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Portal 2

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My Builds destroyed by Portal 2 Editor / Publisher
Only my creations in this collection. (My favorites by other builders are in my other collection)
[ remember,F6 is YOUR FRIEND ]

These 3 Portal 2 Test Chambers have been rendered incomplete as Steam Editor continually corrupted each and every attempt I made to fix these. They were ALL thoroughly tested and completed, but corrupted after publishing each and every time. I rebuilt evey section multiple times, and din't publish them until they worked ! STEAM's failure to save and publish works only left me one option : abandon over a years work repairing and restoring every part THEY screwed up !

Spin & Win! - formerly '1.The Rube', Original cross room traps, some devious switching, and ideas originally met with publishing errors, so THIS is the IMPROVED version. Though basically the same layout, this is MUCH diffferent, so I thought a rename was in order. the washing machine is still there, but now the hazards span across rooms, and you need to start pressing switches, cuz the exit is hooked up to 3 of them. We fired the maintenance guy who screwed 'em up his first day, but we fired Mr. Obama before lunch. He may have a career in the junk business.

Here's Your Cake ( With Vegetables) - My favorite so far for it's immensity. With two rollercoater thrill rides, in particular the massive banquet hall on the way to your cake that hurtles you through the scenery with perilous falls, more secret passages, and many scenic vistas. You will need nerves of steel, and your bladder too, as I push you to the edge to reach the exit. The portal gun to the exit is better than the easy escape provided. be aware of your surroundings.

Two Men Need Fake Plays - After 'Here's Your Cake', I wanted to scale it back a bit. More faithplate madness, and a juicy center puzzle lead you to a harrowing jump into the throat of the bowels of fun, but first you have to think in two dimensions to solve this compact riddler.

#4. To be determined (2015 ? )

I build test chambers that I like to re-play. I HAVE to see what YOU see, and not be bored running across huge expanses to find a stupid switch without any action, or style. I build mazes, paths you can follow, with some kinetic energy, and without boring us to tears. I add sudden Reveals, perilous drops, close calls, and fun rides. I want you to solve riddles and rely on your wits. I want you to revisit and explore improvements based on YOUR COMMENTS (that do not reveal surprise 'spoilers').I strive to make good use of items of the basic editor. Be challenged, and be amused


Stuck Feam !

ø¤º°``°º¤ø,¸,ø¤º°` `°º¤ø,¸,ø¤º°``°º¤ø,¸,ø¤º°``°º¤ø

Okay. We're done here. They kept breaking these test chambers until I was thoroughly burned out !
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Two Men Need Fake Plays
Created by Gooddog (T)
More close calls, More water, too many faithplates-
-(fake plays, get it ?), with a juicy center . THIS is my new third chamber ( the original 3rd build was destroyed after publishing)

Now this one just got a bit trickier- it was too simple on first pu...
The Rube ( 2014 )
Created by Gooddog (T)
This is NEW for 2014- If you played it before, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
The original Rube Goldberg concept piece was butchered repeatedly during this build- my first Test Chamber. This is what I had in mind : Combination switches to add ...
Here's Your Cake (with vegetables) Steam editor failure
Created by Gooddog (T)
Timing is everything in my second test chamber,so F6 often..
Walk right in and start puzzling. You will need wits,, determination, and a few leaps of faith.
It's all about suspense, timing, and close calls. I wanted to create a dramatic, visceral, thri...
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