[Saxxy 2012]The Fresh Sphere of Cube Land [Original Universe/Drama/Comedy]

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"Backstory: For hundreds of years, the spheres have been oppressed by the Cubes. Segregated, deprived of rights, hated. Finally, one little green sphere tried to make a difference in the world. He had a dream where cubes and spheres would live together in peace, but that all changed when the fire nation attacked.
My completely serious entry for the Saxxys.

Now this is a story all about how, our life in Cubeland got turned upside down. I'd like to show you the story so just sit right there, I'll tell you how the land of cubes got infested by spheres. Was north cubelandia I was born and raised, in the cubeground is how I spent most of my days, chillin out relaxing and acting all cool, talking some cube words down by the pool when a round green sphere, it was up to no good, started comin in to the neighborhood. Got in one little fright and I got all scared, and then cubeland became all infested by spheres."
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Bob Sacamano Nov 19, 2012 @ 3:26pm 
@=|NLR|= Narry Gewman XD Ok that was funny, about a billion times funnier than your crappy video.
Chocolate Coconut Cake Nov 18, 2012 @ 8:23pm 
You need to call Valve and tell them to hire you. This video will make you famous. This video.. will.. and always will be... my lifetime story. I will tell my grandchildren about this video. This video inspired me to do something, something that has never been done before. That something, is to be a triangle. You see, spheres and cubes hate each other, right? Well, if I'm a triangle, they can't hurt me because I'm something they will always idolize and love. I hope this video shed some light into other people's spherical eyes. This video, this video.. this video is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I hope Narry and I can meet some day, and talk about this video, about the past, about the video that would change the world.
Andrestor Nov 17, 2012 @ 8:41pm 
Dafuq did I just watch
caseytube Nov 17, 2012 @ 8:06pm 
And why, Captain?
Captain Internet Nov 17, 2012 @ 5:55pm 
I think the "Best Original Universe" category needs to be taken behind the shed and shot
Alex Krychek, a mighty pirate Nov 17, 2012 @ 1:54am 
Are you on drugs?
A Syncopated Collapse Nov 16, 2012 @ 2:07pm 
AralSea Nov 16, 2012 @ 7:56am 
Author needs to write a book.
-ßЯҢ- LinaBunny™ Nov 16, 2012 @ 7:12am 
Krampus Nov 16, 2012 @ 6:54am 
@Cheshire_Vash the G-man is just a new format link for another video...