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Backups of Steam client (ENG) | Old Steam client versions
By Green_Star
Steam client Backup / Old Steam client versions - creating & using

(sorry for my english - machine translation with a small manually correction)
A temporary solution to the problems that arose after a client upgrade,
Such as "Failed to load steamui_dll" or "Steam Client Bootstrapper Crash" - use an older version of the STEAM client (without such problems), preventing it from being updated.
Until Valve will not solve the problem .

Where to get the old version of the client:
  • Periodically create backup copies (backups) yourself.
    It is advisable immediately after the next update, if the program has maintained its normal operability.
  • Download my archives
    (Links at the end of the manual, and also in my profile)

Русскоязычная версия руководства (кликни для перехода)
Russian-language version of the manual (click)

Installing Steam client from the backup
To install the Steam client from the backup, you need:
  1. Download archive,

  2. Exit the Steam client, close the program,

  3. Just in case, you can create your own backup copy of the current version - copy folders bin, config, package and files from the main Steam folder (minimal set) to another location;

  4. It is desirable to empty the package * folder,

    * If you are using a beta version of the client, then in the package folder there should be file beta containing the string publicbeta.
    If a normal version is installed - file beta is better to rename or delete.
    (However, with the prohibition of updates, this should not play a role)

  5. Unpack the contents of the archive to the Steam folder with the replacement of files

  6. Prevent client updates by using the parameter in the steam.cfg file

  7. You can run a Steam client

    NOTE :

    Since the client update will be disabled - the client will not be updated when the new version is released (with possible fixes of problems).
    Therefore, it will be necessary to track the Client Update news by yourself.

    And if you will have a desire to try a new version - you will need to disable the update prohibition.
Prevent (disabling) client updates
To prevent Steam client updates, you must:
  • Create a steam.cfg file in the Steam folder,
  • In this file write a line

You can use a text editor, for example, a standard Notepad.

To enable the updates, you should delete / rename the steam.cfg file, or simply comment out the BootStrapperInhibitAll = Enable line with the # symbol, ie. Write

Prepared file "steam.cfg" with Steam client update restriction:
Contents of backup archive
During the experiments it was established that the minimum set of files for backup are files directly from the Steam folder.
But it's better to add the /bin/ folder.

Also I create backup copies of the folder /package/ - in a separate archive.
This folder contains packed files that are automatically downloaded when the Steam client is upgraded.
Then they are unpacked, and the content is copied to the corresponding folders of the Steam client.
(Also these packed files are used to restore modified or deleted Steam client files)

Since the files in the /package/ folder are already packed - they do not shrink further when archiving.
If you put them in a common archive - both the size of the archive and the time of archiving increase significantly.
In this case, if the client update is disabled, they should not be required.
Therefore, I pack them in a separate archive without compression, and spread "just in case."

If client update restriction is not enabled:
  • When using the beta version of the client - there should be file beta containing the string publicbeta in the package folder.
  • When using the "normal" version - file beta needs to be renamed or deleted.

IMPORTANT: if you plan to share your archives - DO NOT ADD your ssfn-files and settings files into archives!
Otherwise, you simply "give" access to your Steam account to any stranger.
General information about my archives
Archives created from client files under Windows XP 32-bit
Using the WinRAR archiver

For unpacking, you can use, for example, a free 7-Zip -

  • _Client_ - main Steam client files

  • _pckge_ or _package_ - files from the \package\ (usually not required)

  • _other_ - other Steam client files and folders (usually not required)

  • _BETA_ or _beta_ - beta version of the client,
    News is published in the SteamClientBeta group -

  • _SFX.exe or .exe - self-extracting archives - there is no need for an archiver to install / unpack. Just download and run.
    (But if you want, you can view the content by the archivers)
my Backup archives on Yandex-Disk
Direct links to Yandex-Disk are removed by the local filter :(

Here list of archives for download :

64,1 Mb

114 Mb

175 Mb

  • 2018 Apr 28 - Beta,
  • 2018 Apr 03 -
  • 2018 Feb 20 - Beta,
  • 2018 Jan 26 -
  • 2017 August 15 - Beta,
  • 2017 August 3 - Beta,
  • 2017 July 11 - + July 13 fixes
  • 2017 July 13 - Version
  • 2017 June 1 - + UPDATE June 7
  • 2017 June 28 - Beta,
  • 2017 mar 23 - + hot-fix 2017 mar 30
  • 2016 oct 13 -
  • 2016-06-30 -
  • 2016-06-30 - beta,
  • 2016-06-29 - beta,
  • A few older archives
my Backup archives on Google-drive
Prepared file "steam.cfg" with disable client update :


Only self-extracting archives
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GodRider Feb 13 @ 8:51pm 
Multiplayer games like csgo and tf2 stop working after 2016-06-30 steam versions and older sadly
onurguzel16 Feb 4 @ 1:35am 
Hi guys, just wanted to update!
I've used steam.cfg for months and had side effects.

Here are what i experinced:

- Abnormal old games are required to update in "Downloads" section for no reason.
- Friends Network Unreachable message
- Games won't auto update, they're scheduled but never updated until manually updated.
...such issues.

I think Steam servers making things harder for us to stick with steam.cfg including "BootStrapperInhibitAll" line. It just went mad! Behaving absurd if client is not updated!

Have you ever had such weird things with when steam.cfg and BootStrapperInhibitAll is enabled?

Best regards...
JD777 Feb 3 @ 8:55am 
@No One Lives exactly. I will not use Win 10 ever with their forced updates I can't turn off and constant telemetry data streamed to god knows who. At least with previous versions of windows it's much easier to lock it down with a little know how. Than you got people talking about software like it actually just magically stops working because updates are great no matter the cost.
No One Lives Feb 3 @ 7:29am 
Thank you very much for that tutorial properly explained, for the workaround and the files. What some of us will do without some nolife devoted guys?! Haha!
This helped me to fix the recent (few days ago) "steamui.dll" problem due to a VALVe's update I "don't give a shit". Cause I never really take time to interested deeply about "how Steam works", do I didn't know about "steam.cfg" file.
I hope VALVe won't do something against such trick for us, old OS users, due to their stupid politic and completely irrespectful against people like me, who bought some of their games, this is how they thanks us by make the latest client update not working on our systems (I have XP SP3 32b).
Shame on them! I think I'll personnaly no longer buy any of the games at through their inteface, as punishement for such bad behavior. I don't want to give money to a company which attempts to put them in the mess by removing XP/Vista support, etc..
Green_Star  [author] Dec 1, 2018 @ 10:48pm 
> is simply removing the BootStrapperInhibitAll line or deleting Steam.cfg file entirely enough to let Steam receive client updates again?

:healthpoints: yes.
Or comment out this line by # symbol in Steam.cfg

> Using BootStrapperInhibitAll=enable alone also disables annoying "Updating Steam / Verifying Installation"

:life: And it greatly speeds up the loading SteamClient on my old PC :bpflash:
onurguzel16 Dec 1, 2018 @ 1:57pm 
Hi Green_Star again,
I can almost confirm that "BootStrapperForceSelfUpdate=disable" is not required and appears to be redundart as "BootStrapperInhibitAll=enable" successfully blocks Steam client updates alone. I tested for a few times and it should be true.

On the othet hand, i would like to ask, is simply removing the BootStrapperInhibitAll line or deleting Steam.cfg file entirely enough to let Steam receive client updates again?

I also found another that it might be off-topic but wanted to mention. Using BootStrapperInhibitAll=enable alone also disables annoying "Updating Steam / Verifying Installation" dialog which was appearing everytime when you launch Steam. Now it doesn't appear anymore and also using "-noverifyfiles" command line switch is also not required.

Btw, which client version are you using right now, as the recent ones are very buggy, especially since new Friends/Chat UI has changed! :(

Best regards!
Green_Star  [author] Nov 22, 2018 @ 7:01am 
> BootStrapperForceSelfUpdate = disable
I have not meet info about this parameter before (because I was not interested in off-line mode?)
I need to test first to say anything about it. But i think this parameter will not disturb.
We can add this line to Steam.cfg, and simply deactivate it out anytime by # symbol.
onurguzel16 Nov 22, 2018 @ 3:30am 
Great Green_Star! My final question (sorry for asking too many):
I saw other threads that mention also putting these lines for disabling client updates other than "BootStrapperInhibitAll", they are:

BootStrapperForceSelfUpdate = disable

...and "ForceOfflineMode=enable" if you prefer to go with Offline mode, however no one would want this as many games tied to work online.

So, as i know the first one is enough to block updates, i'm still not sure whether we additionally need "BootStrapperForceSelfUpdate = disable" in the same steam.cfg file. What do you think?

And i'm not sure about Steam Client Service, still.
Green_Star  [author] Nov 22, 2018 @ 1:01am 
I am writing the version number that is specified in the steam.exe file
onurguzel16 Nov 22, 2018 @ 12:06am 
Thanks Green_star. I also would like to ask. Your backup version numbers are in normal format like 3.6, 4.5 etc. But Steam client versions are shipped unlike yours, such as "API v018, Package: 1541710380"

Which backup version do refer to actual Steam Client version?

I just cannot get it due to versioning formats are not the same.


Btw: Steam Client Service is Windows service that manages client updates, so that i wanted to ask whether it should also be disabled to prevent auto-update, but it may break functions of Steam, so i am not sure.