Where do you live?
40.0850° N, 83.1235° W

Favorite animal: alligators are really cool

What's your wiki feet score:

Why do you main pyro:
Æirblæst funnie

Do you ♥♥♥♥ dogs?!?!:
depends on the breed
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salty_soldier_554 Jun 24 @ 7:03pm 
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Mcpatches Jun 24 @ 6:39pm 
this person looks at among us porn on the regular :jarate:
Crazy Dave! Jun 21 @ 6:32pm 
kmart wokfadexi
salty_soldier_554 Jun 11 @ 9:32pm 
Hi, just wanna friend you because I like pyro, you seem to also, I’m also friends with wokfadexi.
Punchman228 Apr 16 @ 11:17am 
he's to good at reflecting