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My computer
▸POWER SUPPLY: DEEPCOOL DN500w :steamthumbsup:
▸MOTHERBOARD: GIGABYTE H410M H V3 :steamthumbsup:
▸CPU: INTEL CORE I3-10100F @ 3.60 GHZ :steamthumbsup:
▸CPU Cooler: ID-Cooling Se-223 Basic :steamthumbsup:
▸RAM: Geil Evo Spear 2x8 16GB @ 3000MHz boosted to 3200MHz :steamthumbsup:
▸VIDEO CARD: MSI GTX 1650 4GB :steamthumbsup:
▸Mouse: Logitech Gaming Mouse G102 Lightsync :steamthumbsup:
▸Headphones: Sony Gold Wireless :steamthumbsup:
▸Keyboard: Redragon k606r RGB :steamthumbsup:
1) SSD Gigabyte 240gb for Windows 10 :steamthumbsup:
2) WD blue 1000gb for other games :steamthumbsup:
▸Case: Aerocool ATX Cruisestar :steamthumbsup:
▸First Monitor: 23.8" AOC E2270swn (75Hz) :steamthumbsup:

LetPro102rr Mar 22 @ 11:55am 
сын шалавы мать закопай
Moki Mar 19 @ 7:50pm 
:neonrr::extralife: SIGNED BY MARMOK :extralife::neonrl:
L,B,PH Mar 3 @ 8:07am 
u are very good enemy
L,B,PH Mar 3 @ 8:06am 
good game we have
L,B,PH Mar 3 @ 8:06am 
very +rep good player
gosling Mar 3 @ 6:28am 
-rep bot styl silver play