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Posted: Feb 21 @ 4:50pm

From what I can tell, this is SoftColor’s first visual novel (VN) and debut into scene. I was genuinely surprised by the quality of what Aquadine has to offer. The script was well written and visually stunning. Story was very wholesome following the themes of adolescence romance, coming-of-age, slice of life, and a bit of fantasy elements thrown in there. Each route has a different theme and is unique that I believe most readers will find something they like such as one route felt like a fantasy RPG, while another was a coming-of-age. My personal favourite was Diana since I could relate to her dilemma and problems. Visually, as mentioned, Aquadine is stunning. The backgrounds are painted so beautifully and detailed that it felt like Aquadine was coming to life; that it could be a real place! Likewise the character sprites and CG scenes further help capture the readers attention with the sprite animations of changing expressions, partial voicing, and gestures. While some CG scene don’t match with the art style of the character sprites, I hope a future update or patch will be released to have everything consistent because my OCD is kicking in.

Overall, I highly recommend this novel. Aquadine summarize in a few words, it would be wholesome, breathtaking, and ambitious. A major plus for me was I could play on my phone (Android, sorry Iphones; hopefully, it’ll be available on itunes????), since I can play anywhere and anytime like during my commutes, lunch, and **cough…restroom…cough** without having to boot up my computer. I wish there were more VN available as mobile apps. Anyway, I look forward to future titles from Softcolors.
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