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alias "+jumpthrow" "+jump;-attack"; alias "-jumpthrow" "-jump"; bind h "+jumpthrow"
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BuBBa Jun 26 @ 3:26am 
creed-.- May 29 @ 4:55am 
____*******_________******* _____
___***____***____***______*** ___
_***______SORRY FOR_____***_
deyvid May 26 @ 1:25pm 
signed by ur fav male :RT_moon:
Markys May 26 @ 8:39am 
sign by the best faceit enjoyer
Kyo May 10 @ 3:06pm 
can we have a chat please, it's very important.
HUMPHREY May 9 @ 12:39pm 
There has been a report of unsportsmanlike conduct within this match, we kindly ask you to be friendly and respectful. Let’s keep the banter friendly please, if the user continues though feel free to report the player by using the !report command in-game.