Mrs. Graves
󠀡󠀡(Can't take more Sandviches)
Basics to trading Sandviches with me

1. Calculations

  If you wanna calculate the price for your Sandviches (Or any scrap value item), it must be like this:

0.1111 x [Your amount of Sandviches].

Using 0.11 only will give you non-round pure values.

Example: 0.1111 x 35 = 3.88
Only use the first two numbers for the decimals.

2. Metal

  If my side of the trade is using lots of Scrap/Reclaimeds instead of Refined/Reclaimeds, your trade will be declined.

Example: 0.1111 x 35 = 3.88. But you cover the Refineds with Reclaimed instead.

This is so i can have enough metal for lower trades. If i don't have enough metal for your trade, add me or comment on my profile and i will try to restock ASAP.

No, don't use Weapons to cover for Scrap. Your trade will be declined no matter what.

3. Misc

My prices aren't negociable, i will not overpay for your Sandviches since they are already at a fair enough price.

If you need my trade link, just click here.

My pronouns are She/Her, please use them properly.

I may sound like a strict person, but im chill as long as you don't try to annoy me

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