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Idea For Use For The Guard Dog
Okay, so ill start out by saying i KNOW THIS IS NOT A PICTURE I MADE, IT BELONGS TO THE ORIGINAL CREATOR OF THE GUARD DOG CLASS, whose name i don't remember, anyways i decided to use he's picture of the guard dog, and i hope he can forgive me/excuse me for using he's material.

And now on to the subject; The guard dog will follow its user around at the right side or behind the user. if user dies dog attacks nearest enemy (will explain stats for this later)

the class will all have its own function of the dog.
Classes able to use the guard dog:

Heavy: Heavy can battleshout (C+2) to zike the dog, he can also feed it he's sandvich/beef/whatever to make it crit and take crits, dog will only take sandvich if you right click twice after throwing it, the dog will automaticly attack a random target if under the effect of the food, however.. you can control dog by using crosshair and C+2 to make it attack the guy clossest to your crosshair.
the heavy's dog is very tough comparred to the other dogs (armored)

Medic: helps healing random targets with a priority of the player with the lowest health percentedge (cannot attack)
medic beam CANNOT OVERCHARGE(uber) and has only 50% of the normal medigun (unless you use quickfix that whould make it 75%)
On Death: this dog drops a medium medkit that can only be taken by its team players. last for 10 sec and and then disappears
(Cannot heal medics)

Engineer: Engineers dog will randomly walk (patrolling) between dispenser, sentry and teleporter and start barking and jumping around the spy (or other enemy that comes close) for 3 seconds then de-sap whatever building is sapped by lasering the sapper (lasts one second) if the buildning is repeatedly sapped the dog repeats aswell they will run away after 3 de-sap attemps and run back to the engineer (unless its killed of course) this dog does not attack, its acts more like a "warning/desap" system... engineer can't really control the dog, and when its done doing its job it continues its ruitine.

Demoman: the demos dog needs he's left eye of course, and acts as a suicide bomb/minelayer if the demo uses crosshair and use C+2 the dog will run to that destination and lay down one mine which is clearly visible yet quite resistant (meaning it takes a couple of shots to denotate the mine unlike the sticky bombs that just require 1 shot) - anyway back to the dogs other ability.. it can be ziked by using C+2 while pointing at an enemy and the dog will kamikazerun to the target and blow up (unless shot of course)

Pyro: This dog follows the pyro and it should probably have some kind of dog mask on and extinguishes targets suplying the pyro with 5-7 health points per ally extinguished by the dog, the dog extinguishes allies automaticly and will only do so in a certain radius around the pyro.
The dog can be commanded to dumb gasoline (unless its killed in the process ofc) the way you do this is to just hit C+2 and run across the bridge/stairs/whatever and the dog will dumb gasoline while you run (dumbing lasts for 5 seconds) you can then light the gasoline and use it as "a trap" it can't be inginted by friendly pyros, only enemy pyros (the fire will be blue or red so as to make less confusion) so as the trap can be used by both teams, the liquid the dog dumbs could be black or slightly dark brownish..
This dog can also Attack, but cannot be ziked

now i know what you are thinking: what about the soldier, the spy, the scout and the sniper?? should they not have one?
well i blame their movement techniques to be the main reason they should not have dogs...

how whould the dog benefit the spy?... he is a sneak attacker and the dog sure as hell doesnt have a invis watch...
Sniper?: well he doesn't move around that much, and has enough melee defense already.. doesnt suit the class
Scout and soldier: both of them jumps around like crazy... dogs dont...

instead these classes all get a command that will use an anti-dog taunt.

Spy: since the spy mostly kills engies, he throws a poisoned cookie near the engie dogs patrolling route (this can be done while invisible, and the cookie is very small (barely visible, but will glow) and it is up to the engineer to go and smash the cookie or shot it whatever... the cake also works on the demo dog, making it explode (possible killing the demo if he doesnt pay attention to the dogs moaning time that lasts about 5 seconds)

Sniper: he's jarate confuses dogs to run around in confusion for the jarates duration

soldier: Use right click on melee weapon while pointing the crosshair at the dog to throw the melee weapon to a crit kill on the dog. (only works withing a tight radius)

Scout: he can simply outrun the dog and shoot it no dog is as fast as the scout, shooting a sandman ball will also draw the dogs attention to the ball and start following it and sit at the ball until it disappears, the dog run at increased speed back to its uder afterwards without attacking enemies

Stats for the dogs classified

Heavy dog: 200 Health points, 40-45 damage per bite. 10% slower attack speed, 20% bullet resistance (armored as explained above).

Medic dog: 150 Health points, No attack, heals random friendly targets and drops medkits on death

Engineer dog: 110 health points, desaps buildings, agility (jumps around), patrols buildings, No attacks

Demoman dog: 170 health, 30-35 damage per bite, lays mines, Explodes on death/ziked

Pyro dog: 150 health, 15-30 damage per bites, 20% attack speed bonus, extuiguishes nearby allies healing pyro, Dumps gasoline guided by the pyro's movement.

All dog's will attack other dogs and cannot be stopped until one of them (or both) dies.
Dog's can't respawn unless you go back to the supply closet

This pretty Much ends the entire idea i had, i thought it whould add some fun to the game if dogs were available and having different races depending on the class. and the idea of anti-dog weapons are sort of a fun adition too!

there should be added an extra slot in the item screen so you can hats to the dogs, as someone previously suggested.

this is my suggestion to valve: For your next big update, introduce the dog mode, which you chould mix in with MvM and it whould be the greatest thing EVER!! im am 99,99% certain the entire community of Team Fortress2 whould love to have the guard involved in the game, and for use too, not only looks!

If people agree that i am on to something awesome here please give me a thumbs up and rate and favourite so that valve can see this and work with it!

Once again i apologise for using another persons material as picture example.
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(Executioner's Set) Soul catcher
If you're still alive, you're next in my list....
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Fish Aug 25, 2013 @ 6:28pm 
the scouts dog runs really fast and the sand man ball the dog chases the ball and attacks who ever gets close and the dog dose low damige though
mecostigan Apr 9, 2013 @ 1:31pm 
medic=german shepard demo man=scottish terrier heavy=bull dog not shure about the others though.
chadwayne Nov 12, 2012 @ 3:00pm 
it looks ok but what would it do tackle or shoot it could have a mini sentury on its back to fire but how much health would it have
Dimunitive Bloodsucker Nov 12, 2012 @ 12:23pm 
Seems like a very good idea but, wat slot would dogs be in? other than that This would be very interesting to see ingame
Bot Wetawded Nov 10, 2012 @ 5:59am 
I like the idea tbh, wouldn't be bad if the engie has somesort of patrol unit around his building but you should add to the stats that the dog should have somesort of range so it wouldnt go running all over the map. Great idea i would love to see it ingame. :)