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Enter Thy Name
Genre: RPG
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Oct 10, 2012 @ 1:29pm
May 14, 2014 @ 1:56pm
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First new development screenshots and updates
Greenlight Version Updates!
  • Serenity - You have no fog of war.
  • Agility - You always dodge the first attack from an enemy.
  • Strength - Your first attack is always a crushing blow.
  • Willpower - You always refuse to die from your first fatal damage.
  • Vitality - You don't need to sacrifice any stats at shrines.
  • Charisma - First enemy on every floor is pacified (won't attack).
  • Intellect - The map is automatically fully explored.
Players now also receive an additional bonus if they select the same stat as both their primary and secondary (we're still shuffling the details around):
  • Serenity - You are fireproof.
  • Agility - You always attack first.
  • Strength - Your first attack stuns the enemy.
  • Willpower- You can desecrate shrines to heal the stat it represents.
  • Charisma - Vendors give you everything for free.
  • Intellect - You can sacrifice items to recharge.
  • Vitality - Your level has no affect on enemy aggression.
Other gameplay changes:
  • Players can now reallocate their stat points when starting a new character.
  • Skills will be updated for balance and variety.
  • The penalty for making an offering at shrines will be increased, but they will also grant experience (so peacemakers can level up without fighting).
  • New items will be introduced.
  • Item generation will be rebalanced.


We're introducing some basic features that were fine to skip for the original free version, but Steam players would rightly expect in any game.
  • You can now toggle full screen and windowed modes, and adjust the game window size.
  • Rather than making the entire map visible at all times, the game view port now has a much closer perspective, and it scrolls as the player moves.
  • A minimap will be added to compliment the field of view change.
  • Performance has been dramatically improved from the free version.
  • There have already been a few bugs fixed from the free version, and of course we will resolve any others we encounter.
  • Mac/Linux versions will released.

Release date: Oct. 1st, 2012
In Enter Thy Name, you must make your way to the 21st floor of a procedurally generated cavern to engage the legendary Boss Dragon. Using a randomized set of passive and active items to tip (or break) the balance in your own favor, you can approach this task either peacefully or... you know... in the normal way.

The distinguishing feature of Enter Thy Name is its decentralized health and resource system, which encourages players to engage each enemy deliberately and tactically. Rather than hit points or mana, players and enemies have seven stats, each acting independently as a resource and target for abilities. If any stat reaches zero, you’re toast.

Game Features:
  • 21 procedurally generated floors of roguelike dungeon to crawl through. Or die in.
  • A bottomless well of randomized weapons, armor, and devices to manipulate your environment and outplay your foes.
  • A decentralized system for player and enemy health to promote tactical decisions in every encounter.
  • Peacemaker and Warbringer scores to celebrate both combative and evasive play styles.
  • Retro style and sensibility to scratch that pixel itch.
  • Tile/ASCII visual style toggle. (NEW!)

Instruction Booklet (PDF):


You have no hit points or mana; instead, you have seven stats. With proficiency, each stat confers its own unique bonus, but be careful! Each action comes at a price, and if any of these stats run out, it's game over.

Governs sight radius.
With Clarity of mind comes clarity of vision. The higher your serenity, the farther you can see into unexplored territory.

Governs attack order in combat.
It's good to be powerful, but it's also important to live long enough to use that power. In combat, the fighter with the higher agility acts first.

Governs the hero's chance for a crushing blow.
The meek shall inherit the earth, unless you do something to stop it. The higher your strength is compared to your enemy's the better a chance you have to land a crushing blow (double damage).

Governs the likelihood that the hero will survive an otherwise fatal attack.
With great willpower comes great willresponsibility. Let's say one of your stats reaches zero... I'm not saying it will, but hypothetically. Based on your willpower, there's a chance that the stat will be fully healed instead.

Governs vendor prices and stock.
Flattery will get you better prices from vendors, and even access to items they'd normally reserve for more experienced heroes.

Governs weapon and device charge.
Things don't always go according to plan, so it's good to have a sack filled with backups. All weapons and devices draw from the same resource (charge). The higher your intellect, the more charge you have available, and the more times you will be able to use items before healing.

Governs enemy aggression level.
Predators know to prey on the sick and the weak. The higher your vitality is compared to your potential enemies’, the less likely they are to pursue you.


The legend states...
There are many worlds beside this one, each weaving its own history from the same threads of time. The tapestry is unknowable, but when two worlds become intertwined, the decisions of their people can achieve patterns otherwise impossible, or disrupt them irrevocably.

And so it is in our world, the sunworld. Over a thousand years ago, a mysterious door opened in an unremarkable cave, bridging our world with the world of monsters, a world of rock and water and fire, and which had never known the sky.

The people of both worlds panicked, plunging them into a terrible conflict that left many dead. Fear and desperation overwhelmed the worlds. Both sides fought to control the door, but no one seemed to have the power to close it.

Conceding the impossibility of a peaceful resolution or ultimate military victory, wizards on each side cooperated to construct a shaky solution: though they could not keep each other out, they could mutually trap any transgressors on the foreign side, banishing them forever from their homeworld.

The conflict came to an end as the armies withdrew to their own worlds. Over the ages, vicious monsters have occasionally crept into the sunworld, tempted by who knows what mysteries, and the fights have sometimes been fierce. But likewise... the people of the sunworld can still retaliate.

Any warrior who wishes to champion the sunworld in the realm of monsters must necessarily be given up for dead. Thus, a monument was erected outside of the cave containing the mysterious door. This monument contains the names of all those heroes whose successes, failures, and stories will forever remain untold. In order to pass through the gate, one must carve their own name into this monument.

In order to enter the sunless world of monsters, you must Enter Thy Name.
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Think Tank Jun 25, 2016 @ 1:48pm 
Chainlink Jun 24, 2014 @ 12:07pm 
Wow, I'm really pleased that you are continuing to develop this game! It's lots of fun as it was, and I'm sure the improvements will be well worth it! Thanks!
bruce wang Jun 22, 2014 @ 8:35am 
"Enter Thy Name" just reminded me of the opening sequence to Elder Scrolls Arena
era31400 May 29, 2014 @ 11:16am 
I remember when Greenlight first came out. This was the first game I saw that looked really good. Congrats on finally getting Greenlit, I can't wait until this game comes out!
Advent RPG May 14, 2014 @ 9:29pm 
Should have been Greenlight long ago. Congrats.
al53guy May 14, 2014 @ 2:46pm 
congrats on the greenlight hope to see this for sale soon
Whitingbot May 8, 2014 @ 4:14pm 
月餅 Apr 22, 2014 @ 5:21pm 
ppl eat 8bit :terraria:
Flyby2412 Apr 16, 2014 @ 10:42am 
Upvoted. I think the pixelated character(s) and world is a nice twist for me. The pixel everything is what got me interested into watching the video all the way. The gameplay looks simple, but only to those who've fully understood what's at their disposal. Still I would find this a very enjoyable game. Maybe not one to play over and over and over again, but definently a game to have on hand when you tire of the other RPG games.
Triforceman0 Apr 15, 2014 @ 2:25pm 
Upvoted. However, I would like to see a graphical style more in line with the NES or SNES if it is at all possible. I just find that the visual style as it is is well, kind of hard on the eyes. On the other hand, the gameplay ideas and implementation are quite good.