Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV

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Jul 15, 2017 @ 6:00am
Dec 30, 2017 @ 5:13am
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00 HOI4 Total Reskin Pack

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Total Reskin: All of our work
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The new version will come soon


why no update?
1 this mod still working for 1.6.
2 we're focusing on planes and ships first to test new stuff like animations, I'll continue on infantry part after navy and aircraft are finished.
3 infantry is too complicated, so I prefer to test new animations, script and frame in the plane; navy; tank mods, that would help me to create a much better infantry reskin mod
4 check Priority of our plan if u want: [docs.google.com]

What are you focusing to work now?
the main target is Luftwaffe;which include
  • 1 sounds:
    suitable weapon & bombing sounds;

  • 2 particles:
    • Propeller_engine_bomber_particle - Done√
    • Jet_engine_particle - Done√
    • bomber_mg_defence_particle - WIP√
    • 37mm_particle - Done√
    • small_mg_particle - WIP√
    • fueltankdrop_particle - WIP√
    • infantry_drop - Done√
    • parachute_pilot_when_crashed - WIP√
    • torpedo bomb - WIP√
    • Big_bomb - WIP√
    • (maybe more);

  • 3 animations:
    • higher bomber
    • fix bomber crowd
    • add Stuka sounds
    • test new torpedo combat
    • add Rockets cas and something like 37mm 75mm

  • 4 better models
    include new joint for particles, like more bombs in a bombing animation
  • 5 better gfx
  • 6 texture: country-specific ensign available without adding new models



- C - PACK
    A - Special Mod
    L - Lite Pack - Basic Units
    F - All Graphic Mod
    E - Include New Units

- B - Graphic Mod Segement - Ironman & mutiplay
    a - Animation Mod
    • B - 5 - a1 - - Naval Combat Animation
    b - Texture Mod
      c - Graphic Models Mod
      • B - 4 - c1 - - WUNDERWAFFEN Reskin & Anim Fix

    - A - Unit Mod Segement
      a - Gameplay
        c - New Unit
        • A - 3 - c1 - - German Helicopter
        • A - 3 - c2 - - Triebflügeljäger
        d - Culture pack


        If u have any Suggestions, welcome to join our Discord.

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        ⛧ Thelisia ⛧ Dec 4 @ 6:31am 
        @ADLER technically paradox owns all Hoi4 mods
        ADLER Dec 2 @ 12:03pm 

        This mod has ripped a lot of your work & is claiming it as his own, & mine also. I have posted notice to STEAM of breach of copyright.
        Kerberos Dec 2 @ 4:19am 
        PacificKempeitai I am looking to have a PAVN soldier for Communist Vietnam, I am only looking for one variant so not a whole list of stuff. I have pictures, as well as my own uniform for the time period if you require pictures. If you are alright to add me, I can add you on Discord as well and drop you them pictures if you would like. But I am happy to pay for the job.
        PacificKempeitai  [author] Dec 1 @ 9:22pm 
        @Kerberos, tbh, I'm not satisfied with current work, I need to do more research on this battle frame and animations for now(like what I'm doing on US heli mod). btw which infantry unit you're looking for rework?
        Kerberos Dec 1 @ 3:44pm 
        @PacificKempeitai Would you be interested in doing a commission for a single infantry unit?

        Many thanks
        San4ik Nov 22 @ 3:10am 
        ironman work?
        andytheroo13 Oct 23 @ 11:08am 
        Owl it has not been updateing in two to three years but I do agree this is awsome.
        Owl Oct 22 @ 2:37pm 
        I really enjoy this and the MI2 Mods.I cant wait to see this mod updated whenever you guys are able to. Just dont rush, take your time and make this mod great! You guys are awsome!
        gemusron Aug 27 @ 11:25am 
        it is very nicely done, but i cant see the nagato or kongo battleships models. it only appears the yamato super battleship. however, i can see the nagato and kongo models are inside he pack, is it correct?
        Markass Aug 25 @ 4:05pm 
        I'm running it as Japan on the most recent update and when I click into the research tree to look at the 3D models it shows up as the base game ones, is this a bug or?