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Cowboy vs Aliens vs Ninjas
Genre: Action, Shooter
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Oct 10, 2012 @ 5:13pm
Nov 13, 2014 @ 10:50am
Originally posted by Dead Mushroom - update 10.15.2012:
Hi folks,

Thanks for yours feedbacks. We are aware that you don't want to see a another port of a mobile game to Steam. Neither do we.

We already started this game with high quality graphics, but we have to downgrade it to be able to run on mobile devices first - a market well known to us. Now, we really want to release the game on PC with its full potential.

We are working to improve graphics to a high resolution quality, add some special efx and rebuild from scratch gameplay control. Check out our opening scene video to see how the graphics should be in this project.

Cowboy vs. Aliens vs Ninjas is an intense action game where the player controls the fearless gunfighter Chuck West to eliminate all ninjas and aliens who are taking the Old West. It will not be an easy job! Equip yourself with the most powerful weapons from the arsenal, ranging from common revolvers to devastating alien guns, pick your best hat and take the fastest mount to go to the battle against this invasion.

You must fight against his enemies in different scenarios in order to free the Old Wild West! Shoot your enemies with both manual and auto-aim. There are many different foes to defeat, each one with its own behavior and strategy. The game quickly goes from easy-to-play to insane mode!

Use a bunch of human weapons like shotguns, rifles and chain machine guns, all of them with infinity ammo! In addition to powerful alien weapons, like laser pistols, explosives and a gravity weapon to massacre all the enemies!

Chuck West can also be customized! There are trendy hats to be used during the battles. There is also a variety of mounts available, including a badass bull and a stylish floating alien motorcycle! The game is full of in-game power-ups, such as a mystical hot pepper that will heat you with the power to raise your damage and fire rate.

What the press have been saying about Cowboy vs Aliens vs Ninjas:

Originally posted by AppAdvice:
I love the Western feel with unique twist and enemies, and the environments are also interactive, which is a definite bonus. There are plenty of weapons to use, and since you can have two, the combinations are fun to try out and see what works the best.

Originally posted by Appyshka:
Everything about the game is awesome, starting from animation, music and sounds, and ending with the slightest details which certainly involve a great deal of humor and passion.

  • Survival and Campaign Mode
  • Choose between auto and manual aim
  • A variety of explosives in this exciting Twin-stick shooter
  • Get new hats to be trendy
  • Discover powerful special alien weapons
  • Use different mounts to be faster and stronger
  • Earn rewards for keeping the towns free from ninjas and aliens
  • Over 15 upgradeable weapons
  • Massive waves of intelligent enemies
  • Special Bonus Stage
  • Three levels of difficulty

Features Plans:
  • Improved graphic and gameplay for PC game
  • Gamepad and keyboard&mouse support
  • Face badass bosses
  • Online player ranking
  • Game Achievements

After reading some comments here, we are considering developing a multiplayer to "Cowboys vs Aliens vs Ninjas"!

Please vote for us if you think that this game is fun and has a good potencial to be brought to PC. Leave your comment to help us improve our game.

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