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Defend Paradise Joy Map
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Oct 23, 2012 @ 1:19pm
Oct 25, 2012 @ 3:34am
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Defend Paradise Joy Map

Defend Island Paradise and Find 8 Crystal Shards!
* Enjoy a fully explorable Island, if you can see it,
you can get there and climb it and jump off of it! *
Climax of Level
Do Battle in a Floating Arena in the Sky!
-Go to the area with all the floating crystal platforms

Map Description:

This is my tropical island paradise map!

The map has been developed over several months and ~300 hrs.

This map is open-world style!

You can go around retrieving crystals or just exploring the beautiful island based on your own interests.

You can go literally anywhere in this map!

If you can see a location, you can go there and climb and look around from your new vantage point!

Once you complete the flying arena, you can use the flying Sky Arena as a mobile observatory and see the whole island Paradise at once!

Moving Sky Arena

*** You can go straight for the flying arena battles by traversing the floating crystals ***

The Floating Sky Arena is the most technically complicated thing I've done in the DDDK, enabling ai pathing in a moving circular arena that moves around perimeter of the entire very very large map, with enemy critters warping in in 3 waves. Also there is a way gate to leave the arena as well as a special.....fun surprise feature!

Please make sure to visit the Floating Sky Arena before thinking you've seen the entirety of what my map has to offer you in terms of fun experiences! ♥


Multiplayer is fully supported!

(Yes, even for the platforming/jumping parts!)


PS: copyright info at bottom


Crystal Battle Locations (6 total)

1-2 Go to Eastern Island, then go north a bit, look for purple flowers as well as crystal on top level of island
2-3 Go to Eastern Island, then go to southern area with wide open plains looking area and a way point teleporter.
4-6 Look around hee hee (all battles are on Eastern Island)

4 Challenge Levels In Addition to Difficulty Settings

1. 2x as many enemies
2. 3x as many enemies
3. 6x as many
4. 12 times as many!!

These work with different difficulty settings and you can change the challenge level between crystal battles and rounds in the flying arena.

Go to the blue-ish circular pad near the starting area, next to the music changer purple pad.

-All DD Difficulty Settings are FULLY SUPPORTED (watch out higher difficulties might be extra hard ;) ;) ;) )

Song Changer
In the starting area, go to the purple circular pad and select from several songs or select "none" if you don't want music.

The song volume is now properly controlled by using the MUSIC adjuster in your options menu as you'd probably prefer.

So now you can have music at max and sfx at zero if you just want the music! (this was quite the happy achievement for me)

These two in-game option pads are located between the green dragon and the red/pink Griffin :)

Everything is Climb-able

-Climb-able rocks, mountains, floating crystal islands, searocks, and trees, get managems this way!

* Remember, if you can see it, you can climb it! *

Way Point / Warp Gate System

-3-way warp gate system / way point system is now working properly. Enter other gates first time to set, and then re-enter to warp back to Crystal Heart, or use gate by Crystal Heart to get back to the most recent waypoint. If you die you go to the way point you've activated.

One player can set the waygate system for all player to warp to using the gate by starting area. So if one person gets to the Sky Arena entrance, everyone can warp there using the Crystal Heart gate.



Your friends, the Angels and Guardians of a beautiful tropical world have requested your help to free their Beautiful Tropical Paradise from the invading horde. These monsters shattered the crystal heart of the world!

The Crystal Heart was a giant and ancient Eternia crystal that invigorated the Beauty of the island.

Battle the monsters and recover the crystal shards scattered around the island to restore the Crystal Heart of this beautiful place!



1. Subscribe to this mod, then restart Dungeon Defenders, look for a status display in upper left telling you that this mod file is being downloaded. This might take some time depending on your internet connection, once it says 100%, continue to go in game.

2. Go to tavern, select "custom missions", look for Defend Paradise Joy Map.

3. Have fuuun!

4. Multiplayer fully supported, just make sure your firends complete their downloads before you try to start the game


Final Versions

-I had to remove forge to enable constant combat mode so players can use special abilities that are only active during combat phase. Adventurers! Come ready with all your gear! It's going to be a long and fun filled journey!

-polished minimap, make sure to try it, it's fun to use while also moving around!

-added Overlord Support

Overlord Support for Maps Tutorial

Here are steps I used to get Overlord working

1. go to top view of map
2. at corners of map, find smallest & largest x value & y value, it does not matter which corners have which values.

*The small or largest values of x and y may be at different corners

3. go to worldproperties
4. do a filter for "overl"

*this brings up TWO sets of overlord properties to adjust, both of which are the same *

5. for small x, enter smallest x you could find that is within viable map area, same for y
6. same for largest x/y

7. enter the z-axis values by going to side view of your map and then moving cursor to lowest and heights parts of map,

** make sure your whole map is above the z-kill-plane, the red line, no object can travel below that line.

*** make sure you are entering all of this data TWICE in the worldinfo window ***

That's it!

The thing that was puzzling me about this process:

is that I thought I had to match corners with smallest and largest values of overlord mode

so I was doing say SW corner as smallest x/y pair
and NE corner as largest x/ypair

but apparently that is not how it works

just go by numbers themselves:
smallest x value of map goes to smallest x value of overlord, etc etc.

Hope this helps everyone



New enemy type: Lightning Archer

Fast and fires bolts of light power. Did I mention he is made of Lightning?

-Enemy Types

1. a Big Bad guy that whacks you 100s of ft away (wink wink)

2. Gray Goblin - Armor level 2

3. Red/Yellow Goblin - Attack level 2

4. Fire goblin that shoots 3 fireballs at once in an arc, I used unreal scripting
to do this (a official DD scripting tutorial helped me)



* Technical Copyright *

I am the sole creator.

I had to use my own innovations/discoveries of the UDK (DDDK only) engine and navmeshing to even complete this map.

The high-performance cross-platform open-world style of this map required every trick I've learned through months of practice and research!

* Music Copyright *

Three songs are playable in this level, I am not the author of any of them.

1. DD 2nd Lobby Music

2. DD First Lobby Music

3. DD Credits Music

* Materials/Texture Copyright *

I used only materials from the DDDK.

* Meshes Copyright *

All custom meshes were made by me, using student version of 3DS max downloaded from official site.
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