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Portal 2: The Aftermath
Portal 2: The Aftermath, is a Portal 2 workshop collection which introduces to the player events that might occur after the singleplayer campaign ends.
Offering at least one entire hour of mind-boggling gameplay, challenging you to use Portals in new ways! Within it, you begin after the events of Portal 2, the full plot is below, and do not worry, after you beat all of the levels already made, you can play it in many different ways. For example, if you are one of those Portal Players who wants a complete challenge, occasionally you will see harder versions of certain tests. (So far only one.) Also, once you have finished, there is even more! In each level I make, there is a hidden companion cube, try to use your wits to bring it back to the main testing area without it getting fizzled!. In some levels there are also hidden franken turrets. : ) Find each companion cube and get a special prize! See details below in the comments!

Really like Co-op Portal 2? No problem! After about 7 chapters or so, there will be a co-op portion too, that as well intertwined with this plot, and the one of the original game, have fun with (applied) science!! :D

This series take place about 6 months after the ending of the singleplayer portion of Portal 2. GLaDOS realizes that she cannot test withtwith the cooperative robot test subjects as they do not simulate real-human response. At the end of Portal 2, when deleting Caroline from her memory, she does the same to chell, after bringing her to the surface. GLaDOS is now in need of another human testing subject. (She cannot use chell, as she has been erased from her memory.) She then starts searching for other test-subjects with quick mental responses. She think she has found JUST the one: <Make up name for testsubject>. GLaDOS then brings , <name you picked> into the testing facilities, unconscious, and unwilling. He is then awakened at the first test. The beginning of a new series of tests designed by GLaDOS, more difficult than the orignal testing track. The player continues here.

In ALL of these tests, there is a hidden companion cube, try to get it back to the main testing area! :D
Also, I would love it if people posted playthroughs of my maps! I will (unless there are lots of people) post a link to your channel if you do!
Lastly, If you find ALL of the hidden companion cubes, or just a couple, say so in the comments, or even post a video on YouTube so I can see how you got it! Have fun with applied science! : )

Portal 2: The Aftermath is on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/Portal2TheAftermath
And on Google+! https://plus.google.com/105041584843666418012
Items (19)
Chapter 1: Testchamber 01
Created by Spamfan
Introduces the player to my new series: PORTAL 2: THE AFTERMATH
If you want to skip this testchamber, based on it's simplicity, by all meens do. No sarcasim intended. This map is just a very simple introduction to the player of my new series, not really a...
Chapter 1: Test Chamber 02 (Lasers introduction)
Created by Spamfan
Introduces Player to Thermal discouragment beams, in a more complex way than the original Portal 2 did. : )

Random note: If you would like a Much, much more challenging version of this test, I have created it, titled: PORTAL 2: THE AFTERMATH: Test C...
HARD VERSION OF: Test Chamber 2 Hard (02 v. .2)
Created by Spamfan
Introduces Player to Thermal discouragment beams, in my most challenging way, that is, actually not the MOST challenging way, but rather MORE challenging.

GAMEPLAY: Keep your head up for the hidden Companion Cube. Have fun.

PLOT: Sorry, guys, I am ne...
Chapter 1: Test Chamber 03 (Turrets)
Created by Spamfan
A challenging way to introduce the player to their first Aperture Enemy: Turrets.
The level is much more large than what is seen, try to find the hidden companion cube.
LIGHTING = between normal and dark (Change in settings for best g...
Chapter 1: Test chamber 04 (A jump of faith)
Created by Spamfan
Faith Plates : D Simple enougph.

LIGHTING = Whatever you want
MUSIC = Suggested playing Ariel Faith Plates from Portal 2 OST

Do not forget, in ALL of my maps:

LOOK FOR THE HIDDEN COMPANION CUBE! It is just a little easter egg...
Chapter 1: Testchamber 05 (Fun with momentum)
Created by Spamfan
FOR BEST EXPERIENCE: PLAY IN ORDER. (The order you play it in DOES effect the plot, as GLaDOS will 'say' different things throughout the tests.)

This is my 5th testchamber in my new collection: PORTAL 2: THE AFTERMATH. Although this chamber is somewhat ...
Chapter 1: Testchamber 06 (Platforms on goo)
Created by Spamfan
Just one warning: Please do NOT stand, or crouch, or jump on panels right when they are about to be activated, or disabled. Why?--You will get stuck.

LIGHTING: Anything you want, just not too dark.
Music: Feel free to have the MUSIC ON
Chapter 1: Testchamber 07 (Fun with conversion and excursion)
Created by Spamfan
I was looking through some very old testing chambers I made (most of the ones published so far are preetty old), and I came across one. I tweeked it several times until I realized that it just was not worth it. Then I found this one, and tweekd it a little...
Chapter 1: Testchamber 08 (Glass, lasers, and turrets--oh my!)
Created by Spamfan
Have fun with science!This testchamber was originally going to be a maze by which you would near the end fired lasers into, but later on, that was not the main portaiobn of the chamber. This chamber could be better, except my computer was already having is...
Chapter 1: Testchamber 09 (Aperture's Inner Workings Part 1)
Created by Spamfan
The basic idea behid this is that when you enter the chamber, some sort of explosion (or panel amlfuntion) happens causing you to fall down( more than you catually do, I just like to pretend that you fell much lower than that,) and land at one of the ...
Chapter 2: Aperture's Inner Workings (Part 2)
Created by Spamfan
First of all, in all of the "Aperture's inner workings" levels, it would make more sensse to IGNORE THE ELEVATORS AT THE BEGGINING AD THE END. I would change this, but I do not use hammer, only PeTI.

After a fatal accident in the bomb developing se...
Chapter 2: Aperture's Inner Workings Part 3 (The tunnels of Aperture)
Created by Spamfan
This is the 3rd part of Chapter two of my new collection: PORTAL 2: THE AFTERMATH.
In this portion of atempting to get back to the main testing area, the player will have to navigate through tunnels, use momentum, and think with portals to reach the next ...
Chapter 2: Aperture's Inner Workings - Part 4
Created by Spamfan
The player continues their journey of Aperture's Inner Workings while trying to navigate back to the main testing area. As he works his way up, he gets closer and closer to GLaDOS' control, where things might look at least a little more bright, as it will ...
Chapter 2: Aperture's Inner Workings - Part 5
Created by Spamfan
Sorry people, I would have combined most of the levels in chapter 2 together, except my computer cannot do that. It can be slow, lots of times--especially when I make large or complex chambers. But, here you see the final part of Chapter 2: Aperture'...
Chapter 3 - The Reacquaintance: Testchamber 10 (Fun with speed)
Created by Spamfan
The player has finally made it back into the main testing area. GLaDOS nearly convinced you were not alive, quickly desings this new chamber for you, using spead gel, lasers, panels, momentum, and fun (science). There are still some broken panels, or mis...
Chapter 3: Testchamber 11 - Turret Warfare!
Created by Spamfan
You meet up with your old nemesis---nemsis--nemisus---HOWEVER YOU SPELL IT, TURRETS!!! D:
Time for revenge for their past actions! :D

LIGHTING: Normal or brighter
MUSIC: ON (Preferably the song 'I'm different' from the Portal 2 OST)
Chapter 3: Testchamber 12 - Thermal Encouragment
Created by Spamfan
This chamber focuses on emancipation grids, lasers, moentum, and time, have fun! :D

LIGHTING: Anything you want, not too dark though : )
EASTER EGG(S): Yup.....still there my friend. : )

IN eleva...
Chapter 3: Testchamber 13 (Fun with funnels)
Created by Spamfan
The player continues their testing chambers through Aperture Science as it is being repaired panel by panel...
Companion Cube: YES
Franken Turret: NO

Chapter 4: New Plan - Testchamber 14 : Introduction to Bombs
Created by Spamfan
As long as you have the FGEMOD this level should work fine! :D Very Soon you won't have to have the FGEMOD to play it however.
Welcome back to The Aftermath! :D Sorry for the long delay of not putting up tests, as you can see, my Portal 2 works and is now...
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Spamfan  [author] Mar 25, 2017 @ 12:00pm 
:( someday...
Sir Snarplord, Ohohohoho No Jan 15, 2017 @ 5:57pm 
Rest in piece, Portal 2: The Aftermath.
Spamfan  [author] Mar 7, 2014 @ 8:26am 
Good news and somewhat bad news:
Somewhat bad news: Progress on this colletion is halted so far
Good news: It will be comletly re-done in Hammer, with voice acting and all that cool stuffs
Spamfan  [author] Mar 30, 2013 @ 8:39am 
Okat guys, I'm tryhing to fix my Portal 2, once that's done I can get back to making the tests! :D
Spamfan  [author] Nov 24, 2012 @ 3:00pm 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! :D
I have gotten a good amount of submittions for the contest! (Thank you! :D)
Sorry, I have been quite busy lately, but the winner(s) will be announced soon! :D If you have already put in your entry, please say so in the comments. (I remember the videos, just not the exact names....I am very sorry about that : ( if I have another contest, it will be organized better) :-)

So, please tell me ASAP, because some of the comments I deleted, so no one else could see your entry and use it for themselves. Thanks! :D
Spamfan  [author] Nov 1, 2012 @ 3:20am 
Thanks!!! :D I am very glad that you have been enjoying them! :D And yeah, haha, I kind of like to use lots of timers some times... =P
And don't worry, much more to come! IN fact my newest (and probably funnest) map that I have ever made is ready to be released!! :D Why is it not?
My PC has a low amount of RAM, so it crashes when I try to publish it :( I guess I will have to take some of it out, still fun though!!! :D
Saurian3 Oct 31, 2012 @ 8:56pm 
Very nice chambers! I'm a fan of maps that are logistically challenging, but not necessarily hard to do (i.e., I like the puzzle aspect more than the timing/running/jumping). 8 and 12 are among my favorites, but I enjoyed them all. Can't wait to see more!
Spamfan  [author] Oct 28, 2012 @ 12:49pm 
True, true, sorry. :) (OH MY GOODNESS!!!! MY MAPS HAVE REACHED INTERNATIONAL LEVEL!S!!!!!!!!! XD XD :D XD) Um, so yeah, uh:
November 22, 2012, 12:00 AM EST all comments should be published. THen I will compare them. (THanks LPChip for pointing that out :) )
Have fun everyone! :D
LPChip Oct 28, 2012 @ 3:20am 
Can you confirm which date to use? Thanksgiving is something to America and canada only, and it seems to be held at different dates throughout the countries. You are aiming for 22th of November aren't you?
Spamfan  [author] Oct 16, 2012 @ 2:40pm 
All comments must be recieved before Thanksgiving day, winner(s) announced Thanksgiving, 2012 Have fun! :D