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Originally posted by TTV/froxygaming1:
Originally posted by Lazy Tactician:
Base game + Card Pass
Buy once cry once.
Still not have a lot of time to play, still have a lot of deck waiting for me to try.
but hey at least you can make and update the decks everytime new set come

Yeahh It's gonna take me a long time to fully understand every deck. Plus with new update.
So I think it's still worth the price Imao.
Base game + Card Pass
Buy once cry once.
Still not have a lot of time to play, still have a lot of deck waiting for me to try.
1. Base game AI deck stay the same as it is (Only new npcs DLC got new cards like above said)

2. It's not have any downside afaik except you're way too stronger??
Jan 16 @ 7:45am
In topic Price ??
My advice right now is forget about ranked, and just find some friends to play with.
Or just soloing AI all the time like me, I swear those AI really sacking hard xd
Jan 16 @ 7:39am
In topic Is this game really worth $70?
Although I'm playing solo most of the time, I'm still playing it since launch
(around 2-3 days per week)
So it's already worth it for me, can't wait for February update.

But I see your point, this game have no problem with diehard fan.
But a lot of new players who want to try will hesitate to jump in.
It's like they made this game just for already diehard fan, new player who jump in is just a plus??
Jan 14 @ 6:47am
In topic 70 dollars for an Indie game?
But as far as I can see. Some of Luck and Logic mechanic already got implement in CFV.
Like Order Cards and Set Orders were clearly inspired by Luck and Logic.
It's just my 2 cents but I'm sure it is. XD
Jan 14 @ 6:41am
In topic 70 dollars for an Indie game?
Originally posted by My1:
Originally posted by Rakurai Kumiho:
I shelled money for this game, kinda wished Luck and Logic got a game
damn that brings back memories, I watched the anime ages ago, tho not sure ago what the anime or franchise as a whole was about, was it a cardgame too?

Yeah. I think they want to try something new at that time.
So Bushiroad announce Luck and Logic TCG alongside with it anime.

Sadly, 1st episode of anime not hooked me at all, it's kinda weird for me and there's a lot of thing I don't understand, it's like this game were made for Japanese niche only.
So I can see from miles away that this game can't be popular enough.

From my digging this game only had
2 SD
2 TD
6 Booster
1 EB

But from review of players who had a chance to play this game long time ago.
(It's very long time I don't remember clearly where I was read it)

They all say that they love it. Some even claim that this is the best complex game Bushiroad ever made. The game itself is very long, 1 match can take you at least 1 hours - 2 hours iirc.

But I can see why this is a problem too.
Players that know Bushiroad mostly known them from CFV.
And CFV is more simple, easy to understand game.
That's why Luck and Logic is very niche from Bushiroad's TCG standpoint.

Very sad truly. This game had potential. I even grab some SD while it was on sale too just for collected some beautiful cards.
Jan 1 @ 1:48am
In topic Save Location
Just want to share. It's in the game folder.

Exorcist Fairy > Exorcist Fairy_Data > SaveData0.es3

That's the one.
Dec 15, 2022 @ 6:40pm
In topic Everything Must Go Pack Download Tip
Thank you, it worked!
Originally posted by Hua:
It's almost like this game is going to attract a lot of grass-touching VG TCG players who don't spend all day in their parents basement playing CSGO or something. Weird that, ain't it?

lmao yeah I think so too. Before this game come I rarely use steam anymore, sometimes just buying some interesting early access game and leave it like that and come back to check like a month later.

I'm also grass-touching CFV player too but not going out a lot these days.
(So this game help scratch that itch a lot)
But I still order some cards to build some more decks to play with friends once in a blue moon and that eat a lot of time already. :steambored:
Originally posted by Mercuneo:
in my country you can pay 2 months of rent with that money so for you to have an idea after taxes this game cost 28 thousand bucks of my currency while a deluxe edition of a AAA game is 3.999. you guys are clearly delusional

Yeah I feel you, I don't know what they smoke before set the price.
A lot of country got better price around $35-40 and some more country should be in this price range. But nope take full $70 like US or Europe. :steamsad:

I had a chance to explained about DLCs to a lot of people.
And I'll tell you in short that just base game is enough for now until Feb 2023

When that time come. Buy only "Additional Card Pass".
(And Aichi, Kai, Ren Character pack for more ai character to fight with if you like)

The other DLCs there is just cosmetics. You can Ignore it completely.
Nov 28, 2022 @ 4:58am
In topic 70 dollars for an Indie game?
Yo guys, chill for a little bit. :steamsad:
From the argument. I can say that Lunamorte is mostly hit the point.

If you played the previous titles like CFV EX or CFV Stride to Victory.
You'll know that Dear Days will be the same.

But I said in the thread other days that Dear Days is also the first time we have new card pack dlc. So let's just wait and see together. Anything could happen.

But I still think It's more chance for Dear Days to walk the same road as CFV EX.
The business model is still clear no matter how you look. It's not a live service game.
And I love it to be a full package offline game like this.

I don't care much about complete card sets, I just want a good time with friends.
Knowing that we don't have any micro-transaction here, So in term of money spending, we're equal, no bad feeling about some friends whale more than the others.
We just came here to have fun, and we got that. With just my crappy Bastion G3 deck
that got OverTrigger at the 5th damage xd
Best Game On The Go Award would be more suitable than GOTY.
But with playerbase right now, chance is slim anyway.
Nov 26, 2022 @ 9:16pm
In topic STOP DCING ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
I'm not kind of ranked player. But from I tried 10 match. I only win 2.
And I accepted it like a real man. I'm glad I'm not see any DCing when I'm win
or else I'm rage too. I feel you, this is really a problem.
Nov 26, 2022 @ 9:10pm
In topic OPINIONS?
I'm gonna add some more information.

Yes it would be easy if you already know the basic of the game.
It's still grade 0 1 2 3 all the same but this time it's not have LB4 anymore.
You can proc skill as fast as unit hit the circle.

It's more similar to Cross Ride era + Break Ride era combine into one and without LB4.
IMO it's more fun and super satisfied when playing. Give it a try! Welcome back to CFV. :steamthumbsup:
Yup. What he said.
Backup = Copy it and paste somewhere else safe.
Nov 23, 2022 @ 7:29am
In topic Is this good for solo play?
Also try the demo too if you can.
This game is unique and different from a lot of TCG out there.
It's more casual and laidback game than other TCG.

I used to joke people that this game is choosing player, not player choosing the game. :steammocking:

So try it. And Welcome to CFV!!
Nov 23, 2022 @ 7:21am
In topic Is this good for solo play?
My reply to thread like this in the past.

Originally posted by Lazy Tactician:
Right now I'm only playing story and I'll say I'm satisfied with it. The Ai got stronger as story goes. Some fight the Ai just play very good that feel closely to real person. Just my exaggeration.

But now that I go deeper into the story, I dare say that AI is very cheat in the late part of the game. They got trigger in every crucial moments. So you need to prepare some strong deck
if you don't want to try again by a lot.

I bought this just for solo too. And I'll say it worth it, the story is long enough like 80~100 fights from my estimation and there are many deck to try and if you try em all I can say that it'll last you till next year.

See all deck style here

As DLCs. You can just grab base game and forget everything for now. (It's mostly cosmetic)

Originally posted by 超馬鹿者:
DLC wise, I got the card season pack thing because it grants new... well, cards ^-^

And I got the 3 character packs, they add 3 new CPU opponents who are quite hard I think, so more to fight! ^-^

If it's worth the money to you is your thing of course, but I find it cheaper than the actual trading card game and I can fight AI, I don't enjoy fighting competitively with other people either...

Like he said.
The Card Pass is pre-order of the 4 new card sets that will drop next year. So no need to rush now If you're not sure it's worth your money.

And if you want 3 new AI to fight in Free Mode. You need to buy 3 character packs.

That's all about it. Everything except these is just pure cosmetics.
I feel sorry for you. And I don't know how to recover save file.
But save location is in

C:\Users\*Your PC Name*\Saved Games\VG2

Try to backup as much as possible next time in case something like this happen again.
Nov 22, 2022 @ 8:10pm
In topic Do we have an estimation of bt06 release?
Originally posted by deneb altair vega:
Do y'all think we'll get cards/packs after that and this will become the definitive digital cardfight vanguard game?

Right now I say 50/50
If the sales was blown away they may consider continue to update new pack further.

But if not. Then they will take a break for like 2-3 years until the next installment come.
(Mostly when D era is end and new era start for a while)

It's like back in the 2019 when we have "CFV EX" on switch.
That game just got only V-BT01 to V-EB09 so it's only half card sets from V era.
With no further update.

But this time in Dear Days we see an update new card set for the first time.
So yeah it's new things here from FuRyu. Let's wait and see together.
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