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Florida Keys
Data Type: Mod
Mod Type: Terrain
DLC: Apex
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Jul 28, 2017 @ 1:09pm
Jan 1 @ 7:50am
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Florida Keys

Flooding removed.

This is a first release of a new map based around Florida Keys USA. There is still a lot of content being worked on.
Expect frequent updates and fixes. Please report any issues you may experience. Map should be stable in 64-bit.


20x20 map area most of which is covered by water.
Multiple towns, hotels, warehouse, retail areas.
Oil rig
Large enterable container ship


1) Fixed object misplacement, Added bridge where it was missing (not finished). More structures


New structures
Temporary Irma weather update


New structures

Special credit and thank you to object mod makers whos work is hard to overstate.

Trunks Model Pack (
Guttato and GotDead for US Props and Buildings
emoglobinsky for EM Buildings
poolpank for PLP Container, PLP Beach Objects and PLP Urban Assets

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Bolt May 28 @ 2:55pm 
How do you open the doors to the police station?
Optik333 May 27 @ 11:04am 

It seems like there aren't many responses from the author but is this map still dependent on the Apex DLC?
Silver (Lovinara) Snow Apr 20 @ 2:30pm 
Two things:
- Changing the time to either May-July doesn't actually cause flooding. No change at all
- Missing bridges on the north end of the map
Archangel Apr 17 @ 9:30am 
I love the work you've done on this so far. The main things it needs before I'd use it for a game session are ambient noise and some of the bridges at the north end of the islands.
[STORM MODEL] Shadow Mar 19 @ 12:20pm 
Does anyone know the link to the helicopter of the Coast guard in the picture? Thanks
ripper Feb 20 @ 1:48pm 
Flood is controlled by month. Change to summer month for flood, winter for dry.
StevieJr Feb 13 @ 11:48am 
Do you plan on eventually adding sounds? The map is so quiet and I don't understand why.
Phil Swift Jan 29 @ 8:01am 
ought to make a second version with the flooding aswell for people who want it.
HybridC0bra Jan 28 @ 2:34am 
may you upload a seperate version with the rain added?
Stubbz Jan 15 @ 10:17am 
Cool map but its not very accurate.