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Posted: Feb 21, 2021 @ 1:23pm

This is as much a warning and a cry for help, as it is a review.

I got this game for the same reason as anyone else. To have some lewd fun with some anime girls.

But then I tried the story mode (from the patch). I had a lot of fun, until I discovered that it was suddenly 4 in the morning. I never stay up that late unless I'm out with friends. I cannot tell you where the hours went, but that was my first hit of the drug that is Koikatsu Party. From then on it only got worse. I would play for hours on end, making sure to talk to all these anime girls, most of which I had created from the amazingly detailed character creator. Before I started this game, I didn't dabble much in anime, but now I find myself watching various series when I'm not playing the game. I'm talking to my friends less, and I don't see a reason to seek out real human company now.

It's not even about getting dirty with the anime girls anymore. It's about seeing a girl radiate with happiness because you just agreed that spicy food is great. It's about seeing a look of pure happiness when a girl realizes that YOU stopped to talk to her. It's about seeing these girls overcome their personal problems through character events.

This is not a joke. I'm genuinely afraid of what is happening to me.
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