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Places: Laintar Dale
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Oct 1, 2012 @ 3:32pm
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Places: Laintar Dale

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The Elder Scrolls Places
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The Elder Scrolls Places is a mini-series of Lore Friendly mods, each adding locations seen in Skyrim in The Elder Scrolls Chapter I: Arena (set in 3E 399), into the modern day (4E 200) Skyrim setting over 200 years later.

Laintar Dale is a small township in the snowy woods of The Pale. The place lies just off the main road between Whiterun and Dawnstar, hidden in the woods. Laintar Dale, as it is today consists of a manor and out buildings (now privately owned) and the Laintar Dale Smithy, run by the orc blacksmith Murzush gra-Ushar.


- The small township of Laintar Dale (from Elder Scrolls Chapter I: Arena).

- NPCs with full day and night AI routines.

- A fully functioning Blacksmith (and merchant), along with 'favor' tasks.

- Lore friendly and consistent with the style and themes of the rest of the game.

- New NPCs have functioning AI relationships and have background and stories delivered through in game Journals.

- Applicable locations/NPCs in Laintar Dale are fully integrated into Radiant Quests (such as Thieves Guild Jobs).

- Road signs for Laintar Dale are integrated into the world of Tamriel where applicable.

- Compatible with Dawnguard. No Prerequisites.

Patch 1.1

- Removed option for Bedlam Jobs in this location as they do not function correctly outside of Cities.


"Conflicts", CTDs or missing objects
- If crashes or failure to load assets/areas repeatedly occur, it is usually caused by one of two things:

a) Skyrim's limited memory allocation for the use of .esp (mod) files means using a lot of mods (especially large ones) will eventually cause the game to run out of memory and cause issues during gameplay. The solution is simply to use less mods.

b) The .bsa is conflicting with another archive from a mod using the same scripts/assets or otherwise failing to access it's data will cause the game to CTD in the front end menus. Try changing the load order first as the issue can sometimes cause "incompatibilities" between mods that would otherwise work together. If it still won't work, then disable other mods one at a time until it does.

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Please be aware, this version of the mod is not compatible with Hearthfire. If you use Hearthfire, please unsubscribe and use the Hearthfire Edition instead.
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Darklocq Mar 6, 2020 @ 5:20pm 
@derSanitöter - You don't need to ask permission to do stuff on your own hard drive, just when you plan to release stuff to other people.
derSanitoeter Jun 27, 2019 @ 12:32am 
Sir, i tried to contact you for a asking if it is allowed to port your
Elder Scrolls Places mods only for my own usage (playing the game) to
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition.

It would be only for me, not for anyone else, not for uploading is anywhere. It is your mod.

I've been playing Skyrim for 585 hours now and it is not the same without your little wellmade places that belong to Skyrim.

Sadly Oldrim runs pretty bad with a ton of mods and SE makes it much easier to use 200-500 mods, but your mods are not released for Skyrim SE.

So - before doing it for myself - i needed to ask if it is ok.

Thank you for all your mods and your hard work!

Have a nice week and i hope we will see you back in modding when a new Elder Scrolls will be released! :)
Caine the Longshot Jul 4, 2018 @ 6:26am 
Hi! I'm not sure how often you check these things, but I found a bug in Laintar Dale HF edition (I assume it's in the standard edition as well). In Olfand and Margarte's house, one of the wooden beams that make up the rafters blocks access to the upstairs, since it's right over the stairs and a character basically "hits their head". Tested with a Bosmer (the shortest race).

Oh and for those who say all it does is add a blacksmith, it also adds a free skill increase. Inspecting Olava's gift (an axe in a display case) on the top floor of the smithy increases Smithing by +1.
JoJoan Reference™ Jun 22, 2018 @ 6:37am 
These nibbas are not afraid of Dwemer constructions and automatons raiding and raping Laintar Dale
sobearmermaid Jun 16, 2018 @ 1:34pm 
for some reason it doubled every person in the town???
sidious307 Apr 4, 2018 @ 11:55pm 
your mor bigger theyr are is corrupted
Ghazghkull Sep 3, 2017 @ 11:44pm 
Added your mod to "More Towns/Forts and Town/City Addons" collection.
Xari Dec 14, 2016 @ 2:42pm 
I got a sweeping job from thieves guild for this location but none of the items seemed to have spawned. Or I'm blind
Keeper of the shite Jun 17, 2016 @ 3:08am 
finally some serious mod between all the bullshit assinscreed armor mods and what not !
Kryll Apr 23, 2016 @ 9:27pm 
Two of each npc are spawning in the village.