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Dance Synchronizator (light version) Database Eng
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Oct 1, 2012 @ 3:07pm
Feb 7, 2013 @ 11:49am
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Dance Synchronizator (light version) Database Eng

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Dance Synchronizator (lite version)
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This file - is database for file DSLight.esm, you have to Subscribe to one of dance packs to do it workable.

I closed my site. Now you may download mod by this link:
https:// //mega. nz/#!sfxhBarR!hdVNzt68cHXW4g2qpk-gsXCituXnOdYhoibYjBcIpsM
remove spaces.

version 2.2a
1. Compatible with DLC Dragonborn
2. Added function to use your custom camera's motion.
3. Added one new load screens.

version 2.1a
1. Load Screens is optional function now.
2. Added two new load screens.
3. Facial animation of dancers changes to "happy" during dance.


All Camera's motion files in one archive[]

Tutorial for dance packs creation[]


If you used my dance packs from first remove all those files from Data folder.

For Steam you have to:

1. DSLite.esm - Download from my site

It will crash your game at start, if you'll not plug this file!!! That's true for all other esm files not only this one.

2. DS_Database.esp - Press betton Subscribe here.

3. (dance pack).esp - Lookin for one of dance pack at Steam . Better enter to my collection, you'll find all dance packs I uploaded to Steat.

Dance packs are changeable. At one start of Skyrim you have plug only one dance!
At the other case, will playing dance with most priority of BSA.

You can use unpacked versions from my site, but be care - their will overwrite BSA archives from Steam.

Please, do not upload this mod to another sites or sources.
Becouse Dance Synchronizator becames too big file and has alot of troubles with updating. Development of this file will continue like small main esm + changeable pack of animations and sound for one dance, like it was at "I'll dance for you". Now mod don't use other behaviors like FNIS etc. and no more breakes race's meshes, like at old version.

At this time it's Test plug-in with minimum functions.


1. DS Choose dancer - Adds NPC into dance group.
2. DS Choose yourself - Adds your copy into dance group.
3. DS Disband - Disband group.
4. DS Dance Start
5. DS Settings
5.1 Allow TCL - Toggle Collision mode.
5.2 Allow TAI - Toggle AI.
5.3 Allow TM - Toggle Menus.
5.4 Allow Camera mode - Start camera's animation when you're cast "DS Dance Start". Better do not use it at "world" locations becouse it can breake dancer's positions.
5.5 Allow Dancing Hall - Send you to Dancing Hall
5.6 Allow Outfit - Mod using copies of NPCs with fixed outfits. Characters will using armors from folder meshes/Armor/RSV_DS_Outfit when this item will equiped. You can change outfits in Construction Set at Items->Outfit RSV_Outfit(1,2,3,4,5), or you can change nif files at folder RSV_DS_Outfit.
Warning!!! Be care. It's impossible to back Outfits after using this function.

5.7 Load Screens - There have been many complaints that the new screens are played too often. Starting from version 2.1, Load Screens displayed optionally.
5.8 Custom Camera - Starting from version 2.2 it's possible to use camera's motions from another dance packs. You can get it from BSA archive, or download all camera's motions wich I made for all times, in one archive from my site. Choose any camera's motion and rename to npc_applaud4.hkx. It will replace camera's motion from dance pack.


DS Set Default Positions - Reset global settings to default from script RSVDefault (line positions).

Global Variables - Manual settings for dancer's positions. Using through console "~"
Set RSV_X(1-5) to XX - Moving N dancer far/near to player.
Set RSV_Y(1-5) to XX - Moving N dancer left/right.
Set RSV_aZ(1-5) to XX - Rotation of N dancer by Z axis.

Warning!!! Do not Save/Load game during dance. You can fix some troubles by console commands "~" tai and tcl.

TheFigment - hkxcmd 1.4, makes possible to change behavior files.
Fore - some examples of works in behavior files.
All authors of VMD files for Miku Miku Dance.
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