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Oct 12, 2012 @ 2:59pm
Feb 17, 2014 @ 11:11pm
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Release date: 2015
Old school survival horror reborn with modern game designs - Supplies and inventory are limited, camera angles are fixed, and moral choices needs to be made.

Feel free to check out our award winning self-driven horror game, Dollhouse: Room 1313

The following are updates since the original build that we would like to keep improving on:

- New rigs new animations
- New models for both zombies and humans
- HDR lighting and shadows
- Sound effects for environments and weapons
- Diverse objectives
- Customizable options menu
- New textures
- Added particles and effects
- Depth of field
- Updated inventory management
- Dynamic weather system
- Camera modifiers to alter the appearance of the atmosphere

Watch out for our new updated trailer later this year along with our developer walkthrough!

About I nfected
Old school survival horror reborn with modern game designs - Supplies and inventory are limited, camera angles are fixed, and moral choices needs to be made.

Randomly generated maps - Every layout, item, objective, camera, and spawn are randomized. Our Random Map Generator will ensure you a new experience each time.

Multiplayer, co-op - Play with up to 3 friends and survive together to complete various objectives. Play it safe by sticking together or save time by splitting up.

A virus has spread all across North America. All you know is that you have been infected and time is running out. After getting in contact with the military, they have appointed you to retrieve samples of the anti virus leftover by rescue teams throughout the area, as a trade for your own extraction. These samples will suppress your infection, but its also a key to your extraction. What lengths will you go to survive?

I nfected includes three unique environments that will incorporate randomly generated maps for the characters to escape. These locales are homages to other survival horror games. Every component of the level and its geometry will be randomized at the beginning of the game to ensure infinite replay value.

Deserted Mansion , Isolated Forest , Abandoned City

Kickstarter created ones
We will work closely with specific backers to help create a post apocalyptic map with assets and environments that will be incorporated into our random map generator.

Kate - A news reporter that found herself in the middle of the outbreak.
Ability - While in stealth, she can maneuver around in the environments faster than the other survivors.

Aaron - His son is infected and now he is searching for a cure.
Ability - Break free from grabs faster than the other survivors.

Chase- The captain of small militia that was sent to help evacuate civilians, her team was ambushed and infected.
Ability- Reloads her weapons faster than other survivors.

David- A highschool student that knows all too much about an outbreak thanks to video games and movies.
Ability- Runs faster than the other survivors.

Kickstarter created ones
Ability- Design your own ability to be in the game!

- Randomly generated experience, the ability to fluidly maneuver around while engaging in combat, use stealth to avoid confrontation, ability to play in 2 different perspectives (Fixed/ Third person), environmental puzzles, post game unlock system, multiplayer Co-op.

Infection Meter
You are infected at the start of the game and slowly becoming a zombie. You must collect antiviruses for the military to ensure your own extraction, however the antivirus also temporarily heals your own infection. Antibiotics are scattered throughout to help suppress the infection.

After entering stages of the infection players will show various degree of abnormality in the way they move and aim. Upon hitting 100% infection, you will become a zombie, this applies in both multiplayer and singleplayer modes.

Earn survival points at the end of the game depending on how well you performed. These points are used to unlock items in the armory. The weapons will be unlocked and enabled randomly inside the map for the player to scavenge instead of starting with it immediately to allow players to discover it themselves. However customizable clothing can be selected at the pre game lobby.

Sacrifice and choices
Since there are limited supplies in general set by the difficulty setting players need to choose to use these resources on themselves, npcs, or even their among themselves. This creates an unprecedented level of urgency and choice to either prolong fate at a shot of survival or accept one's death.

Designed to break up the pace of combat and to create a more hectic situation for players to solve. These puzzles can range from environmental hazards, physics based interactions, or searching for the right clues.

Other Survivors
You might encounter some of them along the way in the adventure, complete quests assigned from them for additional rewards. However, weigh your current situation before taking accepting any promises…

Players can only have up to 6 items in their inventory including their weapon, and key objectives. Managing their inventory will be in real time, however there are shortcuts to access each slot.

Zombies will appear randomly from different sections of the map. Treat each encounter as a puzzle, finding ways to avoid combat when needed or using the environments to your advantage. Various zombie types will have different methods of attraction and movement patterns, so memorize them well to survive.

Each character has an unique ability in the game. You can move, shoot, hide, or enter stealth to traverse around the environment. You can have up to 6 items in your inventory, which also affects their weight. Players can cycle between the camera angles in the pre-game lobby (Lobby leader selects theses game settings). Players can decide to kill themselves in multiplayer modes to avoid becoming a threat to their friends.

Play with up to 3 players and survive together to complete various objectives. Play it safe by sticking close or save time by splitting up. Keep in mind time and supplies are limited. Players can manage their inventory amongst each other in real-time, and use shoutouts/ and items to mark their location when separating. When players are heavily injured and unable to walk, they can lend each other a hand by helping them walk or by carrying them. This greatly impacts your weight and may hinder your survival.

Randomly Generated Maps
A mechanic which randomizes everything in the game, to ensure no two experiences will ever be the same. Room locations, map sections, layouts, objectives, environment spawns, event triggers, object, barricades, vehicles/ enemy spawns, road, objectives, weather, set pieces, events, NPC, quests, lighting, puzzles, camera positions, and more are all randomly generated for both single player and multiplayer modes.

Who are we and our goal?
We would like to become an indie studio known to create great titles with a low budget. Our vision is to build on and utilize our random map generator mechanics throughout all the games we develop, and bring something new to the tried and true genres. We hope to expand our capabilities as developers. Our dedication has only been strengthened with your support to keep improving our game with feedback and playtesting!
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AngelicDemon May 30 @ 10:13am 
I'm convinced that they completely dropped this for Dollhouse.. I'm undeniably sad about this, but that looks to be the case. Dollhouse didn't have my interest whatsoever, despite the interesting story trailer, but the reviews aren't that bright right now, and it sounds repetitive.

It never had my interest to begin with, so whatever but, I'm still crossing my fingers they didn't just put ALL their time into Dollhouse, but you can't even access the infected webpage on their website anymore. I really think they dropped this in exchange for Dollhouse, and I kind of want to hate that, but I guess they just saw Dollhouse as their better game..
EQOAnostalgia Sep 7, 2018 @ 6:10am 
I covered this game waaaay back in 2013. Since then the devs have pretty much went silent. They were working on a game called Dollhouse, no idea how that went. It was rumored they joined up with Capcom to remake the Outbreak games, this was years ago... i think it's safe to say nothing ever came of this, that rumor, or anything from this studio. Which is a shame, because many of us were hyped. No idea what happened.
Kakona Matate Jul 7, 2018 @ 4:40pm 
Dead as it can be
Hazoku RDR2 HYPE!!! Apr 29, 2017 @ 7:23pm 
any info about this project????
FrankyP Jan 16, 2017 @ 6:19pm 
... I think this game is dead...
AgentKay Dec 3, 2016 @ 2:03am 
You guys should really change the release date because it obviously didn't come out last year and it's been almost two years past it now. I heard this game was like Outbreak and I love that game and so I am hopeful for this. Plus, you're a fellow Canadian and I want you to do well.

But it's not a good start to have two unfinished games for years with absolutely nothing but I just heard you guys actually have lives and are working hard as well. Not sure if I particularly care about DollHouse but you guys did say after you were finished with it you would continue I-NFECTED, and I assume that's if it does good so... hope it goes good.
Return to Malice Sep 19, 2016 @ 6:03pm 
Are we to expect a christmas release perhaps? :)
[AC]Zenger Aug 25, 2016 @ 10:35am 
А ведь был многообещающий проект. Вот так вот решишь всместо нового ГТА купить что то, что когда то поддержал в гринлайте, а оно пару лет как мертво уже %((
Lonewolf Rebel Jun 8, 2016 @ 10:10am 
I'm definitely nabbing DOLLHOUSE when it drops. I hope this title follows! Any updates would be appreciated!
Lonewolf Rebel Jun 7, 2016 @ 12:13pm 
What's the update with this awesome looking game? If I knew about this kickstarter, I would have contributed in a heartbeat. I hope this title is still happening; but if the Outbreak rumors are true, that'll work just as well.