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💜 Heyyo! 💜
:ncirclez: Everyone knows me as Flynn. Just Flynn.
:ncirclez: I do not accept random friend requests. Give me your reason for adding me on my profile. If I met you in game, I may consider it. I clean up my Friends list, so I'm sorry if I remove you.
:ncirclez: I'm just an 19 y.o. girl with a dream of becoming a 3D animator.
:ncirclez: Join my discord server for my YouTube and help the community grow! Previews to videos, art contests, and more will be coming to the server soon! > Flynn's Fortress []
:ncirclez: I'll treat you with respect if you give me respect. (Golden Rule!)
:ncirclez: I'm nostalgic for the 80's tho I didn't live in it. I'm addicted to anything neon. I listen to cringe music and watch old movies. TRON (1982) is the best movie ever made. I have very chaotic energy. Yes, I laugh at dad jokes. I am not a complicated individual.
:ncirclez: TF2 is my favorite game. Period.
:ncirclez: I main medic and you can count on me to keep you alive... at least for a long time.

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SFM Commissions Info (OPEN)
:ocubez:[----Commissions Queue----]:ocubez:
(Names are clickable and will take you to their profile.)
1) GiusepppeSickle

2) you must listen!


:ncirclez: PRICES :ncirclez:
- PFPs (2,000p x 2,000p) are 3 keys.
- Wallpapers/posters/thumbnails (3840p x 2160p) are 4 to 6 keys . The complexity (like number of characters and scenebuilding) will affect the price.
- Any last minute changes will result in an additional charge!
- I also accept PayPal. The payment will be equal to the current price of keys on Steam.

:ncirclez: DETAILS :ncirclez:
- I will not do NSFW, kink/fetish, or ship art.
- I only accept 3 commissions at a time. NO EXCEPTIONS, NO REQUESTS.
- Payment is accepted up front. If you do not pay, you will not be in queue.
- Tips/donations like game items are accepted.
- I need your loadout (cosmetics, unusuals, weapons), any map preferences, or anything you think is important. If you have any references or ideas, feel free to share them.
- I can use workshop items/characters like Femscout or a poseable Spycrab.
- Photoshop is used for all of my works, especially in touch-ups and special effects.
- Commissions can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to complete. This depends on my schedule and other things (I'm human, too, you know! :steamthumbsup:)
- I will send updates and screenshots of the progress to make sure you have input on the details.
- Feel free to share the artwork over social media, just credit me!
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[SFM] My Relationship with SFM
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Yeeter McSkeeter Jan 17 @ 9:53pm 
added cus ur good at sniper
Flynn Jan 16 @ 7:57pm 
Can I just play a game without being harassed? If you're trying to get everyone laughing, you're going the wrong way about it pal. I don't care if its a joke, don't come at me just to get attention. Thank you.
tk :)) Jan 16 @ 7:38pm 
Admitted to using cheats in Team Fortress 2 Casual matches. Please kick on sight.
Jonathon SFM Jan 12 @ 1:44pm 
engineer more like engideer
Eunoia Jan 11 @ 12:51pm 
The Sauce Boss Jan 9 @ 10:48pm 
Best commission I've ever gotten. All sauce, no brakes.