promising career in swimming and baseball was cut short by an elbow injury. Received the Tommy John surgery....
Surgical Mask
Created by TheAvenger3
Surgical mask that covers the face, straps behind the ears...
Boxing Combination 3
Created by irbou
Jabs and body shot....
Boxing Combination 4
Created by irbou
jab, cross and a lead hook...
Stone Cold Press (Running)
Created by IGgy
A Lou Thesz Press followed by mounted Punches, Steve Austin Style. This is a Running version of this move....
Apron Dive Elbow to the Crown
Created by ruifu



Apron Dive Elbow to the Crown

Stamina Dam:12
Spirit Dam :3
Breath Dam :0
Neck Dam:2...
Diving Pointed Elbowdrop / ダイビング・エルボー・スタンプ
Created by ozymandias1977
Bret Hart's style Diving Pointed Elbow Drop. It has the same stats as the regular Diving Elbow Drop....
強パンチ(打撃応酬)/Fierce Punch(Exchange Blows)
Created by TonyTheCerberus
Panch to Chest

打撃応酬/Exchange Blows

体力/Stamina → 21
気力/Spirit → 1
呼吸/Breath → 1
首/Neck → 0
腕/Arm → 0
腰/Back → 0
脚/Leg → 0
流血/Bleed Probability → 0
クリティカル/Critical → 無し/None
Wind-up Uppercut
Created by bigal2k6
This is a custom move for Fire Pro Wrestling World....
Created by Brain Pasta
Outlaw Knuckle (Standing version)
Xena Bomb
Created by LocustStar
Uppercuts into Kawadabomb...
Big Uppercut (Front Grapple L)
Created by LocustStar
Front Grapple (L) BIG UPPERCUT....
Inferno Short Jumping Powerbomb
An inferno version of the short jumping powerbomb to the outside. Same damage output as the Inferno Powerbomb already in-game....
Inferno Awesome Bomb
Created by TylerBlk
For Mike Awesome preview below, table not included