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Team Fortress 2

The Paranormal Detection Asset
Class: Engineer
Item Slot: Weapon
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Sep 30, 2012 @ 10:06pm
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...I had a clever description to say about this, but unfortunately, I dont have any time to remember it and put it here.

Anyway, I had originally planned a Ghost Hunting PDA for the engineer last year, but couldn't do anything about it due to time constraints.

Unique features:
The green part of the screen actually displays what the camera (the protruding thing at the top of the screen) would show, with a green filter to mimic night vision. The EMF detector (electromagnetic field detector, actually used for hunting ghosts) has animation and is intended to react to nearby cloaked spies and halloween bosses. The right area of the screen is a EVP display (electronic voice phenomenon, also something used in ghost hunting) and the sound ripples are animated with the intention of reacting to a disguised spy's voice responses.

Information about the screenshot:
the screenshot shows the weapon without TF2's usual weapon lighting because it is using a shader that normally is never used. In fact, the shader is only used ONCE in all of valve's games.The shader I'm using is called "vortwarp" and It's only ever seen at the beginning of HL2 episode 1. Unfortunately, this shader currently ignores custom lightwarps as well as reflective highlights, but shouldn't be too hard for Valve to adjust it so that it loads the custom lightwarp.

What does the shader do? Well, see those stripe-looking things? they actually flow in a weird way, sort of like an electricity effect. I might make a video showing it, but I don't have much time here.

The second image shows this item with it's lightwarp and highlights, but without the vortwarp effect.
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