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Add me and Type !help in chat to get started
Bunny Summer Sale Level Up (Summer Sale Card Sets)
BUNNY LEVEL UP 1 (For 0-50+ Level)
BUNNY LEVEL UP 2 (For 0-120+ Level)
BUNNY LEVEL UP 3 (For 0-200+ Level)

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Steam Trading Card F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

List of Level Up Services -
Bunny Summer Sale Level Up (Summer Sale Card Sets)
BUNNY LEVEL UP 1 (For Lower Levels, 0 to 50+ Level)
BUNNY LEVEL UP 2 (For Medium Levels, 0 to 120+ Level)
BUNNY LEVEL UP 3(For Higher Levels, 0 to 200+ Level)

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DISCORD SUPPORT [discord.gg]

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How to Use Bunny Levelup Service

1. Add me as friend.
2. Type !help in steam chat to see a list of all commands with description.
3. Type !check to see how many card sets I have available for your profile.
NOTE - Please craft all card sets in your inventory before using our service. We only check your profile badges to see which card sets you have already crafted. We don't check your inventory for card sets.
4. Type !level X (Where X is the level you want to reach. For example: !level 100 to see how many sets, keys & gems you will need to reach a particular steam level)
5. Type !buy X Or !buytf X Or !buyhydra X Or !buygems X to buy card sets for X number of Keys. (Where X is the number of keys you want to spend to buy sets. In case of gems X is number of sets you want to buy instead of number of Keys)
6. It will send you a trade offer with exact number of sets, keys or gems.
7. Accept the trade offer and craft card sets to level up your steam profile.

Why are you not able to trade with Bunny Levelup?
There can be multiple reasons for that -

1. Your steam account is limited.
2. You don't have Steam Mobile Authenticator enabled for 15 days yet.
3. You have trade holds i.e. trading with your account will lead to items going in hold for few days.
4. Your steam profile and inventory is private.
5. Keys, Gems or Card sets are not tradable yet.

List of Commands

You can type !help in chat to see a list of command with description of each command.

Keys Accepted

All Csgo Case Keys (Except Sticker & Capsule Key) Keys bought inside (csgo) game are not Tradable/Usable anymore. Only keys bought from community market are tradable/usable now.
Hydra Case Key
Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Steam Gems (Gems should be Unpacked i.e Not in Sack)
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