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Human Variety
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Jul 16, 2017 @ 2:46pm
Dec 20, 2018 @ 6:10pm
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Human Variety

Human Variety adds 32 new male and female clothing options to human pops and leaders. Outfits are assigned to pops based on their individual ethics, meaning the population of two planets controlled by different empires can end up looking very different. Additionally, the mod includes the 2 new female hairstyles and altered asian female appearance from the UNSC Outfit Replace mod. It replaces the base human appearance and will conflict with other mods that do the same or alter the pre-designed species.

Art assets were collected from several excellent mods I have used at one point or another in the past, and I tweaked a few of them to correct clipping errors or smooth rough outlines. I am not the original creator of any of the new art assets, and credit should go to the authors of the mods I used:

Better Human Portraits
United Sci-Fi Races
UNSC Outfit Replace (by llossaa)
Mass Effect - Cerberus
Mass Effect - Systems Alliance
Mass Effect - Asari Species
Human Revolution
Soviet Humans
Free Planets Alliance Portraits
The Void Portrait Pack
Wick's Human Outfits
The Terran Federation (Blakes 7)
CHOAM - Dune Houses Enhanced

If I've forgotten to credit anyone let me know and I'll add them to the list. Also, if you have ideas for new features or tweaks, let me know in the comments.

If you'd like to swap portraits around or add in assets from another mod, the process is relatively simple. First create a submod from the Stellaris launcher ( ) and then copy this mod into the newly created mod folder. You can find this mod at:
[STEAM DIRECTORY] \SteamApps\workshop\content\281990\1074841707
Once that's done, you can navigate to \gfx\models\portraits\human and replace old assets with the ones you want to use. If you want to replace a vanilla asset or add new ones without replacing anything, you'll need to edit the clothing textfiles at \gfx\portraits\asset_selectors. You can search for the filename of a vanilla asset and replace it, or add new portraits to existing categories. Once all that's done, all you have to do is restart the Stellaris launcher, disable this mod and enable your new submod.

Special thanks:
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BUG Reports
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Confucius Jan 18 @ 6:29am 
Is this mod still being developed?
LuanJin Jan 8 @ 11:22am 
Why human_female_body_02 is conflicted with the mod Remastered Human Protrait while others are okay?
tmonahan23 Jan 1 @ 6:37pm 
FYI - this mod isn't Compatable with the Glavius AI. Since both touches the jobs files. With this mod active, you will not get the Glavius AI's mod's code /active.
Aaronthelemon Jan 1 @ 5:16pm 
nvm seems to be a conflict with state of lies 2.2 which updated a few horus ago.
Aaronthelemon Jan 1 @ 4:32pm 
Half way through a game the skins became all randomized and no londer associated with ethics. ;o
无远弗届 Dec 25, 2018 @ 2:56am 
holly shit i cannot use it anymore
lawrencehaynes6969 Dec 24, 2018 @ 12:12am 
Oh screw achievements, long as I can rock cool mods
lPinch Dec 23, 2018 @ 1:12pm 
Hey I've noticed that human_female_body_02 is changed with the mod, and clashed with mods that change human skin textures. Is it intentional?
Okami  [author] Dec 22, 2018 @ 2:01am 
The way they've implemented the new system, I have to edit a lot more files in order to assign outfits. I'm not fond of the direction Paradox took - I don't see how it could possibly work with achievements in the new system. The same files that assign clothes also define job functionality.
Bomber Dec 22, 2018 @ 12:21am 
Yep, sadly its no longer achievement compatible.