buy me games if you want, you dont have to, i dont care, but if you do, try to get something from my wishlist
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spike2473 Sep 24 @ 11:32am 
i'll try not to message you every 0.5 seconds, even though i don't know who to talk with, you seem like a nice person, and i hope we could be friends again
spike2473 Sep 23 @ 7:55pm 
i'll never forget you, but most importantly, i'll never stop respecting you, even if you hate me
Orc Sep 15 @ 3:00pm 
Very sus but friendly individual.
Roofrob Jul 10 @ 3:31pm 
+rep appreciate the kind words :steamthumbsup:
0mega Jan 3 @ 11:35am 
LeSourLemon Jan 3 @ 9:41am