Portal 2

Portal 2

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Rei's best Portal2 Chambers
Each map has it's own charme and if you got their clue, you know why the title tells you so.
They are not cheaply done, tested well and if you think you stuck - that never shall happen - please leave a comment and I will give you a hint to get further. Mostly it's a logical issue.
The maps are in order of their playtime. First are the fastest and lower ones take longer.
Be sure to check out the "lightning information"* - you'll need it for some maps!

Jede Map hat ihren eigenen Charakter und wenn Du zur Lösung kommst, weißt Du auch, warum sie so heißt.
Sie sind keine billig erstellten Kammern, wurden ausgiebig getestet und wenn Du glaubst festzustecken - was nie passieren dürfte - schreibe bitte einen Kommentar und ich werde Dir einen entsprechenden Hinweis geben um weiter zu kommen. Normalerweise kann es nur ein fehlender logischer Schritt sein.
Die Kammern sind zeitlich sortiert. Die Oberste geht am Schnellsten und je weiter runter, desto länger dauern sie.
Stelle auch sicher, diese "lightning information"* gesehen zu haben - Du wirst sie in einigen Maps ziemlich benötigen!

* http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=130053410
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Created by Reiman
The classic game (Tic-Tac-Toe)

...but it wouldn't be a portal testchamber, if GLaDOS wouldn't have made her own rules!

As it is more a game than a test, it's my only chamber without portals needed, if you wonder.
If nothing happens, choose another b...
Created by Reiman
If you don't make wrong decisions, you won't get into trouble. There are different possibilities out there anyway.


03.12.2012 changed a little something, that accidentally stayed from the b...
Slippy Dippy
Created by Reiman
If you think, the puzzle was too easy, then activate the optional Ninja-Pedestal-Button (Square) and be forced to play it ninja-style!
Once you cleared both ways, start over and try to answer the question, which one does need the lowest count in portals a...
Created by Reiman
Wheatley is said not being able even to count to three.
You are now the one who will proof the converse!
He shrunk you, to correct the errors in his counting unit at the running system, so he doesn't have to reboot himself. Locate the dropped bits, dodge t...
Defective Map! (Exchange) stand by for rebuild...
Created by Reiman
Helping each other!

Jeder ist mal am Druecker!


20.12.2012 removed Port-Bump Glitch, that killed second half of the fun - thanks to <Ebbzylon>
22.12.2012 eliminated shortcut, tha...
GLaDOS revenge - right into fire
Created by Reiman
I will be happy for those who stay alive!
And those can have some bonus fun!


22.12.2012 Update on a light bridge case - thx to <mood3rd> and all turrets are now able to be taken out!...
Circle of Alive
Created by Reiman
This time you just have to fix the circuit to escape.
I make it easy for you, even the door is already open.


*matter of opinion

02.02.2013 fixed two unintended solutions thx 2 <KennKong> and <MeatBa...
Splash indicator
Created by Reiman
GLaDOS has a brand new idea to tickle you.
She opens up the testchamber and just tells you:
"This is the right hole! Oh right, there are more than that one and they all look so similar..."


Quadro Rasanti
Created by Reiman
Who has time today, anyway?


=== #BEEMOD Powered ===

20.01.2013 added quicksave spots, just in case
21.01.2013 finetuning and added more quicksaves...
Core Capture
Created by Reiman
Lately I wanted to create a huge maze, but the editor fuuuuu up and didn't even let me load it. :(
Nuu I built a new one, with most of the aspects of my original ideas and on testing I find it great. Once knowing how to, you get through in just a few minu...
Back from Infinity
Created by Reiman
Something about gravity, lasers and infinity...

+++NEW with Ninja-mode!+++


=== #BEEMOD Powered ===

main infinity concept by geneosis, change by mood3rd

To get an idea of how to move further ...
Created by Reiman
You are looking for:
Fear, Paranoia, Suspicion, Desperation?
Do your math and find, in an apparently infinite number of seemingly identical but still different mortal rooms, your Companion through them, logic puzzles ... and when still alive, maybe a way o...
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Reiman  [author] Feb 19, 2013 @ 10:00am 
Hi Drackvor, I am extraordinary GLaD, you've enjoyed all of my maps so much, each for itself! Maybe someday, if you have the time and leisure to create the one or another extended great map in here, just do it and be proud - for Science.
Drackvor Feb 18, 2013 @ 1:56pm 
Hi reiman, I have just finished playing all your maps (including ones not in this collection) I have reserved commenting on them individually and am going to comment here instead, I have enjoyed all of your maps and some of the custom content was loads of fun, I wish i had the know how...and inclination to learn the more complicated modding tools...but hey I am an avid MMOer so that is unlikely to happen X-), anyways, all a lot of fun some much harder than others, so a nice mix for all ability players, and some really nice visuals! thanks for the fun