RONDONUMBANINE   Chicago, Illinois, United States
Im smoking on the tooka pack, yea im high as shit
Got the fucking 50 and the Mac, I will wet you quick
Lil Dee, he'll Swiss cheese if you ain't rocking with
Man I say free all the guys, they on some Fu-Fu shit
I dont want a goofy with me, so dont hang with me
Got the fucking 30 on me, and it ain't hard to see
You saw me on 060, with my fucking team
Tay 600, LA & CDAI up them fucking things
Who the fuck is Rico?, He get my desert Eagle
I heard he say BDK, I think he fuck with JOJO
I don't fuck with the FU gang, these niggas fu gay
Getting robbed for they fucking chain, These niggas fucking lame
Call up my nigga Fat Boy Chubzz, he up on Everything
These rappers they really rappers, I am just a savage who doesn't have any remorse
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