Spy Vs Spy [2012 Saxxy Submission]

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"It's finally done. I never asked for this.

Special thanks to:

Nitro(iPhone Model)

Sputnik(Grenade Model)

Jason278(Spy Mask Props)

Lord Inquisitor/Jason278(Lighter)

Chaofanatic(Sniper Scope Overlay)

DasMatze(Adventures of the F2P Engineer Maps)"
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KemoLeMeme Sep 24, 2013 @ 7:19pm 
@Solumin What Are the Odds
Rezident Nov 25, 2012 @ 7:56am 
video is great but this damm music
gorg Nov 23, 2012 @ 10:36am 
TF3 Gamplay Confirmed
Solumin Nov 22, 2012 @ 8:43pm 
Pretty cool video. You might have a problem with copyright, since the guitar riff in the last song is ripped straight from Credence Clearwater Revival.
marinara mike Nov 22, 2012 @ 3:00pm 
Love it!
Hazarius The Looter Nov 22, 2012 @ 6:00am 
lol new gamemode
Permiso Tio Nov 20, 2012 @ 5:36pm 
I like ze video, i dislike ze music!
Condoriano Nov 18, 2012 @ 2:30pm 
Nice action video. Music is... fine. The problem I see is that this video looks too similar to Practical Problems. Moreover, Practical Problems is a comedy video, not an action video like this one, so the "fusion" looks weird.
Evan Kenneth Messer Nov 18, 2012 @ 2:16pm 
redtube? the red team are a bunch of pervs
Liza Rowe Nov 18, 2012 @ 12:32pm 
the music isn't boring, you must want to hear that shit they play on the radio.