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Galactic Patrol Pirates
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Oct 23, 2012 @ 10:40am
Mar 18, 2015 @ 9:42am
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Updated Mission Video and Images
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Release date: As soon as we can finalize our interface design!
NEW - Prototype Interface Screen Images are being added to Steam as we work on them
NEW! - Demo Available, go to:
(this is a version with the beta-interface, so please recognize that while menu functionality is there, our finalized menus aren't... yet)

Galactic Patrol Pirates is a 2D real time strategy (RTS) computer game that puts a single player into the role of a pirate during a galactic civil war. The player survives and improves over time by completing a variety missions. A map of stars is generated randomly at the beginning of each new game with a solar system being generated for each star. The player starts out at the pirate base and as the player successfully completes missions he is awarded with cash which is used to replenish supplies, upgrade his space ship with new internal systems, or even purchase a new ship of a different hull design. Ships can be reconfigured to appropriately match the type of mission that is to be completed. The player is competing against other pirates which are controlled by the computer. The game is won or lost at the conclusion of a specified number of missions set by the player and is based on a total score accumulated during the game.

Galactic Patrol Pirates has a full tutorial which can be turned on at the start of a game to assist the player in learning all the different screens, configuring ships, and combat situations. The game User Guide is available in its entirety online for free via either direct download, or by reviewing the gameplay section of the website.

Compared to many games currently for sale, Galactic Patrol Pirates offers high level strategy for players who are looking for something with a little more meat, while still offering a wide-range of mission types and ships to keep things exciting. In addition, a player can even set different areas of the game to auto-play. For example, a player can auto-configure their ship if they prefer just to play missions; conversely, for a player who loves configuring ships, he/she can play the mission on auto. As a player progresses through different missions, he/she is competing against other pirates, controlled by the computer. The following is a brief overview of the different types of missions available:

Assassin-This mission is a contract to remove a tycoon or political personality who has overstepped their authority with the Trader Coalition. The mission will occur when he is in his personal yacht. Depending on the difficulty chosen your target may be escorted by a number of ships acting as body guards.

Bounty Hunter- There are two sides to a Bounty Hunter Mission. As a pirate you can accept a bounty hunter mission which is performed against the renegade faction. The renegades are exactly what their name indicates; they left the pirate group and represent a number of ships that operate haphazardly and raid merchant ships without concern. Accepting this mission will pit you against a renegade that you must destroy to successfully complete the mission. The other side of this is when you have allowed your ship to be recognized as causing too much loss of profit for the trade unions. The result is that the renegades are then hired to hunt your ship down and destroy it. This can also happen with the ECA and OCC. If you fire upon the ECA or OCC too much or perform too many observable smuggler missions then your impact levels will be too high and they will start assigning ships to hunt you down to stop your unacceptable behavior.

Escort- Escort missions come in two flavors. Easy escort missions support the return and release of captured merchant ships. The merchant to be returned will be in orbit about the pirate base with the prize crew still in command. Selection of this mission will result in a merchant ship being selected and assigned to you for return and release. Normal and Hard escort missions work differently; here you’ll be protecting your assignment from marauding independent renegades. The trade guild has received intelligence indicating that this particular ship will be intercepted. The merchant ship location will be sent to you and can be seen on the star map. Your escort assignment will wait for your ship to arrive and come within a distance of 4,000. At which point, the merchant ship will pass the destination to you and the ships will spin up their FTL drives and go to the destination system. Your assignment is to protect the merchant ship at the destination system, until all renegades are destroyed, have disengaged or the merchant successfully enters orbit about the delivery planet.

Mercenary- This is a fleet action and is not available until you’re using a Privateer or larger class hull. The side you choose to help (either the OCC or the ECA) will be the defending force and has received notice that the other side is preparing an assault on one of their systems. Due to their limited available forces, you’ve been hired to augment their fleet. When you arrive at the target system the attacking party will be present as well as the defenders. Attacking forces are unaware of the covert operation and will start out as neutral. Beware! You must assist the defenders; attacking the wrong ship will negate the reward and potentially pit all forces against you. Your score and money will improve as attackers are destroyed and will be reduced as defenders are eliminated.

Raider- This mission is focused on merchant ships. At the easy level the player is allowed to roam freely and select targets at the Captain's discretion. The normal and hard missions have specific targets identified. To maximize your profit you will need to tractor and board the merchant ship or use Q-Guns to disable FTL and tractor shears. Boarding the ship allows the prize crew to take the ship to the pirate base where the cargo can be unloaded and sold. A destroyed merchant ship will result in drastic reductions in reward value. This kind of mission is for those who like commando operations.

Smuggler- This is probably the easiest mission to complete of all. You will need at least one cargo hold within your ship. Each cargo hold will be loaded with contraband and as such each one will increase your reward. Your mission will be to go to a specific system and planet and enter orbit. When you enter orbit the cargo holds will automatically jettison and will be recovered by the client on the surface of the planet. The cargo holds are jettisoned in order to avoid lengthy unloading times, remember you’re carrying contraband. As the difficulty increases you will encounter patrol ships.
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