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Virtual Projectile Sound Reality
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Oct 17, 2016 @ 2:40pm
Dec 13, 2019 @ 2:47am
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Virtual Projectile Sound Reality

Virtual Projectile Sound Reality!!!

Note : This mod is about sound of projectiles only, not for weapons muzzel sound or any other components.

This Sound Mod sound real explosive!!! . Purpose of Mod is to simulate new real sounds when high velocity projectile travel nearby you and also added some louder explosions and hit sounds for artillary and launchers. You can hear missile's flyby awesome sounds and lauchers of different purpose has different flyby sound and hit explosion sound so i hope you guys will enjoy!!

Download it and get me the feedback. Thanks! ;)

Requirements : Nothing

1. All small projectiles has new different flyby sounds and hit sounds.
2. Big projectiles 19mm to 125mm got new flyby sounds and hit sounds.
3. All artillaries now got new incoming, hit and explosion sounds.
4. On hitting armor with projectile you will get exact sound that happens in real world.
5. Explosion sounds are now louder!!! and more louder!!!

.....more features comming soon.....

Thanks!! to @dusty for helping with sound work.
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Geoffry [Hk] Aug 24 @ 11:22am 
is possible make compatible with JSRS again mate?
hklyut Jul 14 @ 4:21am 
i like your additions to the soundscape mate.
Numb May 30 @ 7:43pm 
does this work with jsrs
VPSR-01  [author] Apr 24 @ 12:59pm 
Sorry Guys Mod Not in active update process. Thanks subs and feedback :)
Antman2o1o Apr 23 @ 4:40pm 
Hey VPS can you update the server key for standalone dedicated servers this mod is super awesome to use
simon20ab Apr 19 @ 7:44am 
very immersive :steamhappy:
Numb Apr 15 @ 10:41am 
Can you make it so we can dissable different sounds
t Mar 24 @ 1:10am 
the whiz sound does sound pretty terrible not gonna lie

i don't know if this is necroposting lol
Pvt. Partz Feb 1 @ 6:09pm 
"would be ok if there wasn't that whizz sound"

balzacvondouchenberg Feb 1 @ 10:56am 
would be ok if there wasn't that whizz sound