Declining Sanity Gaming (real)
"If it's not fun, why bother?" - Reggie Fils-Aimé

me is an co-operative bastion tussle the second enjoyser is fun gaem to pley :D

ife gotter lern te be lesuver grump gardin stuf n genrel tho in particular tf2 done got me bad

(skool werent made with humans in mind but with numbers (sadge))

fnhhgmmphhnghmmh :( eeughnngphnphmnghftnmnm :( hphnphfmh D: eeufstphstpsphfnfsttphstffghmnhh :( *depressed wimpering* khhphfnphfmnfphpfftpffstpffstptstpffsshh T-T
*♥♥♥♥ falls down the stairs from being depressed* eughphnffh :< *more depressed wimpering* Eghhmmpfphmnghh *gross half-choky sickly coughing from sadge*
(de sadge critter will return with more sadge noises (is mutsh unfortnate not sadge wil ever disapeer *vomity-soundign koff into retreet from happens*))
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