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Oct 5, 2012 @ 12:50pm
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Death Ray Manta

Free full version of the Edge (8) rated arena shooter.

(If Steam is still delivering the original 12 level demo, super massive apologies - it seems to be glitching on the update occasionally. Try unsubscribing/subscribing, if Steam still won't deliver the latest please hang fire until a fix is forthcoming, it has been reported. Subscribing now will have the full version update delivered to you the moment Steam acknowledges its existence. Sorry!)


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Death Ray Manta (or DRM:The Videogame, no… not that sort of DRM!) is a videogame. Or rather, it’s the distillation of everything we love and adore about videogames. Stripping out the cruft, stripping out the things that waste our time and leaving you with nothing but game. It’s an attempt at finding the 2 1/2 minute pop song in videogame form only lasting more than 2 1/2 minutes. Although it’s perfectly possible to let your game last only 2 1/2 minutes by dying at the 2 1/2 minute mark, I suppose.

Death Ray Manta is an arena shooter that knows its history. From Robotron to Llamatron to Geometry Wars and on, Death Ray Manta keeps one eye on what works, what’s worked and tries to explore it all. Quickly. In a condensed few moments of pleasure.

Death Ray Manta is a videogame about flashing lights in your face. Very, very, pretty lights. It’s an arcade game that filters what Eugene Jarvis could have done visually given access to modern technology. Which means enormous cataclysmic explosions of rainbow colour. Often.


“The background shifts and warps as the game projects endless LED bursts of encouragement, and the relentlessly euphoric soundtrack only adds to the over-powering atmosphere.”- Edge

“Just when you thought Rob Fearon’s shmups couldn’t get any more eye-bleedingly confusing, they did”
- VG247

“I am not very good at staying not dead, but even I, with my mayfly-lifespans, can admire exquisite colours, great music and enemies that, when staring death himself square in the eyes, chant things like “I love you” and “squeeze me””- Beefjack

“You know that cacophony that greets you when you walk into a big arcade? You know, the sort of one they have at the end of Brighton pier. The sound of 60 different games being played at max volume, with boozed up people shouting at each other over the top and neon everywhere and flashing disco lights and there are little kids running all over the place and you’ve had too much fizzy sherbert but you kind of like it? Fearon’s games are a bit like that” – Scripted Sequence

“If you’ve ever played Geometry Wars you’ll know that it’s fast paced, colourful and addictive. Now imagine that times forty with a side order of crazy and more visual stimulation than you could ever imagine” – The Reticule

“After spending some time with DRM though, I realize that this is very much a celebration of the videogame” – I Luv Games

“I honestly believe cacophony is the only way to describe what I have saw, as each and every enemy burst into vibrant colors which filled the screen. It could almost be considered parody of arcade game graphics” – Indie Game Mag

“the sort of thing you’ll want to play if you’ve ever shivered in delight at the touch of primary-coloured lasers against a black, vacuumous background” – PCGamesN

“It’s looking rather beautiful” – RockPaperShotgun

“It’s a polymorphous colour cluster. An effervescent, saccharine, gum-rotting sherbet dip that crackles in your mouth and turns your p*** pink. And I can’t get enough of it.” – ClickIndie

“Lord, look at those colors. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Bright, cheerful, and hectic” – GameRanx


Death Ray Manta is a game by Rob Fearon with music by Gavin Harrison and Barry Island.
Video review is by Big Dave:


Download the Death Ray Manta resources
All graphics used in the game and a few left over, free to use no questions, no queries,
no problems for free, commercial, hobbyist, inbetweeny projects of all sizes.
No attribution required.

Make better explosions
Good effects don't have to be a code problem, they don't have to be an art problem either.
Here's some tips on making things go boom in style.

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GORILLA TITS Aug 7, 2016 @ 4:03pm 
this game is really fun to play on acid
Aslime1999 Feb 1, 2016 @ 3:48pm 
Holy mother of GOD!!!! this game will die a legend one day:steamhappy:
Rex Draco Oct 17, 2015 @ 11:38pm 
Make better explosions link is dead. Is there another mirror or a good summary you can give us? :p
- ̗̀ OWLS! ̖́-  [author] Jul 27, 2015 @ 7:56pm 
@Preytorkamen It's all a big hairy cheat. Just lots of sprite work and some additive blending. If you hang fire *counts* about a month or so, I'll be putting everything out there to pull apart when the new Steam version goes live.
Preytorkamen Jul 27, 2015 @ 4:42pm 
How did u do the lighting? Show me your ways senpai
Preytorkamen Jul 27, 2015 @ 4:40pm 
Making games is easy they said. My game was good they said. But then I saw this.
10/10 would cry again.
RentableDwarf Jan 6, 2015 @ 6:44pm 
It's gonna give your seizure a seizure.
Jonoe123 Oct 15, 2014 @ 2:28am 
can i ask what's with the hail satan and stuff in between levels????
- ̗̀ OWLS! ̖́-  [author] Jul 20, 2014 @ 10:48am 
@TOG - Commanduf Nope, sorry. The game is designed around single sticks and just doesn't work as is with a dual stick control method. Most of the risk/difficulty is built around you having to face stuff in order to shoot it. I know it's not standard fare and some people just don't gel with that so if I get the chance to rework it for a Steam release, I can't promise but I'd certainly look into it.
Meat Shield Jul 20, 2014 @ 7:12am 
My eyes hurt from the awesome intenseness... and the bright flashing lights, but that's another story :health: