ugandan chungus   Cambodia
the day of retribution will come.

the shart list consists of things or people i dislike. i will make it everyone's problem if any of the items on the list are brought up in conversation with me.

My Shart List
-people who need to pause anime that is subbed to read it
-people who make fun of my GENIUS jokes
-people over the age of 18.
-nermal enthusiasts
-SCP:SL enjoyers
-mfs with names that start with "E"
-big chungus haters
-morrissey apologists.
-mfs who point out theres a female in the game
-people who make a big deal about tk
-my brain lagging irl
-people named "Sean" but their name is pronounced like "Shawn". Grow up.
-ppl who say "owo, uwu" etc
-literally everyone
-cucks n incels
-unfunny people
-he who shall not be named
-people who won't admit they are bad at tetris

The Sharty List (list of people who are my sharties and i love and it jiggle, clap, and phart)
-Big Chungus
-MC Ride

both lists will be frequently updated.

Frequently Asked Question(s) (2 questions):
-What does “100garfs” mean?
-doritos & fritos
-"ArE YoU A GirL??"
-teeth from the mouths that have spoken this will meet pavement. as a joke ofc. totally. 100%. (not a joke, curbstompin will take place)

if you dislike garfield, please dm me. i will be blocking you
dont fart too much, poopshitters.
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