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Personal Achievements

Fast Mode

Reach level 2 and unlock Fast mode
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 3:02am

Hexagon Mode

Reach level 3 and unlock Hexagon mode
Unlocked Apr 18 @ 4:57am

Fast Adrenaline

Get 20 score in Fast mode


Get 18 score in Hexagon mode. Can you rotate fast enough?

Words Mode

Unlock Words mode by reaching level 5

Speed Reader

Get 16 score in Words mode. Can you read fast enough?

Time Mode

Unlock Time mode by reaching level 8

Time Controll

Get 14 score in Time mode. Can you Time Travel?

Trip Mode

Unlock Trip mode by reaching level 15

Are you tripping?

Get 6 score in Trip mode. Are you on LSD?

Flip Madness

Unlock Flip Madness mode by reaching level 20


Get 10 score in Flip mode. Are you dizzy?

Level Master

Get to level 30

Working Hard

Get a total of 250 score
62 / 250

Insane Collector

Get a total of 500 score
250 / 500