Arma 3
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COOP Umbrella Target Down
Data Type: Scenario
Scenario Gameplay: Multiplayer, Coop
Scenario Type: Infantry, Water
Scenario Map: Altis
Meta: Dependency
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May 22 @ 9:45pm
May 23 @ 5:30pm
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COOP Umbrella Target Down

Everyone have limited respawn chances, if you run out, you fail the missions, also if everyone all get wipe all in the same time, the mission is also fail desu.

This mission require minimum of 1 player (common sense), and up to maximum of 6 players as allow.

The mission is: wipe out all the Umbrella members that around. There's a easter egg in the game, is easy to find, and it will become the future boss in the next CO-OP mission I about to publish.

ps: The default time and weather is raining in the summer morning, you could also change those on the mission white board.

pss: And also I mix the beginning music with intro script together just make it better. :P

So, enjoy it!

At last, Panzer Vor!
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Katusha02  [author] Oct 15 @ 12:23pm 
@RockyBrown Sure welcome.
RockyBrown Oct 1 @ 6:06am 
I will share this to my lads so they can dislike too.
RockyBrown Oct 1 @ 6:06am 
anime is trash
Katusha02  [author] Jun 26 @ 11:07pm 
If you dislike it you could hit the dislike button, but if you like it please hit the like button and share it to your friends. :Pitter10: